Friday, 22 July 2011

Just When I Booked My Flight To Japan

Look at what I received this in my inbox this morning.

A promotion from Japan Airlines.

Experience "Colorful Japan" -First wave -
** Available at your travel agent in Malaysia **

Do you want to feel autumn & winter in Japan? JAL is offering very affordable air fare to Japan(Tokyo) with 3person or more travel together at RM600.00 per person on economy class.(excluded surcharge and taxes)

At the same time, we are offering business class fare at ONLY MYR5,000 per person.(excluded surcharge and taxes)
Of course with JAL, you can extend your destination to Japan domestic cities such as Hokkaido, Osaka and Kyushu.,etc "one world YOKOSO/Visit Japan Fare" (10,000 yen per sector).
Don't miss this opportunity!

Other terms & conditions apply. For more information or reservation, please contact your travel agent.

Period : Until July 31, 2011
Outbound travelling Period : September 01, 2011 - December 10, 2011 

I would've booked this JAL's promo airfare in a heartbeat if not for the fact we already have bookings with budget airline, AirAsia.  Why? I don't mind budget hotels - I've slept in buses and trains too just to keep accommodation cost down, but I don't really do budget airlines! XD

But of course I just had to "disturb" my travel agent and check the total fares. Those planning to fly to Japan this coming year-end school holiday (or the Raya week, for that matter) can take advantage of the promotion. 

What can I say? I'm such a sucker for Japan Airlines.


  1. LOL!! You don't do budget airlines? So how much AirAsia return flight cost?

  2. That airfare is low! i better go check at my side. I want to go Japan too!!

  3. So totally like "duh"! Ironic!!

  4. @foong,
    Never fly with budget airline yet! LOL

    AirAsia - we got it for RM2,800+- for 3 pax. Cheap lah.... I guess. ;p

  5. @ECL,
    Airfare is low but the airport tax is high. :(

  6. Between RM600 economy class and RM5,000 Biz class per pax is a heaven and earth difference.

  7. @Bananazஇ,
    Except for the fare difference, I wouldn't know... Never been able to sit in business class. I bet Bananazஇ already has the experience. ^^

  8. Japan Airlines *is* awesome!!!! <3

  9. @Ri,
    Totally! I'm gonna miss it sorely when I'm flying with AirAsia. No more free flow of drinks and that awesome snacks for me. Uhuhuhu....

    But not too crazy with JAL's ground staff. :(

  10. Only until July 31st? :D Japan Airlines seems more awesome than Air Asia. Air Asia sometimes will delay many hours > . < I'm scared.

  11. @ristinw,
    Booking period is until Jul 31. JAL always have a short duration for their promotion. :) But the travel dates are good - it covers the year-end school holiday period too.

    JAL is definitely much more awesome than AirAsia. Heck! For me, JAL is better than MAS and SQ!

  12. Lina,
    Still a good price compared to pre-crisis time when airfare plus tax is extremely high.

    I am considering a long weekend in Tokyo for S$300 plus. hmmmm.... too short hor.

    Check again.

  13. @ECL,
    Yeah, pre-quake time airfares were high. I just wish it is lower to attract more tourists coming back to Japan.

    When are you planning to go? So nice. Book ah, don't cancel! ^^ And stay longer otherwise sayang pay the airfare. Hihi

  14. JAL and ANA are two major airline companies in Japan.
    However JAL are almost going to bankrupt but still remains.
    Recently airline companies face stiff competition from other companies..

  15. @cocomino,
    JAL airfares from Malaysia to Japan has always been much cheaper than ANA. That is why despite the two being the major airlines, I never bothered flying with ANA. Though ANA has code-share flights with MAS.

    Yes, I followed the news when JAL filed for bankruptcy protection in Jan 2010.

    As a customer, I was glad to say despite that, service on our flights to Japan late 2010, there wasnt any significant drop in level of service.

  16. Sounds like another Japan adventure in the making! RM600 is about $200 U.S. Not a bad fare! If you say AirAsia is even cheaper, I wonder how much is the airport tax.

  17. Is JAL good? Never flew with them before.
    I like Singapore Airlines.
    I normally fly with them home.
    My kampung is just 2 hours from Singapore.
    Easier than KL.

  18. @AVCr8teur,
    Airport tax is almost double the fare! @.@

    Those RM2,800 AirAsia tickets were for 3pax so it works out just about RM900 per pax. Quite cheap but of course, the flight there won't be a full service flight like what we are used to, with JAL. ^^

  19. @London Caller,
    I like JAL. They are quite generous with the mileage accumulation too, even for promo fare. And being able to pool the family's mileage and redeem vouchers is a bonus! :)

  20. Sounds like a great deal with a good airline in JAL :)

    Japan Australia

  21. @Japan Australia,
    Good deal, true. But Ive flown for cheaper with JAL before so I tend to compare this fare a bit unfavourably. xD

    If we didnt booked those tickets with AirAsia, we totally would buy this! Especially because it covers the school holiday period too. :)

  22. i prefer budget airlines for obvious reasons :)

  23. @Bengbeng,
    And that obvious reason is the reason budget airlines are so popular. xD

  24. What a shame, they don't fly to Singapore from London. Ha.
    Only three airlines do direct London-Singapore flights.
    British Airways, Qantas and SIA.

  25. @London Caller,
    Well, SQ is good too. Never flown with BA or Qantas yet. I've always used Asian carrier - CX, SQ, MAS, JAL. XD

  26. My sister travelled with JAL and she said it was a great experience, I would love to travel with JAL someday hehe

  27. @cuteandcurls,
    You should. If they do have promo fares, those fares are even cheaper than MAS airfares. And better experience too.

    We almost always depart from KLIA on night flights with JAL and the attendants still walk around to check on you even at 3am! Cannot find a soul at that time on MAS. Not a peep from them.

  28. That reminds me of Thai Airways, they are very good with their service, i can never complain hehehe even time kita dah tidur they still check on you ..i will definitely put Japan as part of my travel plans come 2012

  29. @cuteandcurls,
    Now that you mentioned it, Thai Airways has great promo fare to Japane usually. The downside is - the long transit in Bangkok.

  30. Ha'a the long transit in Bangkok however with the new airport..the long wait is worth it but aint worth it for the hubby if he sees the price tag of items i want to buy LOL also with the long transit tu you can ask your travel agent to throw in a room for free so you can rest.

  31. @cuteandcurls,
    But long transit even with free rooms, equals to longer holiday duration. We can't afford to take long leave! ANd why waste it elsewhere when all we want to to head to Japan, right? Hihihi

  32. I just received an offer from AirAsiaX:

    It's time to greet the land of the rising sun once more!

    30 November 2011, is the day AirAsia X is going to fly you to the gourmet capital of Japan - Osaka! Home of the Takoyaki Museum, historical Shitennoji Temple standing strong next to skyscrapers like the Umeda Sky Building and the ocean sized Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Osaka is truly a unique city of its own, defining itself away from the rest.

    But that's not all; just take a look for yourself at all the magnificent things you can experience in Osaka from
    only GBP 55!

  33. @wakanai,
    Cool info! :)

    Thanks for sharing. So are you going? :)

  34. >>So are you going? :)
    well, I'd have to get to KL first :)
    I also don't know if it would be really that cheap after adding the return flight, the tax, the food and drinks (&kachang), the fee's for luggage and so on...

  35. @wakanai,
    You do have Air AsiaX to fly there, right? ^^

  36. Hi Lina,
    I think you can read minds, as this new promotion came in: :)

    Fly from London* (Gatwick) Economy Seat Kuala Lumpur One Way 249 GBP
    Book from 5am, 15 Aug 2011 till 5pm, 19 Aug 2011 | Travel from 17 Apr - 10 Sep 2012
    (AirAsiaX, Whale of a Sale)

    this is soooo tempting...


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