Thursday, 23 June 2011

A Sea Of People

If you like crowds, Tokyo may fit you just fine. I've yet been to any local festival there during my vacation so I have no idea how the crowd be during festivals. But here are some photos taken on some random days while we were in Japan.
At Nakamise Dori on a weekend
Ueno Park in Spring
Omotesando on a hot summer Sunday
Disneyland without a crowd? I think that would be totally weird, even on weekdays.
and this, on the Mark Twain Riverboat in Disneyland. Man, it sure was packed!


  1. I think that might freak me out to have so many people around, at least if you can't get away from them...

  2. Yes, it feels at times that you can't go anywhere without there being a large crowd there, especially the tourist areas. That said, you can find some great places that aren't overly crowded if you look hard enough.

    Japan Australia

  3. @Jenny,
    Good news. Even in Tokyo, you still have places you can get away from the crowd. :)

  4. @Japan Australia,
    I agree. There are places that may not have the stifling crowd but of course there are plenty of places that will ensure you are always surrounded by people. ^^

  5. @Bananazஇ ,
    crazy, right?

    I certainly won't like it if I have to deal with crowds on daily basis. That's why I rarely walk around Mid Valley Mall even though I work in the area. o.O

  6. How about Shinjuku railroad station?
    Passingers getting on and off trains a day is 3.6 million. It is the world number one and authorized by The Guiness Book of Records.

  7. @minor,
    I don't have any photos of Shinjuku Station. Maybe because I was too busy dodging people there. XD

  8. Oh really crowded.Every day I see crowded people at the various places such as trains, offices, street and shops.
    It is too hot today.

  9. @cocomino,
    Having to deal with crowd everyday is not fun! I don't think I can bear dealing with it on daily basis. :(

    How hot is it today? Will the weather get any hotter? Being stuck in a sea of people during the hot weather is not comfortable! o.O

  10. It is fun watching people in Japan when it is crowded. You see many special persons. Top.

  11. @Filip,
    Totally. A lot of interesting characters to be seen. ;p

  12. Disneyland crowd - now that sort of crowd i cant do with ..i feel suffocated i could pass out. The last time i got stuck in the worst crowd was in Bangkok 2001 new year i felt like one of those cattles ready to be stamped i nearly passed out until a guy said to me from behind 'Keep going, dont pass out keep going just hold on to your husband' I was about to correct him and say 'Dude im not married yet!' LOL but he was right we kept the pace I pulled my man's shirt for balance and when we finally got out of it I was just thankful. The Riverboat is packed it looked like its about to capsize!

  13. @cuteandcurls,
    Well, at least the crowd is a pretty organised crowd. One thing I like about the crowd in Japan is when there is a queue.

    I'm generalizing here but Japanese people seemed to have this way of thinking programmed in their head that they automatically queue up for things and wait patiently in a queue. No one jostling, no one breathing on your neck and got impatient or things like that. Totally different from going to theme parks in Malaysia. ;p

  14. Lina, I absolutely positively AGREE with you girl *HIGH FIVE* Thats what I think too, they are so polite and have etiquette also well mannered too!

  15. No thanks to Tokyo.... I'd prefer Kyoto! Look at the crowds is enough to make me suffocate!=_="

  16. I usually manage to avoid crowds quite well here. Thank goodness for walking lots and having a (usually) relatively flexible work schedule.
    I suspect there would be more suspicious deaths in the area if that weren't the case. Although... by saying suspicious it's almost like it wouldn't be obvious I was the culprit. I suspect it would be...pretty...clear...though. o.O;

  17. That's just beautiful. The street with cherry trees. :D

  18. @Alice,
    Kyoto crowd can be quite something too, especially on peak period and at tourist attraction.

    Don't rule out any place to visit or form any decision. Who knows, you might like Tokyo if/when you get there. After all, Tokyo & Japan is more about anime and technology and weird stuff. ^^

  19. @Ri,
    Hahaha... I'll take note not be in your way on days you do your walking. ;p

  20. @ristinw,
    Cherry blossoms are nice, but the crowd at popular parks doing hanami can be pretty intense for those who dislike such merry-making.

  21. The temperatures exceeded 30 degrees.
    Today it was cool but rained.
    The rainy season will continue..

  22. @cocomino,
    That is hot! Rain and heat is not something I like.

    Take care and I hope you don't catch a summer cold.

  23. Thank you for taking care.:)


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