Saturday, 16 July 2011

My 7 Links Of Nonsense

Here I was reading the blogs of people I have links on my sidebar, and noticing the 7 links thingy that's been cropping up recently and happily noting that nobody mentioned me. Just when I thought I was safe, I head over to David's Ogijima and what did I see there? I was nominated to join this 7 links  meme/initiative. Argh! Argh! But I am touched that he nominated me. ^^ Thanks for the thoughts.

It took me 6 days to come up with this post because, I may have hundreds of posts but they are mostly my own ramblings of my family's trip to Japan. If you ever came across the others doing it, you might have noticed the quality of the others' 7 links are so way above mine.

Still, I present you my 7 links. W00T W00T

My most beautiful post - Mojiko Station
This post is about a train station that I had always wanted to visit and we made it there in 2008. Not only did I get to see a beautiful train station, I met up with a beautiful person too. A lady whom I've never met generously took us around Mojiko Retro and spent her precious time with us. To me, that is beautiful.

My most popular post - Toilets, In Trains
I ranked my most popular post by the amount it generated comments and the most with comments is about a toilet. In trains. In Japan. Shows how important answering nature's call in a nice and clean environment is to everyone.

My most controversial post - Still eating sushi
This post was written about a month after the March 11 earthquake in Tohoku. I wrote that post to state my view on those who are panicky about the radiation and contamination in Japan. I should be scared about the radiation in Japan while living in Malaysia and all that nonsense I suppose, but will that really help any of the people who suffered from the earthquake and the tsunami? Not really. By the way, the whole of Japan did not turn into a radioactive wasteland after March 11. And I'm still going to Japan.

My most helpful post - Applying A Visa To Japan
a helpful post to Malaysian readers was I think about the visa requirement to Japan. It got a lot of hits everytime AirAsia (a budget carrier) offered super low airfares to Haneda Airport.

Receiving a lot of comments from people wanting to know about the visa requirements, I was surprised (I shouldn't be, but still...) by the lack of courtesy these people have when asking for information. No hi, no please and no thank yous. Just direct questions and I was expected to answer. I don't work at the Embassy. I am also not a travel agent. Get that?   

My post whose success surprised me - I need my meals on time
is about me being hungry and needing to be fed! I should be silly on my blogs more often!

My post that I don't think got the attention it deserved - Nighttime in Asakusa
I posted up a photo of a homeless guy sleeping in front of a shop in Asakusa, my  "subtle" way of showing Japan is just like any other countries with their fair share of problems. I love Japan and all things Japanese, but I am well aware of them not being the perfect society some people always talk about. We are all human. Malaysia has homeless people, Japan has them too.

My post I'm most proud of - An onsen & ryokan experience at Taenoyu Onsen
no particular reason for being proud of it. But that this was our first ever stay at a ryokan that has a mixed bath section and my first ever experience of cavorting naked all around the bath area. I was proud of that. ^^!

And the hard part of this...passing the baton to these lovely people:


  1. You look so pretty in the last photo.. So cute! :)

  2. @Bella,
    Kekeke.. you think so? Thanks a bunch! ^^

    I perasan jadi Oshin masa tu. Wakaka

  3. The most popular posts are most of the time the one you least expect

  4. @Filip,
    That is so true! :)

  5. Great to visit some older posts again and enjoyed reading them!!

    Japan Australia

  6. @Japan Australia,
    Its a chance to get visitors to read old posts of ours, come to think of it. ^^

    Gald you enjoyed them. :)

  7. Dont you just LOVE visitors who come to your site who has no sense of courtesy just shoot straight to the question of interest ...if that was me id be polite and courteous because you're asking for help and assistance and always remember to thank for the help. Orang mcm ni memang i tak suka layan sangat kekadang cos kita mampus mampus buat kerja tu sendiri ..kalau nak pi tepon the info section hehehe wah marah pulak bunyi kitorang eh.

    When it comes to food that is an important issue to comment hehehehe esp. for me ;-)

    I sympathise the homeless but how come i didnt notice this blog before?

  8. @cuteandcurls,
    Totally! I even mentioned it in the comments, if they want reassurance to contact the Embassy direct. Tapi malas kan? Nak senang aje. Tapi tak reti nak berbudi bahasa. Sheeesh! :(

    Food is important! LOL

    We met quite a few of them there! Even had conversations (in English) with them. o.O It was sad to hear how they became homeless. One said he chose to be one to not burden his family. Did he just give up on hope? Or was he forsaken by his family? Hmmm...

  9. See you came up with seven interesting links (which allowed me to discover a few posts I missed).
    Your blog is much more interesting than you think it is. :-)

  10. @David,
    Hahaha... are they that interesting, though? There was a mention about my blog somewhere and it said - a family’s daily life in Japan. xD

    But anyway, thanks for nominating me. It was rather fun looking back at my old posts. I didnt go back that far but still fun to read my own rantings from even 2 years back. ^^

  11. Alamak, what did I do huh?
    How come I was "blacklisted" huh?
    Top one somemore? Ha!

    When I flew to Japan in 1999, no photo was required.
    Just one plain sticker.
    These days you kena ambil gambar?
    But the new sticker is so colourful, how come the photo is B&W?
    Aiya... like those pictures Chinese people put in front of the lorries for funeral lah~ Ha!
    Also, if they really wanna improve the security, they should make it colour mah?
    Then they can see if you better, even your tahi lalat will appear more vividly!

    >Oldest recorded town? Wow! But as per which record? xD

    Oh it was mentioned in a book called Natural History written by Pliny the Elder in AD77!
    Yes, AD 77. Malaysia belum ada lagi~ Ha...

  12. Its so sad to hear their stories on how they came to be like this, if i was to hear habis bengkak mata ni menangis non-stop ...only they can tell the reason why they chose this kan :-(

  13. @London Caller,
    Why say blacklisted! LOL

    You don't know why you are chosen meh? Because I like you lah! Or rather, your blog. Dangerous to say I like you when I have yet to meet you. xD

    Japan visa requires a passport sized photo with white background. And yes, not really that secured. My photo on the visa for last year's look like it was photocopied and pasted on my passport. It was so dark, with my bangs down to my eyebrows, cannot really see my face! Half of the photo was black. ;)

    About the oldest recorded town - cool! So, it was acknowledged as the oldest recorded town by the Romans.

  14. @cuteandcurls,
    That's right. Only they know and understand themselves the reason they became that way. But should it be left unchecked? I hope not. :(

    BTW, when are you due? All ready for the trip to the hospital? :)

  15. 11th August, not ready yet hehehehe ..any tips on the day itself I would appreciate it ...

  16. @cuteandcurls,
    No tips from me. I was totally unprepared the day I delivered Raimie, if you recall! LOL

    11th Aug... well, dah kena standby from now. ^^

  17. You wrote so many posts.That's great.
    I like eating sushi very much.
    I'm glad many people enjoy it.

  18. @cocomino,
    I've been writing in this blog since 2007. ^^

    Many people are avoiding Japanese food after the Mar 11 earthquake. I wrote that post as a sign of defiance to tell people while we need to be concerned, there is such thing as being to paranoid too.

  19. great list lina! that pic from "I need my meals on time" always makes me laugh. :-) the look on your face is as if you have struggled in the desert for a week without food and that bit of rice is the first thing you are about to consume.

  20. @reesan,

    Yeah, that's the look I was aiming for when I asked Zaini to take that photo of me! Good to know I managed to convey my hunger through it! XD

  21. >You don't know why you are chosen meh? Because I like you lah!

    Ha! I bet you say the same thing to all your online members lah!
    People always say love in first sight.
    But I think this is so rubbish and superficial.
    I don;t see love with eyes, I see it with my heart.
    LOL, I really can bullshit pretty well sometimes!
    The world can be so much better if we see everybody equally.
    It's not like if you're more beautiful, richer or more clever, we have to treat you better.
    Ha~ Sometimes I think I am very communist!

  22. Thank You so much for passing the baton to me!!! :D So happy! Heehee Now, my chance to express myself again!!!I need some time to select it and write it! ^0^ :D

  23. @London Caller,
    No I don't! There are those that get on my nerves here too! ;p

    It's all and well if everybody is treated equally and loved equally but I don't want me to be equal! I want to be special! Give all your love to me! XD

    Sometimes, being beautiful or rich do not guarantee you to be treated better or equal. Some of us have bias against such lucky people, don't you think?

  24. @ristinw,
    Looking forward to your posts! :)

  25. But you know what, everyone wants to be special.
    So if everyone is special, how special can one be anymore?
    That brings us back to ground zero again.
    You see, we move in circles.
    "There's no path to happiness.
    Happiness is the path"
    Buddha said this.
    Do you agree?
    Just be grateful what you have at the moment.
    Tomorrow we don't know what will happen yet.
    I might get cancer and die... Just like that.
    Remember Yasmin Ahmad, Michael Jackson?
    Just like that lah~~

  26. Ho ho ho dapat baton pulak..Anyway Bananaz going to complete the 7 Random Facts now at the last. Perhaps could combine them together haha.

  27. Mojiko Station looks grand. Nice. Oh you and your umbrella by Rihanna haha.

  28. @London Caller,
    We should indeed be grateful of what we have yet we should also need to strive for more. That's how we progress. No?

    The insatiable desire to be better and striving for more - because otherwise everyone is just happy the way things are and are more than happy with the way things are. Then, no Bersih 2.0 rally happen in Malaysia either. Of course, come to think of it, if everyone accepts themselves as they are and grateful at life, no need for any rally. Hmmm...

    I don't worry about tomorrow much. Yeah, I can die tomorrow, so might as well live as I want today since I don't believe in reincarnation.

  29. @Bananazஇ,
    Looking forward to the combined outcome! :)

  30. >we should also need to strive for more.

    Aiya, now that you mentioned this.
    There's actually a difference between "need" and "want".
    What you wanted to say should be "we should also WANT to strive for more", right?
    We don't need progress to happen, otherwise it won't happen.
    We want it to happen, so we do something to make it happen.
    This is all related to economics. :) Also one of my favourite topics, strangely I am not very keen on the stock markets! Ha~

    We can also look at "progress" from another interesting perspective, "nature vs nurture". Of course, both factors are equally important.
    Just like "need" and "want".
    But economics mention that you can't have two things at a time.
    So which one is important?
    The answer is "happiness is the path".
    Que sera sera, what will be, will be~ Ha!

  31. @London Caller,
    Heavy stuff, so early in the morning. XD

    I don't know. For me, I need to strive for more. It is not a "want". Being better as a human being so that I can be happy about myself.

    Now, what is happiness anyway. It is rather subjective, right? Everyone has their own path of happiness.

  32. This is actually a great chance to summarize your blog, great food, funky stuff, the reality and informative site I ever visited!

  33. @Alice,
    But I've got too many nonsense to do a proper job summarizing! LOL

    But yeah, it's great way to lift up old posts that may be of interests for newer readers here. ^^

  34. Thank you for not passing this meme to me!! LOL!!

  35. So the toilets in Japan is your most popular post? Interesting! : D

  36. LOL!! Yes, you should be more silly more often! : D

  37. @foong,
    I know you wouldn't do it even if I twist your arm! LOL

    Yeah, interesting that a post about toilet can generate so much comment. :)

    When can I see your silly face on your blog pulak, ah? XD

    BTW, the list of people I chose is quite cosmopolitan, right? Got someone from London, one from Macau, one from Okinawa,one from Kajang (am I right, Bananaz) and one from Singapore. :)


    It's been a long time since I did a meme. And I have more than a thousand posts, it would take a while to do it. :(

  39. @ECL,
    *Evil laugh*

    Because it's been such a long time lah, I chose you. Hehehe

    Never mind, take your time. ;p

    p.s. but I can't wait for it! ^^


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