Tuesday, 12 July 2011

At The Station : Akita

Early morning at Akita Station, waiting for a local train bound for Detohama. 
What were we doing going to Detohama? 
To visit Kagaya Orchard and picked grapes and pears ourselves there. Check out the posts here, here and here.
Waiting for the train is never boring, especially if you can find stuff to occupy your time or if you really enjoy looking at trains. For my son, waiting meant clowning around. For his Mommy that meant an opportunity to take lots of photo of him doing just that. *^-^*

Mentioning about Kagaya Orchard, I miss the sweet, fragrant grapes there. Not to mention the juicy pears. We were too early to pick any apples.
Wouldn't you? ^^


  1. I miss the sweet Japanese grapes they sell near the Nagaragawa River in Gifu during the summer!!

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Now you are making me crave for them more! ;p

  3. The grapes lok so juicy and big!
    We can grow grapes in England too but they don't grow very big...
    Only apples can grow well in this kind of cloudy weather!
    So apple cider is very popular.
    Are you allowed to consume apple cider vinegar?
    I don't know whether it contains alcohol, but it's very good for your health.
    Good for detoxing.

  4. @London Caller,
    It was indeed juicy and big! And kinda intoxicating too, like drinking wine (I'm not supposed to say that!).

    Apple cider vinegar - there used to a fad of taking them for weight loss or something here. ;p

  5. It looks very pleasant to pivk up fruits by yourselves and eat them immidately. Just it is delicious to pick up and eat cherries in Yamagata prefecture and peach in Yamanashi prefecture. Yamanashi prefecture is very famous for good grapes and wine.

  6. You are very good at spend time.As for us my children get bored soon and ask me to buy something.I'll imitate you. :)

  7. @minor,
    It is indeed. I would love to experience cherry picking and peaches too! ^^

  8. @cocomino,
    My Son has his Nintendo DSi when he gets bored or too tired to be running around. As for asking us to buy something, my son knows we do not do that so he doesnt ask that. ;p

  9. I don't have sushi vinegar at home.
    So when I make sushi, I always use apple cider vinegar.
    Rasanya juga sedap!

    Oh, is Ramadan coming soon?
    I went to Tesco last night.
    They put a huge banner, Ramadan Mubarak (sp?) on the shelves.
    All the essential stuff like dates, rice, drinks were on special discounts too!
    What does "Mubarak (sp?)" mean huh?
    How come we don;t say it in Malaysia?

    Also they don't say Aidilfitri here.
    It's Eid. I don't really know how to pronounce it.
    Some say it like "Aid" like "Aids" without the "s".
    Some say it "Eyed".

    Last night, it's Mohammed night.
    The TV was showing us his life in Mecca, his mother, his wife, uncle.
    I was very surprised that all these Western scholars knew so much about the Quran.

    >And kinda intoxicating too, like drinking wine (I'm not supposed to say that!).

    Funny that you said it, a small amount of red wine is actually very healthy too.
    It's rich in antioxidant, good for your heart.
    But I don't really drink wine.

  10. Really? Waiting is fun? I never like waiting for anything! LOL!!

  11. But I guess if you can use that waiting time to take photos or play some games then it's OK! Haha!

  12. Oh my, I want those grapes!! Yum! : D

  13. @London Caller,
    Thanks for the tip! I'll remember that apple vinegar cider can subsitute for sushi vinegar. :)

    Ramadhan will be here come Aug 1st. Wow! Tesco in London sure works fast. The supermarkets here are jus putting up shelves for the dates and raya cookies now. And fasting month hasn't even started yet!

    Mubarak is an Arabic word which means blessing or auspicious. So Eid Mubarak would mean - blesses festival, just like wishing Gong Xi Fa Cai on Lunar New Year (;p). It wasnt used much before but you can see the word ''mubarak'' used quite a lot now in greeting cards.

    Aidilfitri is I suppose, derived from Eid-ul-fitr. Eid itself means festivities. Fitr in Malay is fitrah which means back to original state. Of course we here instead of using the abbreviated ''Eid'' or Aidilfitri, we always find it easier to call the festivities as Raya Puasa or simply Raya. Raya of course means celebration in Malay. :)

    How does one pronounce Eid? Like aid. :)

  14. @foong,
    I don't mind waiting if I know beforehand there will be waiting involved. But I can't stand waiting for people who are late! XD

    And I actually don't mind having to wait while on vacation because the time used can be utilised by looking around my surrounding.

    Those grapes are super yummy. I mentioned this once previously, but after eating those grapes in Japan, I don't care much about the grapes sold in Malaysian supermarkets anymore. ;p

  15. Must have been very early, the station looks empty.


  16. Oh I see, the only Mubarak I know is the poor president of Egypt!

    The programme about Prophet Muhammad was actually very interesting.
    They took you travelling to all the places the Prophet had been to.
    Including the cave where he got the message from God.
    What huh? Something like read, read, read in Arabic.

    The programme is called "The Life of Muhammad The Seeker" produced by BBC. If you're in the UK, you can watch it on BBC iPlayer. Outside UK, I am not sure if you can watch it.
    You can of course try YouTube.

  17. I absolutely love eating grapes, the seedless ones though ..grapes bring fond memories for me and my nephew. I remember when I eat them, he'd come up and sit next to me, looking at what I'm reading or talking to me about his ultraman and innocently (the cheeky monkey) would have some of my grapes LOL ..ahhhh hes so adorable, i miss him terribly and what with Raya coming soon ..i miss him and my family even more :)

    I bet those grapes in Japan are far more juicier than the ones we can buy over here. Unless it Chile's grapes those are sweet but kena cuci bersih kan betul betul, i tried Cold Storage's Egypt grapes MAK OI masam nyeeeee. I noticed at Jusco they've got all them biscuits and kurma out for sale already *sigh* tak lama lagi lagu Raya akan berkumandang *double sigh*

  18. @Filip,
    Not really. I think it was around 10.00am, well after the peak period. :)

  19. @London Caller,
    The first message the Prophet Muhammad SAW received from Allah was Iqra' (read). When Prophet Muhammed (SAW) was meditating in the cave of hiraa he was ordered to read by angel Jibrael (Gabriel).

    This coming Ramadhan month, there will be a show called "Jejak Rasul" - footsteps of the Prophet aired on TV3. :)

    I find that when you try to learn more about each other's belief's and religion, we can create a more understanding world and not have a bias view of it. Don't you agree.

    I am interested to watch the show and see how the Prophet Muhammad SAW is portrayed and viewed by people of other religion and by the Western world.

  20. @cuteandcurls,
    We have yet started fasting and the raya decoration and sale are already up. Raya is becoming too commercialised. Gone are the days we come together as a family an bake cookies together, kan? I pun dah lama tak buat kuih raya. ;p

    Takpe, after Raya you can go and visit them, right? How old is your nephew now? IIRC, when you first commented on my blog, you mentioned he was about 4? Betul ke?

  21. Daydreaming or just watching people in the train station would be a very interesting thing to do when waiting for the train to come. ^0^

  22. @ristinw,
    Agree. :)

    But I like watching people more than daydreaming. I can miss a train when I am fully alert, imagine how many trains I'd miss if I daydream. xD

  23. >I find that when you try to learn more about each other's belief's and religion, we can create a more understanding world and not have a bias view of it. Don't you agree.

    Of course, defnitely.
    Couldn't agree with you more.

    Did you watch the programme on YouTube?
    I couldn't believe I actually finished watching the programme the other night. The show also mentioned about the Satanic Verses, which I have never heard of before.

    Last night, there was also another programme called "the New Afghanistan" on BBC. It's about Afghanistan after the wars, people's life, then they brought us to see a Japanese married to an Afghan living in Bamiyan. Of course, they also showed us the Buddhas of Bamiyan, etc.

  24. @London Caller,
    No, not yet.

    And I think I should definitely check out whether there anywhere I can watch the "New Afghanistan" too.

  25. Wow, awesomely cool trains! Ihv nvr pick any grapes b4, gonna check out your site now!^^

  26. Love grapes. Have picked grapes and nectarines before in Adelaide when we visited our yoga guru who migrated there after marrying a RAAF pilot whom she knew while working in B'worth.

  27. @Alice,
    I still want to picka lot of fruits there! Apples, Kiwis, Peaches, Strawberries.... ^^

  28. @Bananazஇ,
    Wah! Bananazஇ do yoga too?

    You still keep in touch with her?

    You do go around the world and experience a lot. :)

  29. Exactly we have yet to start fasting and all the decos are out ..i dont mind the sales though hehehe luckily they havent started playing the Raya songs if i hear that habis lah pilu lah rasa hati.

    I used to look forward to Raya as a family though it does turn out ugly by arguing cos not wanting to do so much and ending up doin it again on the eve of Raya like washing up the glasses and plates, acuan makanan, bersihkan langsir, lantai etc but it was fun tho ..baking kuih mor, kek and you smell the aroma ..i miss that. I tak pandai buat all those cuma kuih mor tu pun still apprentice level hehehe

    My nephew is now 5 years old. The other day i spoke to him and i can hear him ask his mum who told him i was on the phone and he was excited until he heard i was still in KL. That boy sure knows how to turn on my waterwork :)

  30. @cuteandcurls,
    The part when we argued and bicker over Raya chores is part of the charm. LOL

    I don't experience the havoc of Raya preparation nowadays. I just cooked for my family and lose sleep on the eve of Raya, spend the mornings at my in-laws then only head back to my hometown. Havoc pun, havoc sorang2. Huhuhu

    Oh, your nephew is already 5!I bet you miss him dearly.

  31. Those grapes look so juicy and delicious. Were they seedless?

  32. @AVCr8teur,
    No, they weren't. But because it was so delicious, we didn't mind at all. :)


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