Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Hustle And Bustle At Kawasaki Station

The two times we came to Kawasaki, I had hoped for some time to cover Yokohama but as it turned out both times we spent way too much time at Ultraman Club and the Bandai Namco Wonderpark and also an awesome good time over at a blogger friend's house. Kak Hani had so generously opened her house, even cooked a delicious lunch for us. Raimie got hooked playing Nintendo Wii with her son and daughter there and was pleading for us to get one by the time we stepped out the door. Did we get it? Read this post to know. ^^

Anyways, just some photos of Kawasaki Station. This is a pretty busy station, that's for sure. 
As with other big stations in Japan, plenty of stuff to see and shop in/around the station. Plenty of coin lockers at Kawasaki Station to stuff all those shopping bags for a while too.
A 300yen locker that we used to stash our stuff in before hitting the nearby mall after checking-out from our hotel.

We'll be heading back to Kawasaki for either the first few days of our upcoming trip or the last few days of it. I have some JAL vouchers and we are thinking of using it on a couple of nights over at Kawasaki's Nikko Hotel.

Anyhoo, I should seriously look into visiting Yokohama. But then again, after seeing photos of Enoshima on a few blogs that I've been reading, I'm tempted to make a side trip there instead. Whaddya think?


  1. I would love to travel to Japan one day. By then I know who to go to to look for advise ^_^

  2. Thought HKG was bad and Japan just the same equally flooded with people. Thought the sign at the lockers would be "How do you look for your locker" haha.

  3. Wah got to fulfilled T&C before buying Nintendo Wii haha. Congratz he made it, would say its not really a condition but an incentive for him to push harder in his studies but not to push overboard to give him all the pressure as there was a fresh sad case of student jumping off building. My toys were all free during my younger days like rubber seeds, rubber bands, self made top & kites and etc. Got a confession innocently stole *ooops guilty now* my Mama No.10 sewing thread for flying the kites hahaha.

  4. @ladyviral,
    and who would that be? XD

  5. @Bananazஇ,
    Everything he wants, got T&C one. Lucky his dad is a banker not a lawyer. Otherwise, want anything have to come out with legal documentation! LOL

    How to pressure that boy? So lazy. If we ask him to study, he got so many smartass answers some more. I told him that if his performance drop at school, I might to send him to tuition. You know what his answer was? "Mommy, you don't want me to sleep? I have to go to sleep at 9 otherwise you scold me". Aiyoh! Never can win with that boy! @.@

    I played with rubber seeds, homemade kites, homemade guns too when I was little. Don't exactly remember my parents buying any toys for me. Still fun, going fishing, climbing trees and all. My son OTOH, so hard to get him go out of the house. :(

  6. These Nipponjin are really thoughtful, can even prepare lockers for shoppers!

    Yokohama, should be a great place to visit since I had heard so much of it!:)

  7. @Alice,
    No, those are not lockers for shoppers, those are lockers at train stations. Pretty standard - the majorty of train stations (all big ones) have these lockers. It's not free, just like coin lockers you find in and around Malaysia, it's charged per use. But it provides convenience for people unwilling to lug their stuff and luggage around.

    Yokohama sure sounds nice. But I'm kinda gravitating more towards the outskirts rather than the city nowadays. :)

  8. Awwww all the hardwork and study Raimie did and he got his Wii. I used to enjoy going to Bukit Bintang not Bukit Bintang i mean Sungai Wang when I first moved in to the city centre but now I dont ..its the crowd that just turns me off nowadays.

    You know those lockers are heaven sent! Absolutely useful indeed, when I was in Melbourne at the train station, they were so useful indeed for us. I only found out at Jusco they have those lockers too so I was thankful when i can stash my shopping bags there too hehehe.

  9. @cuteandcurls,
    Actually, that boy abhor hardwork. Really "malas" one. We wanted to buy the Wii for him anyway, but didn't want him to get it so easily, hence all those T&C. And the T&C we gave we know he can deliver.

    I used to like Sg Wang too, back in my younger days. Heck! Used to go for a date there with Zaini on weekends. ^^ But now, as I get older the crowd there is rather a turnoff. Sudah tua already! LOL

    Yes, love those lockers. But I never used them here except if we go to Sunway Lagoon or Desa Waterpark. XD

  10. Looks pretty busy. I love the big stations in Japan as there is so much to do. They usually have great shopping and lots of different restaurants to check out. If you head underground you can find some real surprises.

    Japan Australia

  11. @Japan Australia,
    Yeah, I like the fact that one need not travel far from a train station to buy things. A mall is just a walkway or a tunnel away from it! :)

  12. Aiya you spoiled your son lah. ;)
    Nak apa dapat apa.
    Next time must use it to ask him to tidy up his room first.
    Then baru boleh dapat.
    See this is what you get when you only have one kid lah.
    He's like the little emperor at home. It's happening in China already.

    The telephone engineer is coming to install my internet connection on the 11 July 2011.
    Lagi teruk berbanding dengan Telekom Malaysia huh?

  13. @London Caller,
    Yes, he might get what he asks, but he had to work for it (or at least we made it so that he felt like he had to work for it). There's always bargaining going on with him. ;p

    Be little emperor ah? Get fresh with me, and I whack his head.

    I can ask him to do other chores but not tidying up his room because he'll say that he's not finish doing whatever he was doing yet. SO the mess has to stay until his "project" is finish. Never mind, because when I want to clean up the house, I usually just vacuum everything up. Yes, I can throw away things that I've already asked for Raimie to put away. If he didn't do it then its too bad.

    11 July! OMG! Yeah, Telekom better. We were supposed to get our Unifi installed next month but they did it already last week. :)

  14. The train station system in Japan is just amazing!! I like it so much because it is always punctual and clean!!!! :)

  15. @ristinw,
    Me too! That is exactly why I love their train system so much. :)

  16. I don't know how far away they are from each other, but can you do both cities with one trip? I love Japan's train stations. They are always so lively and you know food is always nearby.

  17. You really do a lot of travel in Japan... I am quite amazed... Kawasaki is nearby my mum-in-laws house... pass by it quite often... as you mentioned, a big, busy, bustling, good-looking station with tons of shops in and out of it...

  18. @AVCr8teur,
    We're pressed for time and I don't really like rushing things because I won't be able to enjoy that one particular place if I have a strict schedule to follow. ^^ Not to mention being able to take plenty of nonsense photos! LOL

    But we'll see. :)

  19. @Lrong,
    Not as much as we'd like to. ;p

    Oh, your mum-in-law lives in Kawasaki? :)

  20. The Kawasaki Station is nice! But looks crowded!

  21. @foong,
    It was! But you should have seen the crowd at bigger stations in Tokyo - Ueno, Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya even Kanda... more crowd there. ;)


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