Friday, 3 June 2011

Toilets, In Trains

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I read some posts at a travel forum some time ago, of some posters  asking about toilets, specifically toilets in Japanese train because they were worried about their toilet needs while travelling.

When you gotta go, you gotta go, so if course its important to know the state of toilets in some foreign places you are visiting. ^^!

Here are some shots of the toilets found in an assortment of trains we've been in. Trust me, my family has been in a lot of long distance trains in Japan and they are all fine. They are all clean, devoid of funky smell and most importantly; always in ready supply of toilet papers!
 Oooo... automatic door!
Random toilets in limited express trains and shinkansens.They sure look pretty decent, don't they?
And this - found in the sleeper train, Akebono. The one and only squat toilet I've ever seen in a train! Way funky! What's with the lime colour anyway?

If you find this, you'd be excused to be worried about using them. I wasn't so sure I can use them, myself. Squatting while doing my "big business" in a moving train? I think not! And I grew up using squat toilets! @.@


  1. When you gotta go, you gotta go - whether the toilet is clean or not! Haha!

  2. Glad to learn that the toilets in the Japanese trains are all clean! The toilet reminds me of the one I used in KLIA Ekspres : )

  3. Wow! First time see a squat toilet in a train! Quite risky to use it right especially in a moving train! LOL @ "what's with the lime colour anyway?" XD

  4. Toilets on trains in Japan especially the Shinkansen are first rate and much better than anything you will find on any airline. There are even change rooms and vending machines on the train to meet all your needs.

    Japan Australia

  5. My experience was that not even Japanese women will use squat toilets, they would use the western ones instead.

    One thing they don't have is paper towels so anyone who asks me about visiting Japan I always tell them to take a small towel everywhere they go just in case =)

    Nice post! You are braver than me, taking photos in public bathrooms.

  6. I too grew up using squat toilets but at this age I dont think I can ^_^ and with these knees no can do hehe but hey well done well done with the photos. I must say I have no worries about using the loos in a Japanese train thats for sure, its so hygienically clean but I will always have some tissues on standby in my bag as i always do! The worse toilet i had to use was on one of my travels, i wont mention the destination ..its a local train and MAN its squat type AND the door I will never forget the shock and scream that came out of my mouth when this fella opened the door which I know I had it locked well locked and he had a pained expression nak buang air besar, that was gone when he heard my scream! NEVER EVER EVER for me

  7. @foong,
    When I was in China & HK, I tried not to drink and hold it in because I didn't want to use the public toilet there. @.@

  8. @Japan Australia,
    I totally agree with you there! :)

  9. @blukats,
    I'm not brave. There just no other users there to look at me weird. LOL

    Yes, no paper towels at toilets in Japan. Use the hand dryer instead. ^^

  10. @cuteandcurls,
    When I spent my confinement at my parents house, they had yet upgraded the toilets to the sitting one, so imagine the horror of spending hours sweating (masa pantang kan sembelit semacam) squatting and being afraid the my scar - I had c-section; would burst open. That was an experience. o.O Yes, no more squatting toilets for me now!

    OMG! That's quite an experience. Kalau I terus phobia gi toilet lepas tu!

  11. Oh, the Shinkansen I took from Hiroshima to Osaka got two types.

    Did you see "Do NOT flush while the train is in the station" sign on Japanese trains? We have this in British trains, and I always though maybe the sewage go straight down to the railways!

  12. Squat toilets will disappear in a near future, because aged people increase year by year. How about a toilet with warm shower?

  13. Yea, sometimes , you gotta go, if you gotta go....whether the toilet is clean or not. I have read that toilets in Japan are very meticulously clean....IN the U.S. some are clean, some are just as filthy as a 3rd world war-torn country.
    Hey Lina...I included this blog link to my might want to check it out... or if you want your other blog link to be included instead of this, just tell me so.

  14. That's quite a LOAD of pictures there.

    You must have been SITTING on them for some time.

    How long did it take you to SQUEEZE out this post?

    Enough toilet humour for now.

  15. @London Caller,
    They have a DO NOT FLUSH sign there?

    Even if they do have it in Japan, I wouldn't be able to understand, would I? XD

  16. @minor,
    and that's good news even for us, younger ones too! I don't really fancy squat toilets.

    How was your vacation? Love the photos you put earlier, by the way. :)

  17. @minor,
    overnight/sleeper trains have shower but we didn't try the showers. ^^

  18. @Bing,
    Hey! Thanks for the link. I've always wanted to put you on my blogroll, but never did it... do you want yours linked here or the other one, by the way? :)

  19. @Contamination,

    This toilet break just involve me taking photos... no squeezing involved. XD

    There's less queue for the loo in trains than in an airplane, that I can say!

  20. They look very clean. Nothing like what you would find in Los Angeles public restrooms.

  21. @Toshogu,
    or in Kuala Lumpur either! o.O

  22. The kampung where I was born are all squatting types :) and just a few years ago the guest bathroom at my parents have been upgraded to seat types the past it was squatting pengsan my knees hehehe

    You had a C Section when you gave birth to your son, i bet thats difficult to handle when you have to use the squatting type of loo. I'd like to know more about your confinement one day :)

    Regarding that toilet, lets just say I never used the toilet on that train for the rest of the journey and any trains that we board i checked the loo ...UGH!

  23. @cuteandcurls,
    I live in a "rumah pusaka" when I was little. So... pun grew up using them squat toilets and to top it up, it's outside!

    I wonder how does the plumbing in Kampung Air?

    My delivery - not only was my son a breech pretty much the whole time (he completely refuse to put his head down Mommy's cervix, that naughty boy), he was born 23 days early than scheduled! I was on the phone with a manager in my department talking about work while being wheeled to get prepped for the surgery! o.O Not even my parents believe Zaini when he called them to tell them that I had delivered. LOL

    Confinement - ugh! I tell you one thing. Don't be stubborn and decide not to wear socks all the time. You'll pay for it! I certainly did! :(

  24. @cuteandcurls,
    using the loo while after the C-section. I had to sit on a stool. It was really torture because I was afraid the wounds might open up. It probably isn't that bad if I had normal delivery, right?

  25. LOL, interesting post! Can't stop amazed by Jap's different version of toilet bowl, lol!

    Sorry for the long hiatus, my girl just discharged frm the hosp last night, will update her condition nxt post, till thn you too, take care and hv fun!

    Thanks for the regards, I appreciate it!;D

  26. @Alice,
    Juan Juan was just discharged? Oh dear! How long was she admitted?

    Anyway, you folks take care and don't forget to get a rest too and not tire yourself, Alice. Hugs to you. Get ell soon Juan Juan!

  27. I'm glad some are not squat toilets. I think it would be hard on a moving train for those who are not used to it or don't have strong legs. I see handles there to hang on. :D

  28. I am amazed that toilet etiquette is so much better and advanced in other parts of the world. So unlike the culture here.

  29. @AVCR8teur,
    Most are western style. Like I mentioned, I only saw one squat toilet in train, at that's since we started travelling to Japan in 2002! I am glad there aren't many of those too! XD

  30. @Mei Teng,
    There are stinking toilets found in Japan too ^^ But yes, their toilets condition are way better than our public toilets!

  31. The toilets are cleaner than the ones in China. :)
    I will get kidney stones if I stay long in China because I will hold my urge to the toilet until I return to my hotel. :D

  32. I prefer the squatting toilet although my aging knees are stiff these days. sigh...

  33. @ECL,
    You prefer squat ones? Because of hygiene?

  34. I also prefer the squat ones. But I have this thing about not sitting on public toilets, even when seat liners are provided. One of my many phobias. :-)

  35. @Anna,
    I hope there are plenty of squat toilets in Utsunomiya! ʘ‿ʘ

    The thing with squat toilets in Japan, they don't have a water source to clean the ehem.. parts needed to be cleaned. (^_~)

  36. Haha.. Maybe the lime color is to give you peace of mind as you do your "business" and "sway" at the same time? :D

  37. This post really brought a smile to my face... funny... I have never taken pictures of toilets in the train here...

  38. Oh, they don't have any pictures or signs to indicate?
    Even stop buttons on the buses in UK got special Braille codes for blind people to know.

    But then I always cannot understand why there's a need to have it.
    If you know where to head for those buttons, you know that's the button to press stop, right?
    This is the logic I don't understand...

  39. @Lrong,
    Happy to know that I always bring you a smile when you visit and read my nonsense. XD

    Well, let's just say, I took a LOT of photos where nobody else typically would. (^_^)

  40. @London Caller,
    The "DO NO FLUSH WHILE TRAINS AT THE STATION"? Nope, never seen them in the toilets I used. Well, in my case no picture signs indicating not to do it. No idea if there is in Japanese. =^_^=

  41. Yep, I've almost never encountered a toilet that was too dirty to use. Usually they are well kept and well cleaned.

  42. @Contamination,
    Yup, they are generally clean. Still, I prefer using the subway's toilet than those at JR stations in Tokyo. :)

  43. OMG!!! I love this!!! I would have never dared take toilet shots on the train, haha!!!
    I felt weird enough taking the shots I did for this week's SMJ, which have yet to be displayed (argharghargh!).
    Toilet theme this week perhaps! XD

    As for the squat one...yeah... no. I'm pretty confident using them on normal...ground...floors. But on a moving train? No thanks, I'll hold it. ^^;

  44. @Ri,
    Well, if we (either you and I) take shots at places like this, we'd be excused most time, I think. Just one of those weird things foreigners do. LOL

    I might just risk using squat toilets on trains but I cant guarantee itd be *accident free*. XD

    I wanna see your toilet collection! d(>w<)b

  45. Alamak those located outside are another one I dont even DARE to use especially at night when my imagination runs wild.

    Hehehehe plumbing kat Kampung Air? Lets just put it this way *GRINS* BOMBS AWAY!!!!!

    Awwwww Raimie you naughty boy you owe your Mummy an ETERNAL LOVE AND GRATITUDE. Im hoping to go for natural birthing, Insya Allah, but judging from the size of the baby Im not sure but I hope to be given that chance. Hai you ni!! I can imagine how you are as you were being wheeled to the OT room, such a good dedicated employee, I hope your manager remembers that and gave you a good appraisal!

    Wear socks during confinement huh, GOT IT!

  46. @cuteandcurls,
    I dont dare going alone either! Too scared of whatever my imagination thought of lurking out there, not to mention snakes! Our old house had many snakes lurking around because there were plenty of fat frogs at the stream right in front of our home.

    Bombs away, you say! Better dont go underneath it or kena BOM! LOL

    Nnt give birth kat hospital mana?

  47. @cuteandcurls,
    about me giving birth... it was havoc. I went to the hospital by taking a bus, yes a BUS that was late! Then to get across the road (while having contraction that time) had to use the pedestrian bridge (the one at Jalan Pahang) to Tawakkal Hospital.

    Zaini was at work, so while being wheeled and on the phone with the office people, hospital staff kept shoving stuff for me to sign & looking for my credit card! Gila! LOL Zaini only arrived minutes before the operation but he managed to see the whole procedure. ^^

    He was born a few days before Raya so I guess that boy really wanted to celebrate his Raya with us that year! LOL

  48. I can see the next post now: Toilets, In Parks. Or maybe Toilets, In Convenience Stores. :)

  49. @kirsten,
    Oooohh... don't tempt me. I do have a whole lot of photos of toilets at Malls in Japan, ya know! ಠ‿ಠ

  50. These toilets look cleaner than just about any I've seen on a train anywhere else in the world! My best train toilets were in Switzerland; worst in Morocco after an overnight train journey. (As many said before, I held it in!). But these, these appear to be the cleanest!

  51. @expatriababy,
    You wouldn't have to hold it in, in these trains. XD

  52. My goodness girl, you have one strong stamina to endure all that and during the hot fasting month even. I dont know if i could endure that sampai crossing the road while having the contractions? I guess your boy wants to celebrate Raya no matter what, Alhamdulilah the both of you are safe and sound. So you pun sempat lah Raya :) Betul betul berkat Ramadan dan Syawal kan

  53. @cuteandcurls,
    Yah, he celebrated Raya but Mommy kempunan all the rendang, lemang & kuih that year! Pantang! sob sob
    OTOH, all my relatives got to see Raimie when he was a newborn. That waas a plus *^-^*

  54. Oh poor you kena pantang on those yummy goodies..this year i wont touch those cos i wont be at home anyway hehehe ..i didnt see your previous reply, with me my imagination is not the animals or creepy crawlies ..its the supernatural pulak as dulu masa budak budak i've experienced it or thought i did but i know i saw it but never thought of it anymore cos if i put logic to mind there is no way a cat could jump across that far *nervous laugh*

    I plan to give birth kat GIMC :)

  55. @cuteandcurls,
    Oooo kat GIMC ye? :)

  56. Yep :) my friend recommended me her OB GYN over there cos I dont know where to go over here and well i needed one before i headed off to Cambodia masa tu hence GIMC was chosen and well hehe when I had my gall bladder removal done, I had it done at GIMC :D

  57. @Cuteandcurls,
    Is it near your home?

    I used to visit GIMC A LOT. Thankfully, not so often now. ^^

    I have appointments with endocrinologists, ENT, treat my gastric problems and even did my physio sessions there. @.@

  58. Plenty of friends like to go to Dr Nik. You?

  59. The closest for me would be Prince Court but that time i had the impression it might be costly to go there so I decided to stick to GIMC aje but come paediatrician (spelling?) I will definitely go to PC as Ive found a great paediatrician there. Most of the OB GYN i wanted to go semua fully booked on the day i wanted to go there and only one was available, the one my friend yang recommend and she used him so we stuck to him eversince and established a good patient dr r/ship


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