Friday, 13 May 2011

Underwater! At Triton's Kingdom In DisneySea

Getting ready to go "underwater" at DisneySea
Checking out the "underwater" environment. Sure look magical, this place.
Nothing too exciting about this ride that goes up and down, but I sure love how the  jellyfishes are lighted up. ^^
Jelly fish galore!


  1. Good pictures, difficult with these lights.

  2. Did you see the Little Mermaid?
    Ah... the cartoon song, "Under the Sea" is so catchy!

    >Did you use the boat on both trips (to/fro to the island) Not walking to get there?

    I went there by boat.
    Came back on foot.
    Experienced two different methods. :)

  3. Some great pictures that really capture the look and feel of DisneySea. Did you have a favourite out of DisneyLand and DisneySea?

    Japan Australia

  4. Very nice place.I have been to DisneySea just one time.
    I couldn't enter many attractions because of the congestion.I'll try again with my family.

  5. Nice jelly fish with the lightings

  6. Very beautiful jelly fish's photos! I have never been the Disney sea, only went to Disney land.
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. @filip,
    I was happy how the photos turned out. :)

  8. @London Caller,
    Yes, I did! And absolutely loved the show. :)

    About the island trip - cool! I would've done the same and experience both ways too. ^^

  9. @Japan Australia,
    I think so too. :)

    I really like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland and the Tower of Terror at DisneySea.

  10. @cocomino,
    There were many people when we visited too. And we even had to queue for 2 hours to get on the Tower of Terror ride because the Fastpass had run out. But the time spent there was so enjoyable despite the crowd and heat. (We were there during summer last year). ^^

  11. @Bananazஇ,
    Nice, right?

    It was a sight to see when we visited this section at DisneySea. Felt somehow transported to the underwater world.

  12. @minor,
    You should visit DisneySea too, I think. :)

    I've been to both, and now look forward to visit USJ in future.

  13. The neon jellyfish is nice. Like big lamps! :)

  14. Wow... such a underwater galore, so beautiful! Sure my girl will loves it!

  15. @Mei Teng,
    They are indeed. :)

  16. @Alice,
    I bet she would. And she might just love the Little Mermaid show and watch Ariel swimming and singing too!

    Ah Xuan would have a blast exploring the underwater "caves" too and look for treasure. :)

  17. It really looks like an underwater world! Where's ariel? hehe

  18. @Ayie,
    She's busy swimming around and singing for visitors. :)

  19. Grrr... Jealous.

    I've only made it to Tokyo Disney land.

  20. @Contamination,
    Well, I guess for your boys' age, Disneyland would be more fun than DisneySea.

    We didn't get on much ride on our first trip there, but last year - Raimie was already tall enough to get on most roller coasters and rides so we had a blast getting on them. :)

    And USJ is next. ^^

  21. definitely magical. the jelly fish looks beautifully lit up.

  22. @LR,
    They are. I love the burst of colours inside the seemingly dark underwater place. So cool!

  23. Walking to the St Michael's Mount is free.
    Taking the boat is not.

    Entering the island is also free.
    There's a castle on the top, but visiting the castle is not free.

    In Japan, semua kena bayar. ;(

  24. @London Caller,
    There are still places you don't need to pay to visit in Japan same as anywhere else.

    I should put up a post on that ala Japan on a budget or something. XD


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