Thursday, 9 June 2011

Thank Goodness For Plastic!

A continuation of my earlier post on how to easily enjoy a meal at some strange Japanese restaurants in Japan when you don't speak the language.
2. Check out the plastic food displayed in front of the restaurant and find similar items in their menu. If, by any chance their menu has no photo in it or they have no English menu,  drag a staff out and point what you want to order. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, I did just that once in Akita.
Now, don't these plastic food just calling out for you to eat them? But don't justdroll over the plastic ones. Taste the real food too!


  1. I found that even if there are no photos on the menu, I could figure out some of the dishes they serve by the plastic samples. So it was easy to ask for soba, curry or ramen. Plus those are usually in hiragana so if a person just learns some of the basic words they won't starve. =)

  2. @blukats,
    I totally agree with you. :)

  3. But it's all like McDonald's, right?
    Those burgers look very big in ads, but when you buy them....
    They are so small! Ha ha!

  4. @London Caller,
    You are so pessimistic! XD

    Maybe so but I like this version better than McDonald's!

  5. Yea with these plastic food display it certainly helps a person to choose, if not I think I can always ask for ramen with the right condiments ^_^

  6. @cuteandcurls,
    For us though, an "in-depth" check with the staff about the food we plan to eat can be crucial. And for ramen - we gotta avoid as most (if not all) have pork broth. Better be safe than sorry!

    I always, always ask the staff (or for eki-ben; the counter lady) about the ingredients so it helps if we Muslims know a few words relating to food. Knowledge is good. :)

    If all else fails, just eat grilled fish dishes there. Can't go wrong with that, right? ^^

    And I always, always check what kind of linings the shoes I'm going to try were made of. No-no to pig skin linings!

    So far, staff were all willing try to help me with my questions. Religious reasons may be hard for them to understand so use the standard - I'm allergic or something similar instead. XD

  7. Definitely, I agree. Its good to know a few words relating to food so we get the food that we can eat kalau tak as you said makan ikan je lah or veggies ...

  8. I love those plastic displays. I wish every restaurant in America had those.

  9. @cuteandcurls,
    Though it's kinda easier with the Japanse having those food display kan? Everything is kinda transparent - you can see the stuff that is in the dishes. :)

  10. @Toshogu,
    Though there are at Japanese restaurants, I wish they have them over here at other outlets too!

  11. Japan is pretty good with a lot of restaurants having picture menus or even menus in English. The plastic food models in front of restaurants are great as well and you can point out the item you like. In Japan, you can even buy some of those plastic food models to take home if you visit places like the Asakusa area in Tokyo and the Kappabashi kitchen street.

    Japan Australia

  12. @Japan Australia,
    Yeah, one can buy the plastic food models as souvenirs but I find them rather expensive. I rather eat and take photos of the food I eat instead. XD

  13. Its so convenient with the vending machines and nicely printed menus. Think Bananaz would not have any problem even though can speak sukoshi Japanese. tQ

  14. @Bananazஇ,
    Bananaz and clan would have no problem at all!
    So when is Bananaz planning to practice his little bit of Japanese again, in Japan? ^^

  15. It's really helpful to have these plastic replica of food or having photos on the menus. Usually I just look at the photos and point :)

  16. @jellybelly,
    I point at stuff too! Much easier. :p

  17. So does the real food look anything like the plastic version? Haha!

  18. @foong,
    They look better than the McD version - photo vs real stuff, that I can say!

  19. Ha ha... Not pessimistic lah.
    More like realistic.
    This world very plastic one. Ha ha...

    Like what song huh?

  20. @London Caller,
    Well, at least they look better real compared to those at McD! Or Wendy's for that matter. Totally not as per menu! @.@

  21. At first I used to love these things, now I realise that they are a waste of plastic.

    Just like McDonald's toys.

    Still, they are one of those "only in Japan" things that we love.

  22. Trust the Japanese... they are really imaginative with these things...

  23. @Contamination,
    They may be a waste of plastic, but they also provide an avenue for income for some. No?

    Yeah, definitely one of those stuff found in Japan we love. :)

  24. @Lrong,
    They sure are! ^^


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