Friday, 1 July 2011

Ferris Wheel!

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After travelling for a bit around Japan,I can't help but notice that I can find at least one ferris wheel in each place we stopped for a visit. And these ferris wheels are permanent fixture at the place, unlike well... some ferris wheel we had in KL. OK, so there are amusement parks or something almost everywhere in Japan even  in the middle of what seemed nowhere; but that too is quite interesting to me. OK, OK I admit I'm easily impressed with stuff in that country. Sue me. XD

Anyone know how many amusement/theme parks are there all around Japan, by the way?

I harbour the hope of photographing each ferris wheel I encountered in Japan, but sometimes the circumstances did not allow me to do so. Hard to snap them in a moving vehicle or when it is rather far from where I was standing. I don't think me wanting to go nearer just to see it would be agreed on by the two boys anyway!

Anyhoo... I present you my measly photo collection of ferris wheel in Japan....
Found one at Mitsui Greenland in Kumamoto called the Rainbow ferris wheel. It is 100m in diameter and 105m tall and has  100,000 LED on it. Must be a sight to behold at night!
Another one at Mosaic Kobe's Harbour Land - simply named the big ferris wheel.
Can you see the Ferris wheel? It's behind that roller coaster track. We've been on the Ferris wheel but not on the roller coaster yet!

The Big O, found at Tokyo Dome. The world's first hubless Ferris Wheel, resembling a huge doughnut standing upright in the air.
And  lastly, one found in Odaiba - the Daikanransha (giant ferris wheel) built on top of the roof of Palette Town, standing tall with a diameter of 115m.


  1. Quite an impressive collection of ferris wheels. An interesting sight in Japan to see so many ferris wheels scattered all over the country.

  2. I get dizzy when things move round and round. The Japanese love this feeling? :P

  3. Ooooh they are huge wow would be even nicer if the pixz were taken at night with all the LED lights on. Ada kah ferris wheels by nite? Ahhhh roller coaster I would sure to love it.tQ.

  4. I love the ferris wheel BUT i love the ROLLER COASTER EVEN MORE!!!!!!

  5. @ECL,
    And interesting that Singapore has the biggest ferris wheel in the world. :) When are you taking me on the Singapore Flyer? ;)

  6. @Bananazஇ,
    Ferris wheel at night? Got. :)

    It's nice to see the city lit up a night, viewed while riding in one. :)

    I don't go out much after dark in Japan (not straying far from the hotel, that is) so sadly no LED lighted ferris wheel shot from me. :P

    I like roller coaster too. Rode on all the roller coasters at Tokyo DisneySea and enjoyed it lots!

  7. @cuteandcurls,
    roller coasters are definitely more fun because of the adrenaline rush! But of course if little baby is tagging along, a ride in a ferris wheel for you lah, kan? XD

  8. Such amazing Ferris wheel, Juan Juan gonna love this post( she usually won't satisfy with 1 or 2 rides, certainly one of her fave ride in the amusement park)^^

  9. @Alice,
    Will she read this tomorrow? ;)

    The ones posted up here are huge, Juan Juan would have fun sitting in it and looking out for the view. :)

  10. I have been to the one in Tokoy. The rollercoaster was really fun. It was called dolphin thunder. Top.


  11. There are lots of big Ferris Wheels in Japan and most harbour areas in the big cities tend to have them like Kobe, Yokohama, etc. They always look amazing at night!!

    Japan Australia

  12. I rode it only in Odaiba ten years ago.Recently I didn't ride ferris wheel.So I will go to near amusement park with my children.

  13. @Filip,
    I heard it's temporarily stopped operation for the time being.

  14. @Japan Australia,
    Japan sure has lots of really big ferris wheel, hasn't she?

    Love to see those ferris wheel lighted up at night even thoug I don't ride them. :)

  15. @cocomino,
    Do your daughters like ferris wheels?

  16. Wow so many ferris wheel.. Not to mention the huge size.. I'm not much of a ferris wheel fan, especially coz it's so slow moving but I love the feeling when I'm on top, gives me bit of chills and excitement at the same time..

  17. Oh but roller coaster is more awesome! :D

  18. @Bella,
    Roller coaster is definitely more fun, but the huge wheels can be nice to see the city, right? :)

  19. GASP!!! Where's he one on Hep5!?!? ;)
    I love ferris wheels! Well... looking at them. I love going on roller coasters, but ferris wheels make feel sick. Weird huh? XD

  20. @Ri,
    Gasp indeed. I don't have that one. Need to rectify that ghastly omission soon, methink. ;)

    Roller coaster is great, of course. I prefer to spend my 800/900 yen on a roller coaster than a ferris wheel myself.

    Note to self, don't ask Ri on a ferris wheel ride. Or, should I bring a barf bag along? XD

  21. Wow!!The size is so hugeee! I'm afraid to ride on it!!! I will make me feel dizzy! XD

  22. @ristinw,
    What would make you dizzier - a ferris wheel ride or a roller coaster? XD

  23. Cool!

    I recognize that top pic very well. We didn't get on the ferris wheel but that little red roller coaster to the left, I did get on. I almost wet myself.

  24. @Dan,

    I knew you would. ^^

    Was the roller coaster that good? XD I wanna try too!

    Been there a couple of times but seems like we just cant tore ourselves away from Ultramanland to visit Mitsui Greenland.

  25. well, guess what? There isn't one in Uts! (Well, there is one, but it's an ancient puny one at the zoo - so not worth the visit).

  26. @Anna,
    Really? Wow! More the reason to visit the place. Its unique. ^^

  27. Every ferris wheel in Japan seems to have a thing saying it's the biggest in the world too. How many biggest in the worlds can there be!

  28. @kathrynoh,
    They were once the biggest in the world at one time I suppose, like Daikanransha & Tempozan.

    Now, if I am not mistaken the ferris wheels in Japan (those claiming to be the biggest) lose over a few in China not to mention losing to Singapore Flyer and London Eye!

    Back from your break already? :)

  29. So Japanese people just love ferris wheels and amusement parks?

  30. Nice to look at those ferris wheels but I don't really enjoy sitting in one haha!

  31. @foong,
    Judging by the number of ferris wheel in that country, yes Japanese sure seems to love them A LOT!

  32. What about this ferry wheel?

    Video and photo took in Center-kita ^_^

  33. @lifeyoutv,
    Those photos are super cool! Thanks for sharing. :)


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