Sunday, 5 June 2011

More Osaka Walking!

A continuation of the first post on Osaka Walking, the idea I copycat  from Lisa's Tokyo Walking series. Sorry, Lisa! 

Just some excuse to post more photos of us in Osaka.
We went to Yao one day, for the sole purpose of visiting Tsuburaya Jungle. What's that place, you ask? It's a place filled with Ultraman! WooT!

Being us, instead of the easy way of taking the bus direct to the place, we decided to walk.
Along the way, we saw this pink National battery vending machine or something
Passed by a cemetery
and a school
and finally we got to our destination. Tsuburaya Jungle, which is located in Ario Mall.

Who needs public transportation when one can just wander around a strange country and take lots of photos, make a nuisance to local folks and then somehow managed to find our way back. On our way back, we got on a wrong bus and ended up at some strange station I have no idea where. So strange that  we can't find  Osaka Station on the station's map that I had to ask for the stationmasters help to direct us to the correct platform and at which station to transfer. Great experience that.  


  1. Walking is a great way to see and explore the sights of a city.

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Thats right. And one can simply stop anytime to savour the atmosphere. *^_^*

  3. The battery vending machine is nice because I couldn't buy battery when the earthquake happened.
    That's convenient.

  4. Walking around and collecting material for the blog is always fun, we hope to go to Rotterdam this afternoon when it stops raining.


  5. @cocomino,
    Yes, but if there's no electricity, the machine wouldn't work, right?

  6. @Filip,
    It is indeed fun. And fun to look at in our album collection. Looking back at all these photos reminded us of our "adventures" there. :)

    Have fun in Rotterdam. Hope it didn't rain! ^^

  7. Osaka is one of my favorite cities I would love to visit and walk:)
    Your adorable son looks so happy in the last photo!

  8. @Yoshi,
    Hi Yoshi!

    Its a fun city.

    Of course the boy is happy. He was going to see some of his heroes! *^-^*

  9. Woo, the start of a series I see! ;)
    I've been to Yao once!
    But only because I was visiting my Japanese teacher's house. XD

  10. @Ri,
    I wish I have more of Osaka so the series can last a bit. Just two more of Osaka Walking posts left. d'-'

  11. @lina - time to continue with a different city then? ;)

  12. The moment i read Tsuburaya, I dah agak dah whats that hehehehe. I like to walk around places where its pedestrian friendly and comfy to walk around. If I had to walk around like how you did with your family, I would have enjoyed it too because theres so much you can see and savor while walking around. Thats what I like when Im on holiday. Im not a big fan of walking but if the weather is nice, streets, pavements, paths are easy to walk on, lots to see, lots to look I'd do it :)

  13. @Ri,
    Yeah... but I dont really have much cities left to cover, ;)

  14. @cuteandcurls,
    Walking in Japan is really nice. Much safer than in KL where cars rule and pedestrians dont count! @.@
    But beware of the cyclists there! Pedestrians share the pavement with them. ;)

  15. Great looking walk. I love walking like this. So much to see.

  16. National brand is rarely seen these days...
    We don't even have this in Britain.

  17. @Toshogu,
    and we can stop anytime we want, right? Hard to do it when one is in a bus oor car. ^^

  18. @London Caller,
    Not found in Britain anymore?
    Wait, I can't confirm whether there is in KL too! Gotta go look out for National brand products and confirm! XD

  19. Did your son enjoy in Ultraman world? How about you?
    There are no more National Brand goods, which changed to "Panasonic"

  20. @minor,
    All of us (Mom, Dad and Son) enjoyed going to all these Ultraman places. Hence the willingness to traipse around the country looking for them. XD

    Thanks for the "National" info. ^^

  21. Yes, that's right.:(

  22. I know, you walk on the pavement and you're still not save cos those mopeds took that over too. As much as I like living here in KL, I really really cant stand the traffic and other factors. Some drivers can be impatient and downright rude, taxi drivers are worst! Many a times Im crossing the road and you see the taxi is still far ..all of a sudden they accelerate towards you. The abuse and curses that comes out of my mouth is majorly censored LOL Im glad to have good local friends who make me forget about it :)

  23. @cuteandcurls,
    It's not only the motorbikes lah. Even cars go up on pavements for the free parking! @.@

    The facilities here are not built for pedestrian in mind (or even cyclist). The roads here are built solely for motorist and cars. :(

  24. Oh my gosh dont even get me started on those cars parked on the pavements. Make me wonder how 'educated' are these drivers to do that?! Yang susah are the pedestrians who have to walk outside the road cos some idiot parked their car on the pavement and that driver is just lazy to find parking elsewhere ..makes me wonder why they dont get tickets for doing so. You are so right the facilities here are not built for pedestrians at all ...i cant see myself pushing my pram over here cos its not safe :( I feel bad saying all this but everyone has their rights to say their point of view.

  25. @cuteandcurls,
    You'll probably need to push your pram on the road instead of the pavement. Not only bikes and cars might use the pavement for parking, the pavement itself may not be accessible for prams or even wheelchairs. Do you notice that?

  26. Oh yes! I love to walk, walk, and walk during my travels. It's fun and you get to enjoy more things along the way : )

  27. Ooh! That pink National battery vending machine looks cute! The cemetery looks clean and neat!

  28. Tsuburaya Jungle? Looks like a place for Raimie! : )

  29. I noticed that alot and it just riles me up completely but what can we do as pedestrian right? Some drivers can be so ignorant! When you need the police to slap them with tickets they are never around :(

  30. @foong,
    The cemetery was tightly packed and very neat.

    Yes, Tsuburaya Jungle is definitely a place for Raimie! :)

  31. @cuteandcurls,
    Some drivers are so selfish. Like those who don't think twice about parking illegally or double parking just so they don't need to pay for parking or walk far. :(

  32. ^5 EXACTLY!! Do that over my turf it'll get a clamp with a fat fine slapped on the windshield.

  33. @cuteandcurls,
    and you know what got me riled up further about inconsiderate drivers? Parking at disabled parking. WTF?


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