Monday, 9 May 2011

To Japan With Love?

Air Asia had this promotion that just ended after running it from Apr 25th to May 8th.
Fly from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (LCC Terminal), Kuala Lumpur to:
International All-in-fare from
Operated By AirAsia X
Economy seats Premium seats
Tokyo RM 199.00 RM 1499.00

Want to guess whether we bought any tickets to Japan for 2011 travel dates?

By the way, the promotion is back on. From RM199 one way to Haneda. Start your booking on May 10th! Check it out at AirAsia's website.


  1. Of course you did!!! Haha!!

  2. It will be almost a sin if you didn't take advantage of this promotion! LOL!

  3. My only question is, you bought the Economy or Premium seats? : D

  4. How much is RM $199.00 in USD?

    That is a big difference between economy and premium!!

    Japan Australia

  5. LOL

    Don't want to answer yet!!!!

    But if I did buy, of course it's not Premium seats. Might as well take JAL or MAS or SQ to pay that much.

    RM199.00 is around USD65-70. :)

  6. @Lrong,
    When/if I get there, I definitely will! :)

  7. I was surprised at the low price.
    You had better come to Japan.

  8. @cocomino,
    You think so? ^^ I'm just surprised that not all the promo rates were snapped up within the first day.

    I really should go to Japan, shouldn't I? :P

  9. I think so. I like other cities in Japan than Tokyo.
    Ha ha..

  10. @cocomino,
    And I like all cities in Japan, including Tokyo. :)

  11. Are you going? So tempted but the little ones are still small to take thm for a flight(not under my ability yet)! You so hv fun and enjoy to the fullest ya!^^

  12. 199.00!!!! Unbelievable!! XD
    I checked the fare..
    Air Asia Japanese site: TKY->KPL ¥18,000(RM 667.38)

    If I use ANA for round trip, the fare will be ¥73,000(RM 2,706.60) OMG!

  13. @Alice,
    What do you think?

    Can lah.. Who knows your two sprouts will behave nicely if you decide to go? How old is Ah Xuan now, BTW?

    Raimie went on his first long distance flight when he was 3y.o. Apart from the frequent need to poo-poo, and "kaypoh"ing people at the back, it was pretty manageable. Yes, he did cry on the plane too, that time. ^^!

  14. @birdmini,
    It's so cheap, it's hard to resist. Although the cheap seats are pretty limited and might be snapped up already.

    How about booking a ticket and visit Malaysia soon for a holiday? :)

  15. @Alice,
    20 weeks only! @.@

  16. sorry, 20 months to be precise!

  17. My anak both can not sit still one, very difficult in such constraint compartment!

  18. @Alice,
    Haha.. that's why I was shocked. XD

    Maybe not so bad if you take night flight? I always take night flight so that Raimie can just sleep during the whole trip. :)

  19. Pack me in your suitcase and take me there with you lah. ;)

  20. @London Caller,
    Cannot. AirAsia, you kena pay for luggage. May end up paying more for check-in suitcases than the tickets itself. LOL

  21. Any concrete plans for Japan trip this year Lina?

  22. @Ayie,
    What do you think? ;p

  23. "visit Malaysia".. It's a splendid idea...
    I wish to go to see F1 at Sepang circuit. I know the course layout well because I often drive on Sepang by a PC game. hehe

  24. @birdmini,
    You're an F1 fan! :)Come over and we can have an experience driving on the track. Your car or mine? XD

  25. So good that we now have budget airlines in Malaysia!
    Air Asia also fly to London from KL. :)
    But my kampung is only 1 hour car drive from Singapore.
    So I normally fly to Singapore.

  26. @London Caller,
    Ah? You fly from JB to S'pore. SO rich! XD

    Yeah, AirAsia flies to London too. But don't know whether I can "tahan" that long of a trip.

    6-7 hours to Japan already got back pain! LOL

  27. i won't be surprised if you did. You guys are Japan Mad Family mah!! lol

  28. So you are on your way then? Sweet!

    Nice to see that you are now using Link Within.

  29. @LR,
    Now, why is everyone saying they are not suprised, eh? LOL

  30. @Contamination,
    We'll see. ;p

  31. with the deal, perhaps another trip? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for the 2013 or 2014 Ghibli trip

  32. @Ayie,
    That's just a couple of years away. Hope you guys get to go. And don't forget other interesting sites other than Ghibli too! :)

  33. You must've snagged that promotion, I am sure you did hehehehe you know I would love to learn more about travelling in Japan on a budget, would you ever do that sort of guide one day here?

  34. @cuteandcurls,
    Hahaha... would be such a waste if we didn't, right? :D

    I did thought of doing a "Tokyo On A Budget" post someday. But just too lazy to factually checked my resources. After all, I need updated info on all the places we've been to.

    One day, I promise.

    But then, I am selfish. I don't want fellow tourists (esp the loud ones) to know the places I like to go. LOL

  35. For that fare, it would be a waste if we didnt :-D, LOL i actually agree with you about the last sentence ..well if i ever plan to go there Insya Allah next year I'll email you instead :-) just to prove to my husband that Japan is worth visiting regardless of what he thinks ;-)

  36. @Ccuteandcurls,
    Planning to go next year. I better pick up some brochures in Japan for you then!

    Why? Hubby not interested in Japan? Such a pity. Never mind, try brainwashing him by asking him to read my blog daily. LOL


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