Saturday, 11 June 2011

Osaka Walking - More Walking, Folks!

I really don't have anything insightful to add in my Osaka post. We had fun just wandering around. Who wouldn't, when one is in Osaka? It is a fun city!
Say hello to Glico Man.
 And got chummy with this clown. You guys knew this fella, right? ^^
Got fixated with this God, moving his jaw up and down at certain time during the day. People were actually video taping it!
What's the fascination with the Statue of Liberty?
Stumbled upon a Yakult lady, selling Yakult on a bicycle.No one is too tough to drink Yakult! XD
Dotonbori, away from the maddening crowd and Raimie in his male model mode.
Had some nice lunch and the boys enjoyed their bowls of udon a lot!
and at the end of each day in Osaka, a stop at Aeon was a must. It sure was fun running around in this supermarket.

We won't have much time to travel around Osaka during our next trip, but I told Zaini that since I have a lot of day shots of the place from earlier trips, we should visit this area at night next. I'd like that, but we'll see how it goes. *^^*


  1. Got to love the Glico man. He is a famous sight in Osaka.

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    He sure is! :)

  3. night time photography is challenging.. got to play round with the camera menu

  4. Yakult's women came to my office during the lunch hour.
    Yakult is low price and healty.I sometimes drink it.
    Yakult was made many years ago. :)

  5. Statue of Liberty in Osaka? haha. Yeah can see Abang using his left hand with the chopsticks hehe. You are always RIGHT muahahaha.

  6. Yakult is very popular there eh.

  7. @Bengbeng,
    It's going to be a challenge for someone like me who is clueless about photography but that's not going to stop me from trying! :)

  8. @cocomino,
    So convenient for you apart from the ease of buying them at the vending machine.
    Over here, schoolchildren can buy Vitagens at school at low price and take them home. ^^
    Do you know that Yakult bottles in Japan and Malaysia have different design because of design trademark issues?

  9. @Bananazஇ ,
    There'sone in Odaiba too!

    Yes, Abang uses chopsticks with his left hand. How totally sinful, right? LOL

    And yes, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT! XD

    I guess Yakult should be popular there since it originated from Japan. :)

    Yakult also own a baseball team - the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. :)

  10. That Glico man is like the Almighty of Osaka, huh!
    The jaw-dropping God is Daikokuten, I think.
    He does that because he likes to watch Jaws.
    Or maybe he's sad that Chinese people drink too much shark's fin soup.
    So he drops his jaw in total disbelief...

    >Mr Fox has a rather sad face.

    Ha ha... Who's more pessimistic huh?
    That's his "baru bagun belum basuh muka" look lah.
    Don't we all look like that, especially Monday morning huh?

  11. @London Caller,
    Haha... Seems like Mr Fox has perpetual Monday Blues lah like that. ^^

  12. Osaka is such a fun city. Btw if you are in Tokyo any time soon and want to go to Nippori fabric town, let me know. I'd be happy to be your tour guide :)

  13. @kathryn,
    Yes, Osaka is sure is! Im definitely looking forward to a return visit soon! :)

    Oh, would you? That'd be so cool! It won't be soon though. We'll be in Tokyo in Dec, and if I remember you finish your classes in Sep.

  14. I just knew that there is Liberty in Osaka. Tokyo has that too.
    I dislike such fake culture. culture.. Hmmm. I don't want to think so.
    U.S. people must be proud of Liberty as a symbol of freedom.
    Every objects should be learnt and respected.
    Thank you for the respect for Glico and Kuidaore-Taro(the clown). :D

    *Kuidaore" is... Let's eat'n goes to hell in his own way! ^^? ..maybe

  15. No, I didn't know that. That's interesting design.
    I can tell it to my friends. :)

  16. @birdmini,
    So there are just two statues in Japan. That's good, I guess.

    One can't not think of Osaka without thinking of Glico Man and the Kuidaore clown.

    You do have a proverb saying "dress (in kimonos) till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka", right? I would like to eat until I fall down in Osaka someday. ^^

  17. @cocomino,
    I know someone who collects Yakult bottles from all over the world. She told me that the design of Yakult bottles in Japan can't be used in Malaysia because another company had applied trademark for the design. And interestingly, seems like different countries adopt a design that may look slightly different from the ones in Japan.

  18. There is one more statue of the most famous French lady, Marianne (= Statue of Liberty) in Tochigi! It can be seen at the park in Kanuma city:)

    Whenever I go to the Softbank, I get Yakult bottles for free! I am looking forward to seeing your post regarding the designs of Yakult bottles all over the world:)

    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  19. @Yoshi,
    Really! Wow! I should visit Kanuma City and take a photo of her, I suppose. XD

    Free Yakult at Softbank? Can I follow you there and get them too? ;p

    Naw... I dont have any other Yakult bottles in my possesion. I suppose I can try ask the lady who collects them share it and let me take photos of them. ^^

    Hope your Sunday is great!

  20. I too used to be fixated by beer gods

    But then again I also used to be 102KG...

  21. @Contamination,
    No more reverence to the amber fluid now?

  22. Oh yes, do you know the meaning of "projection" in psychology?
    Mr Fox's "muka" is my projection lah.
    I got many hobbies.
    Psychology is one of mine. ;)

  23. I didn't know there is a Statue of Liberty in Osaka! It seems to be just as tall as the one in New York. I'm hungry so the udon looks good.

  24. @London Caller,
    You are a man with many hobbies and talents, it seems. :)

    Since psychology isn't one of the things I bother much, I need to go research about Mr Fox and your projection. ^^

  25. @AVCr8teur,
    Nah, it's just a small one perched on top of a building, for I suppose a gimmick for something?

    That udon was good! :)

  26. If "drop" means "drop money", it's right.
    in Japanese, "京の着倒れ(ki-daore)、大阪の食い倒れ(kui-daore)"
    Kyoto people spend money for kimonos, Osaka people spend money for foods. I wrote "go to hell", the hell meant be bankrupt. ^o^

    Do you know that Tokyo or Kobe people spend for what?
    The answer is footwear.
    "江戸 or 神戸の履き倒れ(haki-daore)"
    They spend money for inconspicuous part like footwear.
    That's why they are called chic (粋). :)

  27. @birdmini,
    Interesting. :)

  28. What is Glico Man? No, I don't know that clown! Is he a famous clown?

  29. Oh so funny that God moving his jaws up and down? You should have record it and post on YouTube : )

  30. Osaka sure looks like a nice place to lepak : )

  31. @foong,
    Glico man is that running guy lah... Glico Man was originally installed in 1935 and is a symbol of Glico candy.

    and the clown is a famous landmark at Dotonbori in Osaka, just like Glico Man. He is the kuidaore taro - and was installed in 1950. Every March the visiting rikishi for the Osaka Grand Sumo tournament used to line up with Kuidaore Taro for photos.

    That God? Didnt know what it supposed to do mah... so just look at people lining up taking videos and photos of it. Maybe next time lah... ^^

    Yes. Yes. Osaka is a fun place to go lepak. Its vibrant and colourful. :)


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