Monday, 13 June 2011

With A Small Child In Tow

I find that, during our travels-not only to Japan; travelling with a small child helps breaking ice with strangers. More often than not, people seems to be quite accommodating and  it sure helps when you met people that travel with small children too. Zaini and I aren't all that sociable and we sure as hell won't approach strangers and start yapping with them but with Raimie tagging along (especially when he was smaller, cuter and better behaved), we've met and talked and made friends with a lot of friendly people who seems to love kids or with parent whose children became chummy with Raimie while playing together.

It helped Raimie's Daddy too when he was hesitant about taking photos with models at Tokyo Anime Fair, at first! When you do not want to look silly and excited over the models, what do you do? Put your son in the photo too! Then Dear Wifey can't be mad at you too, right? Of course in our case, Zaini is always allowed to flirt with anyone - female or male alike. I don't mind.

Friendly JR staff were always nice with our son and we got memorable photos because of that. I would've been quite reluctant asking the staff to pose together with us but more often than not, they approached us first. It's not as if they're a theme park staff and they do have their job to do.

 There are random nice people we met during our vacation like that time we've gotten free ice-cream at Ultra De Restaurant, at Ultraman Land from a staff there.

Or that time, Raimie was given free Pokemon notebook by a fellow traveler, which she got buying an ekiben onboard a shinkansen.

Or the time a sweet old lady started talking to us and telling us about her  grandchild who was about the same age as Raimie when we were heading into Daiso somewhere in Asakusa. Or when another old lady smiled obligingly at Raimie and gave us some candies while riding a local train. Elderly ladies seemed keen to talk about their grandchildren with us, that I noticed. Not that I understand much of their chatter, though.

So, to my friends who always leave their kids behind when they travel overseas and never cease to wonder why I wouldn't dream of leaving my son behind; why not travel with your kids? Sure, when they weren't potty trained yet, it's a hassle to clean-up their poop while being on the move, and they can whine a whole lot (wait till they're bigger and become argumentative, it's worse I tell you) but I think it was so much easier to travel when I can still carry my Son around compared to now, especially now that that Boy of mine knows the merit of arguing and questioning everything and also running off when he saw something he fancies! Now that we have to plan our trip around his school holiday, no more impromptu trips for us, not to mention no buying airtickets before we know the year's school schedule is.


  1. Vacation is more fun with the whole family. Although I wonder if Raimie would still be interested in traveling with his parents when he gets into his teenage years. :)

  2. @AVCr8teur,
    Yeah, we were wondering about it too. Anyway, we are thinking to ditch Raimie when we go for an all-out nature/hiking adventure to Hokkaido. So that means, another year or two maybe? ;p

  3. Raimie tagging along (especially when he was smaller, cuter and better behaved)..

    You mean to say now he is bigger, uglier and naughty? hahaha. Most people would be easily attracted to kids as for me would often make faces with kids in kopitiam *without their parents looking of course* or in another car when they are seated at the back seats during stops at traffic lights. Sometimes can get good response from the kids and agree with you they are real cute.

  4. Kakak Cosplay too sexy.
    Raimie was looking at her not you lah! Ha ha...

  5. @Bananazஇ,
    Now that boy cannot be called cute... not macho lah. LOL "kakkoi" can lah not "kawaii" *^^*
    He is definitely naughtier and more argumentative now. I always tols him that I feel like I have a teenager already at home and not a 9 year old boy! XD

    Zaini likes to do that too. Makes faces at kids. Hence, kids likes him. Not me since I am ever so serios. ;p

  6. @London Caller,
    A lot of peope commented about Raimie looking at that "kakak". LOL

  7. I agree with you,children can help us to gain some advantage while traveling... i am sure you children will still prefer to go jalan jalan with you when they are bigger,,,,,,,,,,family sticking together is fun,kan?

  8. @eugene,
    I hope he will still want to jalan with us, as much as he probably love to go out with friends (and girlfriend(s) ). ;p

  9. Yes, I think vacations are more fun with the whole family in tow.

    Japan Australia

  10. @Japan Australia,
    I absolutely agree with you. But no vacation with the extended family for me though. Travelling with the whole clan can be rather a headache for me. :(

  11. Your boy looks pretty cool with the captain hat, lol! I reckon the kids will be matured and smarter by traveling around with parents!

  12. @Alice,
    Train drivers hat, actually. :)

    By traveling, kids (as well as adults) get exposed to different cultures and learn from their experiences both in their own country or abroad. ^^

  13. Ha, I want a kid so I can take pics of JR staff.

    When my son was young, you could still go up to the cockpit of the plane - back before everyone got all security conscious. I always took advantage of that. Also he loved fire trucks so I took him to the local firestation which has some eyecandy for me too :)

  14. Maybe it's a good thing to argue.
    Raimie is trying to prove that his mum is not always right lah.
    We all been there, done that! ;)

  15. @kathrynoh,

    Way cool about visiting the firestation. ;p
    No eye candy here at the local firesttion otherwise I think I'd find a reason for Son to visit it too! :)

  16. @London Caller,
    I allow him to argue with me but I totally disallow disrespect. Arguments with Mom and Dad has its own T&C in my household.

    I myself - I may not agree with my Mom a lot but with her so "garang" nobody ever dared to argue with her. Even now! @.@

  17. Next year we look forward to travel for the first time as a family, I can't wait :-) Wah I must say your Raimie sure has his traveller's charm kan :) Senyum je gerenti hati melt terus tengok :)

  18. @cuteandcurls,
    I bet you are excited to travel as a family of three instead of two. :)

    Raimie when he was smaller was much, much friendlier than he is now.

    There was once, when we were getting ready to alight a train (I think it was at Kyoto Station), he was standing at the carriage door and was 'sayonara'ing everybody in the carriage and almost all the people in there smiled at him. Cute (of course, he is my son - I am biased) LOL


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