Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mommy, I Need A Lift!

Carrying a tired/sleepy/sleeping boy while out sightseeing may not be so easy, especially when the boy flops around a lot while being carried. Even when Raimie was a baby, we didn't use the stroller much. He just can't sit still in it, like ever. So, we always ended up carrying him; that is until he learn to walk and run. Even so, the boy would need us when he started to get tired.

I carried him for a bit while hiking up Mount Mitake. Not to mention when climbing up all those pesky stairs at train stations while on our vacation in Japan. Had to do it because we usually are out sightseeing for the whole day and only return to our hotel room at night so it was inevitable Raimie would get really tired.

Zaini on the other hand, won't do it unless it's absolutely necessary because he wants Raimie to toughen up!And he usually had a whole load of stuff to carry anyway. Well, Zaini is also the one with the map. He can't read a map when both his hands were holding our son, can he? Give me a map to read, I'll probably get us lost despite having it. I wouldn't notice I'm reading a map upside down, even! I still get lost walking around Sg Wang Plaza! Hahaha
Me, how can I refuse when my Son is making puppy eyes at me, asking me to take pity on him? No wonder I kept losing weight when I'm in Japan! Anyway, it's not as if I want to raise a ''sissy'' boy or anything but I am just too impatient to deal with tantrums and whining. So rather than make everyone's life miserable, I'll just give in and gave him a piggyback for a few minutes or maybe when we need to walk up a flight of stairs. What? You don't think I'd let him be carried around the whole time, do you?

Funny though, Raimie wouldn't dream of asking me to give him piggyback rides here, just in case his school friends see him. He has his ego too! xD


  1. He looks so cute!! My little one is exactly the same. He gets tired little legs after too much walking!!

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Of course they will. My hubby doesn't like to stop much, so it is inevitable that there will be a lot of carrying my son around when he does get tired.

    How old are your kids?

  3. Well, at least it is a good workout.

  4. @sixmats,
    It was indeed! xD

  5. You can hire sedans in China and people will actually "take" you up and down the hill over there. Did you know that?

    Bet they don't have this service in Japan? Ha~

  6. @London Caller,
    There is a chair lift to go up, but what's the fun in that. I believe in suffering and doing things the hard way. It builds character. LOL

    Yup, saw it on documentaries a lot. People being caried up a mountain and endless stairs. Well, at tleast the locals have a way to mke some $$$ from the tourists. Right?

  7. LOL, your boy is giving u free fitness training!

    You are s strong and capable, I'd certainly end up with severe backache!:p

  8. @Alice,
    I actually went on doing weight training at the grym because of this reason. I want to be strong enough to carry my son when I need to. Suffice to say, I have no problem carrying him. ^^

  9. It's a tough assignment.I used to carry my children but they became too heavy to carry.I respect you that you climbed a mountain.

  10. It might be the happiest era for us when our children would want to be carried on my back and my wife's back.
    But you will find another kind of happiness when your son will grow now.

  11. @cocomino,
    Well, Mount Mitake wasnt that hard to hike. At least the path that we took wasnt hard. So, it was easy to help my son by giving him piggybacks when it got too tough for him. :)

  12. @minor,
    True. I didnt mind carrying him because I realised that he will not need me in future!

    The joy of him putting out his hand for me to hold, I know that wont last.

    Yes, I will find another kind of happiness as he is growing. :)

  13. Hehe.. There, the answer to losing weight! :D So nice.. I need a piggyback ride too!

  14. And they are so good at making those puppy eyes :)))

  15. Haha, I love that - piggyback rides are okay in Japan, but not back home. Sounds fair. ;)

    I don't think it would lead to any sissy boy raising though... unless you keep doing it when he reaches like... high school. Or after graduating uni. XD

    That might be a bit weird. ;)
    But yeah, I'm jealous! I want piggyback rides too! ;P

  16. @Bella,
    You can ask your B-Bunz to give you one. Hihi

  17. @unikorna,
    They sure do!

    And puppy eyes work way better than tantrums. Any time. ;p

  18. @Ri,
    I hope I won't need to give him rides once he gets bigger and when he got drunk somewhere, like those scenes in Korean drama. o.O

    No cute guys to give you one over there? I bet there are many volunteers. ^^

  19. Ego? But guess it is out in the open now :P.

    Need to stop piggy backing your son... Zainie is right, Raimie needs to toughen up haha!

    Else he will end up asking you to carry him alot. In alot of ways too.

  20. @LV,
    I can't give him piggyback rides (in all forms) all his life.

    But then, I am so happy that he still needs me. Of course it is good that he knows when to "manja" with me and when not to. Never, ever in front of people we know. LOL

    Raimie need to toughen up, yes but for a 8 year old to be walking around for hours on end with adults, I can't expect him to have the same endurance. He is just a boy. I don't think many would be able to stand following us around when we are on vacation. We literally can walk for a whole day!

  21. So high tech! Even got chair lift there?! lol
    We don't even have it here in England.
    There are no ski resorts as such there.
    Summer is cool, winter is mild. Not much snow~

  22. @London Caller,
    Got! And it was not even a ski resort! But got to pay money lah.... 200yen or something. I save money and hiked instead. xD

    I thought winter would be brutal in London. No, ah? Must visit London someday and experience it myself. But better go summer time lah... then no need to suffer from heat. Right? ^^

  23. Haha! he wouldn't want his friends to see? He's a clever little boy figuring out a way to get carried when his friends aren't around! :)

  24. @Jenny,
    It wouldn't do for his friends to see him getting rides from his mommy, would it? He's lose his cool factor! LOL

  25. Awww your Raimie is so adorable and a super trooper for being able to cope all those walks with you so he deserves the piggy back rides once in awhile, sib baik Mummy is penyayang. Its ok kan after all he will grow up soon and this is the time you can relish all the moments of mother and son with him ..i like this blog.

  26. @cuteandcurls,
    Really. He was able to stand our > 8 hours outing. Zaini tend to forget that I can get hungry and Raimie can get tired sometimes.

    This mommy really a pushover when it comes to her son. But that doesnt mean he wont get scolded for not doing things he is supposed to do!

    I look at all those photos of him when he was smaller and sometimes it is sad to see him all big and independent already!

    Now, dont talk to me about getting another child ye! I am actually really sensitive about that. ;)

  27. Awww they do grow up so fast kan. With mine ni i wish i can pop out a remote control so i can pause her growing years according to my preferences *LOL* But good on your Raimie for being able to stand your 8 hours outing but Daddy tu kena considerate sikit lah ye and in between jalan jalan tu rehat lah snack snack somewhere hehe kan kan ?

    Hehehe i wont say anything about that ..just recently i was asked if i will have another ...haiiiiii i havent popped this bun out yet and im already been asked if im going to have another one ...tsk tsk

  28. @cuteandcurls,
    The Dad knows Mommy is there when Son is tired, that's why. ^^

    Usually Raimie is willing to go along because he knows the treat that will wait him for behaving like a good boy after a full day of walking around. In Japan, that meant going to toy stores and him go look around at toys. ;)

  29. @lina ROFL!!!!! Yes!!! that happens all the time in Korean dramas doesn't it!!!! XD

    And no, no volunteers. SAD FACE.

  30. @Ri,
    The heroes keep giving piggybacks to the heroines, right? What's up with that. Not that I minded getting one myself though. ^^

    I'd volunteer, if I'm just 50km away and not some 5000 odd kilometers. ;)

  31. This shot is full of love and warmth ^-^

  32. What a great mom you are! If I had to do that, I would try to be an expert map reader.

  33. @ristinw,
    And I particularly love the first one. A bond between son and his dad. :)

  34. @AVCr8teur,
    No.... I rather carry heavy load than read a map! Always hated geography even! LOL

    I don't mind doing it. I view it as a way to build endurance and be stronger. :)


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