Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Walking in Osaka, At The Park

You don't think I am finished yet with my useless photos of Osaka, do you? Bwahaha! More wandering around Osaka, and this time it's to the park. Osaka-jo koen to be exact. Translation : Osaka Castle Park.
But first, let me show you the Shin-Osaka Station.

The very boxy and dinky looking (compared to other stations around Japan, in my opinion) Shin-Osaka Station. Our hotel was near to this station.Walking from the station to our hotel, I had the same feeling as going to Puduraya bus station. Ah... it's been awhile since I last inhaled that much smoke fumes from vehicles.
But there are nice things to see there too, like this taxi driver feeding some pigeons while waiting in a queue for passengers.
Not exactly walking, but saw plenty of these view on the train before we started off walking to some places we didn't intend to go in the first place!

I really wanted to capture all those awesome red bridges we passed by in Japan while taking the train, but have yet to get a good photo of them. :(
In front of the Osakajokoen station. Nice orange jumpsuit, eh?
There was a concert going on at the Osakajo Hall with some band playing so plenty of fans milling about, looking very excited. We did in fact became curious (not to mention very "kay-poh') and went around the back of the hall to check out what the fuss was all about. Saw plenty of crews, a lot of vehicles for the equipments but alas, no stars. :(
A road train in service at the park.

I wish I had taken some photos of the many, many cats (fat ones too!) at the park- at the entrance of the Osaka-jo (Osaka Castle) actually. Somebody must've been feeding the cats well there. I wonder whether  those cats are still there, as this particular visit was yonks ago. :D
Despite the chill; it was spring - a nice ice-cream break after a visit to the castle. Can't go wrong with ice cream! :)


  1. OMG. I soooo want some ice cream now. I shall have to go out and buy some.
    I really like the photo of the taxi driver feeding pigeons, nice shot! (Even though I really, really hate pigeons XD)

    I don'y know when you went, but I remember the fat cats from 2006, at least. ;P

  2. I wish to travel to Japan again soon! :D

  3. Pity you didn't see any stars but the ice cream made up for it!

  4. I remembered visiting Osaka when I made a trip to Japan when I was about 9 yrs old. But can't remember details of what I saw in Osaka. That's the problem of travelling when one's too young to even remember.

  5. Hi. I like the avenue photo. I'm attracted to scenery of Western-style. ^^

  6. Talk about feeding the enemy. I bet that taxi driver won't be so generous with the bird food when they do a poop on his taxi!

  7. It isvery god shot that the taxi driver feeding some pigeons. You are very warm hearted to take this photo.
    BTW, I sometimes think Osaka is a little bit similar to Hong Kong.

  8. Hallo! again. I mistook the first sentence. "It is very good,,,". is correct.

  9. Ooh I do hope you managed to get a ride on the Road Train!! Im not a big fan of pigeons so I do hope they were kind to the taxi driver after being fed by him. You know even in the UK, the cats ..the stray ones that is look so well fed and FAT ..I could just pick them up and squeeze them (I love cats btw hehe) they must've been fed with nutritious fattening leftovers from restaurants or from the bin. Wish you had some of the photos that would've melted me completely and speaking of melt, ice cream is good to have at any time of the year ...musim sejuk you makan pun takpe hehehehehe

  10. @Ri,
    Got and eaten your ice-cream yet?

    I went there in 2007 & 2008. Maybe there are still fat cats there to accompany those old guys sitting by the moat/river/whatever?

  11. @ristinw,
    Go ahead and go! ^^

  12. @Jenny,
    Yeah, no stars but no problem. Ice-cream saved the day! LOL

  13. @Mei Teng,
    There's a remedy for that. A return trip to Osaka soon! Right? :)

  14. @Contamination,
    Hahaha true! Maybe there's an arrangement between the birds and the driver ala I scratch your back you scratch mine (I feed you, so you better don't poop here!)? XD

  15. @minor,
    It was a heart-warming sight. I just can't resist taking a shot of the driver. :)

    You think Osaka is similar to HK? Maybe so. :)

  16. @birdmini,
    I like the avenue too. Riding a bike through it would be nice, I think. :)

  17. @cuteandcurls,
    The stray cats here, those that linger around restaurants pun fat kan. Choosy with food pulak tu! LOL

    But too many strays around, no good lah. Why do people dump their cat like that? :(

    Yeah, eating ice-cream is nice regardless of the season and weather. ^^

  18. I was once told by a Korean that eating ice-cream on a cold day will not make you any colder. True?

  19. @ECL,
    The few times we did it, we didn't feel colder so I guess it must true. ^^

  20. Osaka is one of the big city tht I crave to bring my mother beside Hokkaido! LOL, ice cream in cold weather definitely bring more excitement to your fabulous trip!

  21. I want to visit Osaka .....your pics look great. Ice cream still tastes good even in a cold atmosphere...hehehe!

  22. Anytime is a good time for ice cream! :) Those pigeons are brave to mill around in traffic for bits of food. I wonder if the taxi driver feeds the cats too.

  23. @Alice,
    Osaka is a good place to "makan"!

    Yeah, a lot of Malaysians like to visit Hokkaido. Hope you'll be able to go there with your mum someday. :)

  24. @Bing,
    You totally should! :)

    Ice-cream is good regardless of the weather, right? ;p

  25. @AVCr8teur,
    Well, the pigeon can just fly away when the taxi move. ;p

    I bet the driver would have fed any cats milling around there, if there are any. ^^

    But a car park isn't a good place for cats to be hanging out. :(

  26. I still have fond memories of Osaka as it was the first place that I arrived in Japan. I remember my first night out when we arrived. Beer and Sushi!!

    Japan Australia

  27. @Japan Australia,
    Beer and sushi. Great combo! I suppose you drank Japanese beer that night? ;p

  28. I remember fat cats back in 1998, but back then I wasn't a cat person yet. LOL!

  29. @Anna,
    So the fat cats are there for a long time! Plenty of cat lovers at the park, I suppose.

    You weren't a cat lover yet at that time. What change? ^^
    I bet you'll want to bring one home if you were! :)


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