Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Osaka Walking

I'm taking a leaf out of Lisa's Ichigoichielove and do a similar post about us walking but instead of Tokyo Walking, we went Osaka Walking. *^^* Will this be a series or just a one-off post this year? Who knows?  Annnnd... if you want to know more about Lisa, read this fine interview Kirin had with her.

There was one year when instead of arriving into Japan through Narita Airport, we decided to enter through Kansai Airport instead. Once upon a time, we can get an open-jaw ticket at bargain price with JAL. Haven't seen those for a couple of years now - bargain tickets at JAL, not open-jaw ticket.

So where do tourists like us would normally head to once in Osaka? The Minami area, I guess. No? Correct me if I'm wrong then. ^^

In Dotonburi, we found
 a giant crab! It's alive! The claws were moving! @.@ Woo woo
 and a dragon too! Darn, it did not breathe fire.
We decided to join one of a number of long queues forming on the street and chose this stall called Honke Nippon Ichi Otako, to buy
takoyaki! Not exactly cheap, but I've never looked at takoyaki sold at Jusco here in Malaysia the same again. A guy at the stall welcomed us with a "Selamat Datang" greetings. Turned out he visited Sabah (or was it Sarawak?) before. He even recognised us when we came for the second time the next day.
Had some time with Ebisu-Sama. A Golden one, no less! XD
Went into the Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade and spent time at the Disney Store, of all places!
Raimie even had the chance to chat-up Peko-chan. LOL

OK, since I think I still want to post a few more photos of Osaka, I guess there'll be one or two more post on Osaka Walking!


  1. A lot of fun places in Osaka. Dotonburi is a great place to hang out, and there's a great (but a little pricey) Mexican restaurant at Shinssaibashi.

  2. @Blue Shoe,
    It sure is! :)

    Will keep in mind about that Mexican restaurant. ^^

  3. Haha, awesome!! Thanks for the mentions!!! <3
    I love Dotonbori a LOT. I used to hang out there and just check out the host boys trying to pick up customers, hehe.
    Looking forward to more Osaka pics - esp since it's my "Japan hometown"! XD

    ...and now I started craving takoyaki. I've only had "decent" stuff since I got to TKY, none awesome. Yet.

  4. Very amusing post, this one... had a good laugh... Osaka is a really exciting city...

  5. @Ri,
    I don't have much of Osaka. And none of the host boys. I wish I had some! LOL

    I too start craving takoyaki now. Nothing decent here found yet. :(

  6. @Lrong,
    Glad you enjoyed it. ^^

  7. I also like Osaka.I enjoyed to go to a beef barbecue restaurant and watched manzai comedians in Osaka before.
    Besides I was suprised at Kansai-jin who lives around in Osaka were so impatient. :)

  8. @cocomino,
    I watched a Japanese documentary about the impatient Kansai people. It was funny. They recorded scenes on how the residents would push elevators buttons several time whilke waiting for the door to open and stuff like that. ;p

    I think I heard somewhere that if you want to be a comedian, you should go to Osaka. Is it true?

  9. Then, Peko-chan was Raimie girlfriend.
    Now, Peko-chan is like his younger sister.

    Because your son ate takoyaki and grew up. ;)
    How time flies!

  10. @London Caller,
    Hahaha...true. ;)

  11. I cant wait to see more of your Osaka walking, looks fun ..is it true bahasa diorang berlainan sikit ke? Takoyaki i havent had that for a long long time now i always get it kat Isetan ^_^

  12. You were smart, if there is a long line, the food must be good! One of the many things great about Japan is the shopping! It's everywhere!

  13. @cuteandcurls,
    Oooh.. once you had those takoyaki, dah tak syok makan takoyaki kat sini! LOL

    Yes, Kansai-ben sounds different. Actually, like our own dialects lah, you go up north, they sound different there. The diff is like Kelantanese vs KLites talking lah. XD

  14. @AVCr8teur,
    Shopping is one of the joy there. I just wish the shops don't close so early.

  15. I want to go back to Osaka. I wish I could go back in time and relive the time when I lived there.

  16. Raimie trying to chat-up Peko-chan, meant to ask who is Peko chan and takoyaki but decided to google it. Its good biz selling for the takoyaki stall with long Qs. tQ.

  17. @sixmats,
    And relive your youth? ;p

    Osaka is a cool city. And judging by the comments here, everyone loves Osaka! :)

  18. @Bananazஇ,
    So know who is that girl already? :)

    There are a few stall there on the same street and they all have long queues! Have to eat takoyaki when in Osaka! XD

    Once we get to Osaka again (hopefully this year-end) we are going to try another stall. ^^

  19. I don't think I have tasted takoyaki...or maybe I did before but couldn't remember...haha.

  20. @Mei Teng,
    Yeah, maybe you did but you were too young to remember. ;)

  21. Oh yeah, I went to Dohtonbori when a business trip. It's a nice place ^^

  22. @birdmini,
    It's rather a fun place. Quite vibrant.:)
    For tourists, I'd say you can't go wrong going there. ^^

  23. Nice stuff!

    Got any night time pictures of Osaka?

  24. @Contamination,
    Not yet. We spent the night time getting ourselves lost elsewhere. ^^!

  25. Sorry for my ignorance, but what the heck is open-jaw ticket?! Pls tweet me the answer in case I forgot to check your reply back here : )

  26. Ooh! Nice crab and nice dragon! : )

  27. @foong,
    Travel so much but dunno open-jaw ticket ah? Sorry! Kidding. OK, will tweet ya later. ;p

    There'll be a sotong soon too! ;D

  28. the giant crab looks eye-popping!! and Raimie looks pretty excited over his encounter with Peko-chan. :

  29. >Over here in Malaysia, I always takut to play in the sand or let my son play… because don’t know whether got any stray cat decided to take a dump there. XD

    Oh yes, I used to have three cats in Malaysia.
    I know what you mean!
    They got this habit to bury their dung. ;)
    But I got this special sand tray for them to relieve.
    When they finished, you have to scoop it up.
    But it's better to put some sand litter on top of it, so your scoop will not get soiled. I always think that is a fun thing to do.
    Cos you know what? It's like making chocolate doughnut with sugar icing! Ha ha!

  30. Honke Nippon Ichi Otako has been evicted from the place above. Because court ruled they occupied the place illegally, last December in assistance of police the stall has been moved ...about 10 meters to the right. So don't be surprised.

    Anyway, for a takoyaki experience, I would recommend going to the restaurant in the basement of Maru Biru in Umeda (close to West exit of Hanshin). You make takoyaki by yourself there. And if you are lost, helpful staff will help you. Octopus+shiso+cheese is the best.

  31. @LR,
    He wasn't excited. He was actually unwilling to pose with Peko-chan. Mom and Dad "forced" him to. XD

  32. @London Caller,
    Own cat can lah... Here got too many stays about. o.O

    You think it look like doughnut with sugar icing? Weird! LOL

  33. @Rafal,
    Thanks for the info. So they are evicted, eh? But still somewhere around there?

    Will definitely go look for the basement takoyaki shop once we get to Osaka. I've always wanted to try make my own! :)


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