Friday, 27 May 2011

Somewhere In The Ishikawa Prefecture

Let's see, we've visited the Ishikawa Prefecture and stayed the night in Kanazawa in 2007 and 2008. Don't have much to show in terms of photos because although we had plenty of photos at Ultraman Stadium.The rain that greeted us both years we were there didn't help us covering much place to sightsee anyway.
We managed to walk around Kenrokuen; a garden classified as one of three most beautifully landscaped gardens in Japan. I am so looking forward to visiting another; the Korakuen some time soon!
Instead of taking a bus from Komatsu Station to get to Ultraman Stadium, we decided to stop at Terai station and walked to the Stadium while enjoying the scenery. I think we walked for almost an hour but it was a really nice walk. We passed by rice fields (no rice planted that time, though), fields, schools and homes and got a glimpse of rural Japan.
In between the homes, the agriculture fields, factories and a huge Pachinko place and that Ultraman Stadium we had so badly wanted to visit, there was a small amusement park with plenty of rides. When we were there, it was pretty deserted.
We just couldn't resist snapping a photo of this interesting postbox, found in Kanazawa Station. ^^ Is that Momotaro?
and this too, enjoyed while taking a break over at some place in Forus complete with  posh waiters hovering.


  1. Kenrokuen is a beautiful garden while Korakuen is more like just a vast expanse of green...

  2. You might want to take a look at some pics I took of Kanazawa...

  3. Lrong,
    Thanks for the link. Those are really nice pics. They look so tranquil and calming. :)

  4. Those little deserted places are often really cool.

    But not cool enough for today's TV generation.

  5. The dessert looks yummy. :)

  6. @Contamination,
    Maybe so. So it's our responsibility to coerce them into liking these sort of thing. XD

  7. @Toshogu,
    And it sure was! ^^

  8. beautiful landscape and the dessert looks tempting.

  9. @LR,
    It was great to get a close look at such places.

    Yes, it was tempting and I need to eat more of those once we get to Japan! XD

  10. Yo the amusement park is so'empty' went on a wrong day which is on a weekday?

  11. Do you know the boy on the post box?
    I think it's the Kintarou...
    But I am not very sure.

    Did you play pachinko in Japan?
    It's very pointless to me.
    People spend so much time playing that to exchange soaps, cigarettes in the end?! Ha ha...

  12. @Bananazஇ,
    Yup, we were there on a weekday. Saw just one couple in the whole amusement park. Surreal experience, that. XD

  13. @London Caller,
    Is that Kintarou? Where's his hatchet? XD
    Wow! You sure know you Japanese folklore. :)

    Pachinko? Might as well use the money elsewhere rather than waste it there!

  14. Ooooh! Interesting pics! I love doing the "walking further than really needed" thing (hence TKY WLKG) too! Some great pics...but my favourite of the bunch has to be the last one. ;)

  15. @Ri,
    Hahaha Yeah, absolutely love doing that and get ourselves lost in the process and then inconvenience local folks by getting them show us directions and nonsense like that. Funnily, apart from Asakusa - have yet tried to get lost much in Tokyo! I should impose on you and follow you around someday. XD

    That last photo - love it too. Need to get dessert now.

  16. I've been lucky enough to have visited two of the three. Kenroku-en in Kanazawa and Koraku-en in Okayama. Kenroku-en was by far the best. Now I've only got to see Kairaku-en in Mito.

    Japan Australia

  17. @Japan Australia,
    Lucky you. :)

    So any plan soon to go to Mito? ^^

  18. Not sure... I was just guessing.
    Maybe the hatchet was hidden inside the lion head.

    That Japanese lion dance is a bit similar to the Chinese version. :)

  19. @London Caller,
    Zaini says it is Kintarou. :)

    Have yet seen the Japanese lion dance but saw plenty of lion dance in Malaysia. :)

  20. Are those matcha ice cream in the last photo? I adore green tea ice cream.

  21. @Mei Teng,
    But of course! :)

    Served with lots of fresh cream. Yummy!

  22. @lina Yeah, it'll be an adventure! XD
    Oooh dessert... I'm hoping to get some face cake later! Bwahahaha! ^^)b

  23. Well, the picture of walking along the rice fields is look like Japanese residents.
    This is the real Japanese scene, I think.
    If there is a Japanese small truck, it was perfect.
    I like this one! :D

  24. @Ri,
    Totally! :)

    Enjoy those face cake! ;p

  25. @birdmini,
    And I love these scene. ^^

    Yes, if there's a small truck, it would be soooo perfect! :)

  26. Kenrokuen - is it also affected by the tsunami?

  27. @foong,
    Kenrokuen is at the opposite coastline as those affected by the tsunami.

    Momotaro? Ever heard of Peach Boy legend? That's Momotaro lah.

    Yes, the dessert was yummy! :)

  28. Looove Kanazawa. Can't wait to get back there! Bummer about the rain.

  29. @kyushudan,
    bummer indeed. Not once but twice! :(


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