Thursday, 2 June 2011

A Bus And Some Trains In Kanazawa

Just some random local trains and a bus or two that either all of us took or the ones Zaini took on his pursuit to recover Raimie's lost Ultraman Max jacket.
But first, a shot of Kanazawa loop bus. We took this bus to get to Kenrokuen, and it was filled by elderly folks - residents of the area by the look of it. So this loop bus is not only useful to tourists, they seemed to be a hit with local folks too. The bus operates every 12 minutes and cost 200 yen per ride. A one day pass is available for 500 yen and includes discounted admission to several attractions.

Just my observation, buses in Japan  are really popular with the old folks, no? We took quite a few buses to get around and the bus users seems to consist mainly of the aging population of Japan.Truthfully for someone like me who used to zip along KL on the pink BMW and then graduated to those Metrojaya & Len Seng buses, riding buses in Japan can be rather a painfully slow trip. The bus drivers adhere to speed limits and it seems that if there is someone at the bus stop, they will stop even though nobody flagged the bus.The beauty of it though is that buses do run according to schedule at all stops! It took us an hour and a half to get to Asakusa from Ikebukuro on a bus! @.@ But we get to see neighborhoods we wouldn't have seen otherwise, if we use a train.
Local trains taken at Wakura Onsen. I find the type of train heads really interesting, much more so than the more modern looking trains.
The Hokuriku sleeper train. This train did its final run from Kanzawa to Ueno on March 12, 2010.
And lastly, an interior shot of the Limited Express Thunderbird. I have a lot of photos on the interior of the trains we took while in Japan, but never really posted and written much about them. I need to do more research on all those individual train someday! Anyway, don't think anyone would care about them as much as we do. ^^

If anyone interested to know how the interior of  Tsubame, Sonic, Hikari Railstar, Max Toki, Komachi, Narita Express, Rapit, Haruka, Noto; just to name a few; look like, let me know. I can post them up someday. Any day. :)


  1. I love the bus! It looks so quaint.

  2. @jellybelly,
    It sure does, doesn't it? :)

  3. That blue *is it blue?* bus reminds me of the yellow school bus F Gump used to ride on. Whoa cant remember the name of the bus company in KL where the fare was 4 sen or 6 sen in the early 70s not sure if its Len Seng.

  4. @Bananazஇ,
    How did you able to know its blue? ;p Yes, it is a blue bus.

    Hahaha... true. If its in yellow, definitely like those school buses. :)

    And in early 80s, fares only cost 20sen. Owh, time has changes. Fares gone up, uP and UP! Easy with mini bus. Fix price at 60sen a ride! I miss those buses. Reminded me of my student days. ^^

  5. The blue bus is rare model. I saw it for the first time.
    It seems like a custom car.
    I ride a bus when I go for a party(nomi-kai) which is held at the downtown. The cost is ¥230. When I go home, buses are already stopped, so I ride a taxi for ¥1,200.
    Bus is quite convenience for non-car owners and drunks. :p

  6. @birdmini,
    It does too! Only longer than a custom car. :)

    I personally prefer the train than a bus. No jam using the trains. ^^

    I hope I won't encounter drunk people on any buses I ride! o.O

  7. I heard that there is a tram in Kanazawa.
    The Kanazawa city puts a lot of effort into traffic policy like a park and ride.:)

  8. @cocomino,
    That's good effort to reduce much traffic. :)

  9. Wow that old blue bus is truly an antique and it still runs well :) but I like the looks of it, the same goes for these trains. They pretty much stand out more than the modern ones. I like to go on rides that allows me to view the scenery eventhough its moving at a slow pace, it doesnt matter. At least its on schedule ;-) I would love to read more on the interiors of these gorgeous transportations!

  10. @cuteandcurls,
    Antique or no, they run just fine. :)

    You would? Cool! Train interiors coming soon! ^^

    And there's one fun train we took that was really memorable. Taking a steam train from Aizu Wakamatsu. Even the staff uniforms were suitably designed to suit the ear of the steam train. Nice. :)

  11. Wow!

    Those are some really old buses & trains, it's a wonder why they are still in service.

  12. @Contamination,
    Because they work just fine at these area?

  13. The blue bus in the 1st photo captivated my attention!
    Maybe I am so used to London's red buses. ;)
    I still love London's old buses, the Routemaster.
    Today, they're all being replaced by modern buses.
    But only two Routemaster lines, (No 9 & No 15) remain in service.
    Mostly along the main tourist area.

  14. @London Caller,
    I hope the two lines maintain, even if its just plying the tourist route.

  15. those buses and trains must have been very well built to have been in service for so long.

  16. @LR,
    Two words - proper maintenance.

    Something we need to learn about. Not just build first class infrastructure but maintain it so it won't collapse after a few years. Don't you agree?

  17. Cute looking blue bus and not a bad way to travel. They are reasonably cheap in Japan and a good way to get around without a car.

    Japan Australia

  18. @Japan Australia,
    But I like train better. :P

  19. I am amazed that the buses stop at bus-stops even when nobody flags them. And how they manage to arrive on time every time? No traffic jam to derail their punctuality?

    Doubt Malaysian buses can do the same. Surely they won't stop when there is no one to flag them down - guaranteed. And definitely not punctual - should I blame the driver or the traffic jam?

  20. Yes, I want to see the interior of all those different trains you mentioned : )

  21. @foong,
    Dedicated bus lane with no other road users misusing it, maybe?

    They seems to follow a certain speed and make sure arrival at each bus stop is at the exact time. So the bus driver may drive slow or a bit faster to ensure the time limit is met for each bus stop. And this happen even in Tokyo! This is applicable to trains too. The speed of the train is adjusted accordingly to ensure prompt arrival.

    And those buses even have announcement to tell each stop that the bus is arriving. A great help for the visually impaired commuters.

    Interior trains post coming up! Well, maybe in July/August since I have posts line up for June already. XD


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