Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kawasaki Walking? Not So Much...

We didn't travel much around Kawasaki the two times we spent the night there so we only saw just a bit of the place but here's the bit of Kawasaki we saw.
The view from our hotel room at Nikko Hotel. One of those rare times we actually have a room with a view. ^^ We usually stayed at Toyoko Inn chain and the view from our room would either be the next building's wall or an empty lot in Tokyo if we were lucky! XD

Night view, again taken from our hotel room at Nikko Hotel.
A shopping arcade. Plenty of pachinko and game parlours along the streets too. Rows and rows of them! @.@
A pedestrian scramble in Kawasaki. Of course the famous pedestrian scramble would be in Shibuya

Tip on how to annoy others in your group when travelling - stop at random places and get left behind just so you can take photos. Then, pout a bit (A LOT) when you do get left behind and start an argument! Repeat this all through your vacation. LOL
Walking down the street. Where were we headed to? For some dinner and we found our favourite place for cheap eats - there is Yayoi-ken nearby Kawasaki Station. Yeay for cheap eats!
Ready for dinner!
My dinner. It cost less than 800yen and come with free refill of rice and all I can drink hot tea & cold water! ^^
A different view from this hotel room. This time, we stayed at Toyoko Inn and got ourselves a view of a carpark and a train station right in front of our room!
Entering our room at Toyoko Inn Kawasaki. It's an annexe from the main building hence the uncovered corridor to our room. But pretty interesting, and the car park view is sure nice. Well, much nicer than seeing a gray wall when you open the window!

So if we didn't actually go around the area to sight-see, why exactly were we there in the first place?
To bring our Son to this place - the place to be to meet Ultraman in Kawasaki! And meet his Heroes, he certainly did! Anyone wanting to meet Ultraman when they go vacation in Tokyo and ask me for a place to recommend, I always recommend this place to visit.
Ultraman Mebius greeting the kids
Raimie and Ultraman Zero.


  1. Looks like an interesting place to visit with lots to do and see.

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    I wouldn't know since we barely stray away from the station and the nearby Lazona! LOL

  3. The night is lovely isn't it? Reminds me of Hong Kong :P

  4. @ladyviral,
    It does? Somoehow my memories of HK is the place is a bit more cramped than Kawasaki. ;p

  5. Ultraman zero looks very fine!

  6. @Jenny,
    Doesn't he indeed? ;p

  7. The kids must be very happy!! Viva Ultraman! :D

  8. great... now Juan Juan saw your ultraman pics, she starts bugging me to bring her to Japan!>_<

  9. Your son is going to make a Ultraman fan out of me. :-)

  10. Wow, you're so kuwashii with Ultraman!!! Awesome! XD I'm going to go to Kawasaki for the first time next week, just for lunch though. :)

  11. Kawasaki city changed dramatically these days. This city was famous for air pollution a few dacades ago.
    It is very good that you enjoy with Ultraman.
    There is Yayoi-Ken in my neighorhood. It's good you can eat rice as much as you want.
    I recommend you similar kind of restraunts,Ootoya,大戸屋。The restraunts have Sweets menu too and large helping rice and normal helping rice are same price.

  12. There are many Toyoko Inn in Kanto area.
    It's convinent because they located near the station and the price isn't expensive.

  13. I don't like hotels with no view outside but usually when I go traveling, I just use hotel to sleep so it's OK haha!!

  14. @Alice,
    Hello Kitty is in Japan too! LOL

  15. @David,
    I'd like that. Another Ultraman fan in the making! ;)

    I should bombard you with more Ultraman posts here. LOL

  16. @Ri,
    You think? ;p

    Have fun in Kawasaki! :)

  17. @minor,
    A blogger friend also recommended Ootoya to me some time ago. ^^

    Really? Kawasaki was so polluted decades ago. I suppose the situation had somehow improved now?

    Yes, we enjoy Ultraman. One of the many reasons we keep coming back to Japan. :)

  18. @cocomino,
    There are many, many, many Toyoko Inns all around Japan (and in Korea too) Love the price of the chain. :)

  19. @foong,
    True. We go back to hotel for sleep only when on vacation. Unless we go to a resort. :)

  20. How come they named him Ultraman Zero instead of Ultraman Hero huh?
    Did you mistype it? Zero or Hero? Not Error?
    I see, Zero must hit baddies first then can become Hero?

  21. @London Caller,
    No, no error there. He is the Ultraman Zero.

    You could say he turn from Zero to Hero. He was a banished "being", sent to a desert planet to train with another Ultraman (Leo). While training, he was discovered to have that sense of justice when he tried to save a - say we call it; monster's life. Long story short - Zero was informed that he is the son of Ultra Seven and the fact that he saved a life shows the spirit of a true Ultra Hero. Upon redemption, he was called Ultraman Zero.

    I can write a lengthy post about any Ultraman here, but I won't bore you to death about it! XD

  22. I've never lived in Kawasaki, but it is a special town for me. When I lived in Sagamihara (Kanagawa pref.), I attained manhood. So I went to Kawasaki for the coming-of-age ceremony.
    By the way. Have you been choosing hotels yourself? That hotel is a good choice!
    Ordinary Japanese, including myself, only just choose from the trip catalogs, because we feel insecure to speak English.
    Please take the honor of Japan trip specialist. ☆彡

  23. @birdmini,
    I am very interested to know about what you mean by you attaining manhood there. (~_^) Were you in Sagamihara during your Uni days?

    Yes, we choose our hotels ourselves. Thank goodness for internet! ;P

    I like Japanese catalogs. Such wealth of information in there. I just wish I can read kanji *^-^*

    LOL on you mentioning about being Japan trip specialist. XD

  24. You should write a book about your jaunts to Japan. You've discovered so many interesting places. I love cheap eats too! :)

  25. @AVCr8teur,
    I totally shoud, shouldn't I? But who would actually go buy and read them, I wonder? XD

  26. Normally, new adults go to a hall of a birthplace for coming-of-age ceremony.
    There are friends from school days, and family, so the ceremony is a joyful time for them.
    But I went to a hall which is not the birthplace, because I already had been working.
    Naturally, I was alone on that ceremony, but I felt that I could find my wings.

    I spent important dates in my life on Kanagawa. The ceremony is a symbol of those days.

  27. Waaaaahhhh Im impressed with your Ultra-paedia Lina, totally impressed! Im only an Ultraman fan for my nephew..see anything Ultraman i'll grab it for the Gaia boy! i agree with AVcr8teur, if you do ..i'll be one of the people who will buy your books. What with the photos and stories behind it plus tips and places worth going etc why not eh!

    I like the view from Nikko Hotel, its always nice to have a beautiful view from your bedroom window, the worse view I had the bedroom across mine and the washing area is outside so people can see brush my teeth in the morning and night UGH ...this was in Thailand hehehe

  28. @birdmini,
    So you enter the workforce early?

    It is a nice symbol to be celebrating the coming-of-age ceremony. So, when you attended it, you felt like you are more ready to face the world?

    So when did you left Kanagawa for Kyushu?

  29. @cuteandcurls,
    You are too kind with your compliments. I think if I write a book on our travels I need to improve on
    1. my writing
    2. my photography skill

    You know, my son knows almost everything about Ultraman (he knows every single one and each of the mode it changes to), no thanks to his Dad. Both of them can be very technical about their Ultraman. So well, I should keep up too, right? ^^

    I dolike Nikko Kawasaki's view the best. Most of them, we just face the wall of the next building. ;p


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