Saturday, 25 June 2011

One Sunday Afternoon

It was a hot day and it seemed like the whole of Tokyo decided to come out and play. 

I decided it would be fun to wear a Traditional Malay blouse (albeit with a modern twist, as I wore it with jeans instead of a sarong) while sightseeing in Tokyo. Raimie and Zaini wore Baju Melayu earlier in the day and nobody batted an eye at us. Why did we do it? We spent our Hari Raya AidilFitri in Japan!

Actually, we went to Shibuya to attend an open house at the Malaysian Embassy that day and went walking around after.
Walking  around Shibuya and Omotesando on Sundays can seriously be a claustrophobic experience because of the crowd- it's like you can't turn anywhere without seeing more people; but visitors are greeted with interesting sights  and activities too.

Anyway, a bit off tangent here - Japanese women sure has no qualms about putting on their make-up in public. I guess why waste time doing it at home when you are going to spend so much time on train. Might as well utilise that time, eh?
Taking a breather from the summer's stifling heat and enjoying a bit of people watching while sitting under the shade.
Saw a group of children bearing a mikoshi.
 and watched a drum performance for a bit
A huge turnout at the Vietnam fair held near Yoyogi Park.
A parade of dancers in Omotesando. Always fun to watch. I never knew what the event that were held on each  of the Sundays we visited there, but I enjoyed being there nonetheless.

Despite me complaining about the crowd here, we've never failed to visit this area on a Sunday when we vacation in Japan because of the energy felt there.


  1. Funny, the only time I went to those areas (wait, I think I've been to Shibuya twice atually) were on a Sunday. And I think this is what made the experience fun. (although there was'nt anything special like taiko concert or small matsuri.

  2. @David,
    Really? The Sundays we were there, there were always something going on. But regardless, without it the place is pretty vibrant and fun and packed!

    BTW, like what you did with your site. Much easier for me to read the posts. ^^

  3. OMG the make up on the train! A friend of mine freaked out when he realised the transformation some women undergo after a 40 minute commute to the office. I tried to warn him before than, but he just wouldn't listen... ;)

  4. @Ri,
    Yeah, right? They were completely unconcerned about doing it, right down to putting on fake eyelashes. They certainly put good use of the time spent on the daily commute! (´∀`)

    Did your friend recover after seeing it? (‐^▽^‐)

  5. Just like in China, the crowds are huge! :)

    It must be interesting to celebrate Hari Raya AidilFitri in Japan.

  6. What does Shibuya remind me of? It's shopping, people and fun!!! :D The photos remind me of the trip I had in there!

  7. @ECL,
    But there's a difference. For me at least. The din made by Japanese and Chinese is different. It's much, much noisier to be in a crowd in China. @.@

    Spending the Raya in Japan was like spending any other day. But it was special to be going to the Malaysian Embassy and meeting up a lot of Malaysian there and on the way and be greeted in Malay while walking towards the Embassy. :)

  8. @ristinw,
    Yes, Shibuya reminds me of the same thing too! ^^

  9. Tokyo is all about the crowds and the buzz and excitement of the big city for me.

    Japan Australia

  10. LOL, Lina... Japan sounds like your second home! I can see u really fall in love with this country!:)

  11. @Japan Australia,

    But somehow I like the Osaka vibe more. :)

  12. @Alice,

    Friends joked that our yearly trip is our "balik kampung" trip. ^^!

    I didn't fall in love with Japan because of the city though. I like the "inaka" better. :)

  13. I agree that despite the crowds it looks like fun. Hope there were some air conditioned cafes to sit in too! :)

  14. @Jenny,
    Plenty of cafes abound. And plenty of people patiently waiting in queues to get into them too. XD

    Sometimes I think that Japanese people does love queues. They do it patiently and automatically anywhere, at times not even realising what they were queueing for! ;p

  15. Such a lively place even in the heat although Raimie doesn't look too thrilled.

  16. Hello, I am back!

    Oh I am quite okay with public make up.
    I just cannot stand people cutting their finger nails in the public!!
    Did you know that it's considered bad luck to cut your nails at night in Japan?!

    But I normally do it at night, after my hot bath! Ha ha!

    Oh yes, I only have temporary internet access at the moment.

  17. @AVcr8teur,
    Yeah, Raimie was hot and tired. But he was all smiles afterwards, when we let him buy a lot of Ultraman toys afterwards for not whining or throwing temper tantrums. :)

  18. @London Caller,
    Oooh! I hate people clipping their nails in public! I hate it when my colleagues do it in the office! It's like, were you too busy at home that you can't do your personal grooming there. Yucks!

    Eh, we also pantang cut nails at night what! So Japanese also pantang eh? Interesting... :)

    So when are you getting a permanent connection? Soon?

  19. It is very good that you can enjoy various kind of things such as festivals and amateur band performances even if it was very crowded.
    BTW, There was ambassador's official residence ver near to our house. But It was sold more than 10 years ago.

  20. @minor,
    Indeed. Despite the crowd, it was enjoyable to be walking around the area due to so many activities going on there. :)

    The Ambassador's official residence was near your house? You must live in a very nice neighborhood. :)

    What I remember about going the Malaysian Embassy's staff residence was that the area was really hilly. Nice area but absolutely tiring walking up the hill getting to the apartment. XD

  21. Ive been trying to post a comment on your blog since last Saturday, tak dapat, via Internet Explorer. Dont know why so Im back on my Google well!

    I have travelled a couple of times during Raya and never thought of wearing our traditional baju hehehe good idea Lina, maybe one day ill do the same :)

  22. @cuteandcurls,
    Yeah, seems there is some sort of problem commenting with IE at blogspot, to me at least. :(

    Its kinda fun doing it at some foreign land, but wearing it in Japan somehow wont cause anyone to look twice at you! LOL

  23. Wow! So many people! I don't really like crowds but then again it depends : )

  24. @foong,
    Same here. I generally don't like crowd too, but once in a while i can be fun being in one. XD

  25. I do my make-up on the train too....hehhehe! It sure is fun seeing you having a great time here in this place.
    I also don't like crowds but it depends ....esp. if there's a lot going on and there are many exciting things to see, people become oblivious ...heheeh!

  26. @Bing,
    You do? I would be too self-conscious to do it in public. XD

  27. Really? Nail clipping at night also considered pantang?
    How come my family doesn't know this one?!
    Or is it just a Pahang thing huh?

  28. @London Caller,
    Not only Pahang lah... Maybe pantang for Malay people only? XD

    Your family modern type is it? No pantang. ;p

    BTW, got internet connection now already?


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