Sunday, 24 July 2011

Akita On The Move : View From The Resort Shirakami

Apart from the awesome ride on the Akita Shinkansen, we had a ball of time taking a on the Resort Shirakami (Buna). We intended to travel from Akita to Aomori but decided to stop short our trip and hop off the train at Hirosaki Station just in time to catch the sleeper train Akebono back to Akita.
Rain accompanied us on this trip
And rain sure makes one particularly hungry. An early dinner for Raimie (or was it a late lunch?)
I wish I had taken better photos of the coastline, on the Gono Line. Oh well... I was torn between looking at them and being glued to the window and yet wanting to take photos of them, lots of it.
Just like on the Akita Shinkansen, we saw more paddy fields.
Villages located right by the shoreline
Then, we saw a giant apple upon arriving Hirosaki Station which Raimie tried to nick, but he can't roll them away. ^^
Got our last minute booking for the L'Ex sleeper train Akebono and went down the platform to wait for it.
Our train arrived!


  1. I love the coastline in Japan, it is just so beautiful!!

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Isnt it just so? ^^

    Malaysia has nice coastline too. :)

  3. I love "ekiben" ( bento in train ) . Every time I ride trains, I eat the local bento such as beef, vegetables and eels.:)

  4. @cocomino,
    I do too! But if the local specialty happens to be meat products, then I cannot enjoy them! :(

    I have a post (posts as a matter of fact)about ekiben previously. Have you read them?

  5. I have never read them yet.I'll read them.:)

  6. @cocomino,
    Just type ekiben on the search column at the sidebar, and youll be able to see my whole list of ekiben posts. :)

  7. What a great ride. I thought the big apple was in New York :)

  8. The seats look comfortable. So spacious can lie down and sleep too. :)

  9. @Jenny,
    Hahaha... yeah, big apple found not in NY! xD

  10. @ECL,
    The cushion can be pulled and if you are not sharing the berth with others, both seats can be combined by pulling down the cushions on both side to make a nice bunk. And the arm rest - that can be taken out too, so you can lie down nicely. It was so relaxing to ride this train. We didnt do it because we shared our berth with a Japanese lady.

  11. I must say with a scenic view like that you can never get bored on a train journey, i love it!!! Especially if its a relaxing journey too plus peaceful with no noisy chatty passengers hehehee

  12. @cuteandcurls,
    Unless there are a gaggle of teenagers, travelling on trains in Japan is relatively a quiet experience.

    The noisy one we got on was on the steam train but then, it was fun noisy and annoying noisy. xD

  13. If its fun noisy type i dont mind, the annoying deliberate type i cant stand, the sort that doesnt stop yakking completely oblivious of others are worst :-P When I was on a train from Suzhou to Shanghai we had this local couple who sat next to us and from the moment the train left till we reached Shanghai, pompuan tu membebel tak henti henti ... mat dia cian nampak cam kena maki betalu talu heheehe

  14. That's one great view of the coastline, what's that big apple doing in Hirosaki Station? haha.

  15. Ooh! The seats look comfy! And the view looks nice!

  16. Oh yeah sometimes you just want to watch the view and not be bothered taking pictures but then you don't want to waste the opportunity to take pictures! What a dilemma! LOL!

  17. Train Travel is really the best, come rain or shine--- a great way to see the country and better for the environment. England has the best trains and it's such a treat to ride out to the English countryside from London. Even when I'm in America, I always take the train. A romantic train ride could be just what the doctor ordered if your feeling tired. I can't wait to go to Japan and take a train !

    I love your posts!
    Lady Sabrina of
    Sabrina's London Diaries

  18. Ha... Come to England.
    The views are more beautiful.
    Take the train from London to Scotland, you get to see a lot of great cities, coastal lines. :)

  19. I haven't been in Japan, but I don't know why that picture of the village there reminds me of the novel, 'Memoirs of a Geisha.'

  20. @cuteandcurls,
    Hehehe betul betul

    That's why I cannot stand going to places where loud people are. Sorry to say - that includes China. :(

  21. @Bananaz,
    Because Aomori = apples. :)

  22. I like the picture in which your lovely son is sitting inside the train enjoying his meal and while at the same time the scene outside the window fast passing by! Outside looks so green!! ^0^

  23. @foong,
    Yup, really comfy seats. Some more can join the opposite seats together and make a bed. Can lie, lie down while on a journey on this train without the extra cost.

    Photo taking vs enjoying the view. Dilemma indeed. How do you solve this dilemma? :)

  24. @Sabrina,
    Train rides are definitely the best!

    I'd love to travel through the English countryside on a train someday. Preferably on a steam train. I think that would be extremely romantic, don't you think? ^^

  25. @London Caller,
    I will! :)

  26. @Clara,
    It's the feel of it, I suppose?

    Have yet watched Memoirs of Geisha, myself. XD

  27. @ristinw,
    Thanks. :)

    You get a long of green once you move away from the cities in Japan. It's not all industrialised there. :)

  28. @ristinw,
    I meant to say " a lot of green" ;)

  29. I have only ever seen little bits and pieces of the Malaysian coastline. It is something I want to explore further one day :)

    Japan Australia

  30. Because Aomori = apples. :)

    Ah so desu nei..arigato..

  31. @Japan Australia,
    Oh! So you've been to Malaysia? :)

    Being from the East Coast myself, I totally recommend you to experience the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. Lovely strecthes of beaches with coconut trees and picturesque villages abound. :)

  32. @Bananaz,
    Aomori doesn't mean apples, tau! Just that Aomori is famous for its apples. :)

  33. looks fun! hope to visit Akita one day. Thanks for sharing!

  34. @PinayCrossingBorders,
    Oh! You totally should. But don't expect a big city like Tokyo if you come to Akita. ^^

  35. So you come to England lah.
    No need visa one.
    No leceh like Japanese embassy one. ;

  36. @London Caller,
    Yeah yeah yeah

    Few problems though:
    1. Long flying hours
    2. High British Pound
    3. Cannot talk English properly! I tend to forget my English when I'm speaking to native speakers. LOL

  37. It seems a great trip. The coast line is beautiful~~ ^^

  38. @birmini,
    The coastline is indeed beautiful. And the fact that this line go alongside the coast with the view of the East Sea (or Sea of Japan)... love it. :)

  39. Nasib baik you clarify Aomori doesn't mean apples else thought Bananaz learned a new word haha.

  40. @Bananaz,
    Aomori is a port city located on the uppermost part of Honshu.

    Apples = ringo. But I bet Bananaz actually know the word, right? ^^

  41. Don't worry.

    1. Only 13 hours. You watch another film on the plane, can reach here already lah.

    2. Pound is weak now. Last time £1:RM7; now £1:RM4.80

    3. Native people also cannot talk properly. Their grammar is even worse than some of us lah. They got some slight problem with negative sentences. -ve + -ve = +ve, right? But theirs -ve + -ve = +ve.
    Ha ha... Maybe it's Maths problem not English problem lah!?

  42. @London Caller,
    Maths not my strong forte. XD


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