Tuesday, 26 July 2011

I Miss This... The Food

Need I say more?
Gosh, I'm making ME hungry. ^^!

Contrary to what many believe, Japanese food is not all raw food. I love these too!
Must. Eat. Now.


  1. I'm so glad I am eating right now because seeing your post with all this great looking food......

  2. @blukats,
    Good to know that. Don't blame me for any drooling involved. :p

  3. Ya AINNNNNNNNNNN, Lina you are killing me with these photos!!! Im drooling and hungry for those :-((

  4. @cuteandcurls,
    Nasib baik tak post these photos up during fasting month, kan? XD

  5. Hi, will you be going to Ulfes? I'll be going 1 Aug! Your Urutora trips have been inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    - An Urutoraman fan

  6. I like dried fish set meal very much. It's cheap and delicious.

  7. @Anon,
    No I'm not.

    Have fun at Ulfes! :)

  8. @minor,
    It sure is. And the fish was so big too! :)

  9. Great and delicious food.:)I'm hungry now.

  10. Ello you are eating all these in one go with hubs and son? You guys must have the elephant stomach hahaha

  11. They are all so yummy dunno which one to start with..

  12. If you can squeeze with the names of the dish would be nice..

  13. A lot of it looks familair but I prefer the first plate.


  14. You need to be careful what you eat in Japan.
    Did you know that teriyaki sauce is made from mirin, sugar and soya sauce.
    Mirin actually contains alcohol.

    Miso is made from fermented soya beans.
    Alcohol also occurs naturally.

    But the amount of alcohol is so small (but traceable), it won't make you feel mabuk lah! So maybe is halal?

    Even soya sauce also contains some alcohol in Japan.
    That's natural because soya sauce is made from fermented soya beans.

  15. @Bananazஇ,
    Hahaha imagine eating all that in one seating. We must be whales! XD

    Names of the dishes. I only care about the ingredients and not so much about their name.

    Got uni la, anago la, squid la, hotate la, kuri la... what else? Lots! XD

  16. @Filip,
    And the first one happen to be the most expensive one there. ;

    Love it too. :)

  17. @Londo Caller,
    Now daling, why did you think I wouldn't know about that? ^^

  18. Wow!! Many delicious food! They are making me really hungry!!!! :D Love the udon,the fishes, the prawn, the sweet sauce!! ^0^

  19. @ristinw,
    Time to head over to a Japanese restaurant! :)

  20. Ha~ so is miso halal or haram huh?
    I think they also have non-alcohol miso in Japan too.
    But most restaurants use the common type lah.

  21. @London Caller,
    Yes, there are. If in doubt, can always avoid taking it.

    Anyway, about this issue - it boils down to how one perception about one's eating is, in regards of the alcohol content.

    A blogger friend, whose husband used to be an imam at Asakusa mosque told us in order to avoid alcohol content food item to inform the staff at restaurant that we are allergic to it. By saying that, people are more wary to serve things that we want to avoid - like she said, for fear of being sued. XD

    Anyway, if the food does contain alcohol and the staff unknowingly serve it to us; well, I use the "bersangka baik" approach. I have done what I can to avoid things that I cannot eat and my believe that what I put in my mouth is permissible to me.

    You know, if you are "was-was"/unsure/hesitant/worrying about the content of your food, even Halal food you can't eat because of the "was-was" factor. Others might not agree with me, but I take the I'm confident about what I eat (after inquiring about them as best as I can)approach.

  22. @London Caller,
    And don't alcohol evaporate in cooking. XD

    There are people who view it that way. My hubby viewed the alcohol content is miso as a result of fermentation (as in tapai) not as intoxicating substance.

    Again, different people view this differently.

    Now, others - don't slay me for this. I am just stating a view of ours. ;p

  23. hahaha. I became hungry too. Gimme tempuras please. At least, I must have tempuras for once in a week. XD

  24. @birdmini,
    I used to cook tempura once a week for my family but now I became lazy. XD

  25. @foong,
    faster wipe that drool! LOL

  26. You could make a calendar with the different foods on each page, to remind you as you go through the year! :)

  27. OMG!! i just had dinner and am now hungry once again!! hahaha...yummm....

  28. @Jenny,
    That would be such torture! LOL

    Imagine looking at all those yummy photos and itching to return again and again to Japan to get to eat all those wonderful food. XD

  29. @Peachie,
    I hope you had a snack after reading this post. DOn't go hungry! ;p

  30. Wow!! That is a lot of food and making me hungry as it is nearly dinner time. Can't beat Japan for fresh seafood and what a variety.

    Japan Australia

  31. @Japan Australia,
    I have to say, eating Japanede food in Japan and in Malaysia is sure not the same. xD

  32. Ha ha... Alcohol evaporates in the air, not in the water or solid substance.
    So you drink miso, that's water, right.
    You don't drink air mah?

    You know Iban people drink tuak?
    That's actually like tapai too.
    It's sweet, everything's being fermented is sweet.
    That's why in western, Chinese and Japanese cooking, sometimes a little bit of wine is added to the food to make it taste sweeter.
    So this is ok, right?

  33. @London Caller,
    Mentioning tuak - some Malay folks drink tuak too, esp in the East COast.

    Different people think differently. I take the liberal way in this.

  34. you.making.me.hungry.

    .... zZzZzZz

  35. @LV,
    Hungry and sleepy? ^^

  36. Ha ha... I heard about that too.
    Next time, you can use tuak in your cooking lah.

  37. @London Caller,
    Never hear of anyone adding tuak into cooking! o.O

  38. Wow, all these are making me hungry even though I just ate dinner. I have to confess that I'm not too keen on eating fish with still their skin on them.

  39. @AVCr8teur,
    Nice dinner, I hope. :)

    You can always peel of the skin. I'm OK eating the skin if its a grilled dish but not much otherwise. ;p


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