Thursday, 7 July 2011

Things We Do On Our Vacation. 2. More Game Time

Our way to appease a might be cranky 8 year old and a treat for him being a good boy for not complaining or whining much after walking all that countless hours sightseeing in Japan.

And he sure look forward to it. We'd allow him have a go a couple of times at each cities we stopped by. But sometimes, when Daddy went out alone after dinner and Mommy needed time to do some shoes shopping and didn't want Son gets too fidgety while waiting, Mommy would bribe (errr.... treat) him and let him have a few more tokens to play.

Works for us and Raimie was one happy boy.
I've only seen primary-school kids playing at these data cardass machines thingy here in KL but in Japan it seems even high school students and salary-man play this too! Pretty normal to see kids liking this although I don't really see the attraction myself, but to see grown-up man playing this (instead of playing more grown-up games like say... pachinko?) is kinda weird. Grown men playing card battle games? Hmmm...

Some of you might be asking what on earth is a pachinko. Wanna know more about it? The head over to Reesan's for some insight. :)


  1. Love the Game Centers in Japan and they are for all ages not just kids!!

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    I guess they are for all ages. If its shooting games, drum games, that sort of thing, not so weird for me. ;p But it's still kinda weird to see salarymen playing card battles of Super Sentai, kamen Riders & Ultraman at malls, for me.

  3. hi lina, thanks for the link-back to my pachinko article! much appreciated. ^^

    my 5 year-old has just discovered the power of the ps3 so i think that pretty soon i'll be bribing him in game centres for the exact same reasons, well, not for shoe shopping but you know what i mean. :-)

  4. @reesan,
    Good luck with your bribes. I'm sure it'll work well for you. XD

    The power of games. With his Nintendo DSi, even queuing/standing/waiting for 2-3 hours became a non-issue for him if we allow him access to that game of his. ;p

  5. Yes, looks like it is aimed at kids from the design of it but if he is having fun (and not being any trouble) then that's the main thing!

  6. Wow Raimie is in a world of his own..heard the noises produced by pachinko can be deafening if exposed for more than 8 hours per day and everyday.

  7. As you say I also think that a lot of adults play games and pachinko seem strange.If I have a time to play games, I want to do the other things such as playing with my children and learning languages. :)

  8. Recently, late stage aged people(75 years old or older than 75 years old) would often play these kind of playing machines. It is weird too.

  9. I think I prefer pachinko although I hardly play games! Nowadays I only play Angry Birds on my iPhone hahaha!!

  10. @Jenny,
    Yeah, the games I took up there are aimed for kids. And the trouble with it is just that is cost money to the parents! ;p

  11. @Bananazஇ,
    He is indeed. XD

    Yup, totally noisy at pachinko parlours. Don't know how people can stand being in there. @.@

  12. @cocomino,
    It does seem strange to me too. o.O

  13. @minor,
    maybe they young at heart. ^^

    But yes, weird.

  14. @foong,
    You like noisy games, ah? XD

  15. Hiya,

    Just wanted to say thank you sooo much for writing this blog. Now, I passed through my visa requirements (seriously, it's a relief to see that it was that easy, as long as you have a complete documents), I will be going to Kansai area in the next two weeks. And your blog definitely helps a lot, especially in terms of accomodations, trains and definitely food.

    And this post reminds me of another post by this guy here: Apparently, game is a serious business, that they even have undisputed underground legends! wow.

  16. @Anon,
    Wow! Glad to hear this blog helped a bit in your planning. ^^

    So, you are from Malaysia? Whereabouts in Kansai are you headed off to? Tell me! Tell me! XD

    Have fun!

  17. So that is what it is for there? Games? :P

    Looks fun! Pachinko eh? *goes click*

  18. Pachinko looks like jackpot machines xD

  19. Are Pachinko play with real money like slot machines? @0@

  20. @LV,
    Pachinko - great for those not really wanting to think,I think. XD

    Yeah, something like Jackpot machines.

  21. @ristinw,
    You go change your cash to those little balls that you then drop in a slot or something and watch it goes down. Kinda like pinball machine but without the effort to move the balls. XD

  22. To me, pachinko is rather pointless.
    You have to win a lot in order to exchange a pack of cigarettes or a bar of soap?!
    According to Japanese law, they're not allowed to use pachinko to exchange money as this will make become an illegal gamble.
    But we all know it's a type of gamble.
    The prizes are presented in another form only.
    This is just like scratch card, if you got three matching pictures then you're a winner.
    Doesn't this sound like winning slot machines?

  23. @London Caller,
    I couldn't agree with you more.

    Of course, these pachinko players can exchange their gifts with some $$$ but had to do it elsewhere. Saw it on the travel channel once. Well, some people thinks this is fun and addictive, I guess.

  24. Nowadays, we see many young couples or parents still playing computer games. They even create a game room complete with all the latest gadgets. So different from our parents' and our time. sigh

  25. @ECL,
    And that would be the case for us too! Zaini would buy whatever Nintendo came up with and share it with Raimie.

    True, no such luxury when my parents were young and we were small. ;p

    Time changes. Priorities change. Life change. Values change. But hopefully, our morals and sense of righteousness won't change for the worse.

  26. Hey there, sorry I havent been visiting for awhile. So busy busy getting prepared :-) Even my blog is in need of an update el-pronto!

    You mentioned shoes in Japan? Whats the shoes like over there? Nice and fashionable plus comfy tak? The woman in me speaks heheehe

    Well Im glad that these grown men still have that little child in them playing these games. Which reminds me of the old toys we all used to play. You ingat tak the paperdolls we can buy for a few cents from the shop? Im sure they sold them here too in Malaysia in those days ..ahhh i wish i could find those again.

  27. @cuteandcurls,
    You'll go crazy with the shoes in Japan. I wish I can "borong" all the boots there even though I can't really wear them in KL. I just so love boots! I wore a high heel ankle boots when I was 8 months pregnant with Raimie! LOL Actually, not all are that comfy but for me, sometimes cute shes override the comfort factor. xD

    Haha that cutout paper dolls. I think they still sell them. ^^

  28. Hmmm, odd that I have never been attracted to these machines... not yet...

  29. THEY STILL SELL THEM????? THEY DO???? WHERE???? (the little girl in me reacts to that very quickly) but yes where?

    Ahhhh again girl you and I are on the same boat, I SO LOVE BOOTS I have quite a few in my collections now including a pair of not too thick Ugg Boots ^_^ Now I nak beli Fit Flops Boots ...despite this hot humid weather I still buy them ^_^ 8 months pregnant you wore high heel ankle boots, I salute you. I wish I could but with my swollen hobbit feet there aint no way I can squeeze these tootsies into any of my shoes ..

  30. @cuteandcurls,
    and Kampong neighborhood shops, yang ada jual all those tikam stuuf. xD But not as many as we can find when we were little lah... If I ever find them, Ill buy them and keep for you. Deal? ^^

    Hi-five! Boots are sure nice, right? Yeah, I was lucky that my feet wasnt swollen that bad. After all, I was still running around town using the buses and LRTs up to the day I gave birth to Raimie. ;p

    But I only like high heel boots. I do have a pair on knee high boots, but it is just gathering dust in the store now? :( There is a running joke in my office - it will rain everytime I don my boots and looking at the statistics, sure seems like it. It did rain 99% of the time I wore them! LOL

  31. Seriously i never knew that you know. Oh my gosh you sebut the tikam stuff brings so much memories to me time kampung kampung dulu hahahahhahahah ahhhh those were the days. Awww you're so kind, DEAL!!! You're lucky you didnt suffer any swelling ..mine's terrible now. Hey mind donning them boots for at least 2 days max so we can have a bit of rain, this heat needs cooling down you know hehehe

  32. @cuteandcurls,
    Will look for it for you! ^^

    And you know, kat Jepun pun ada version tikam tu tau. We saw them in a store in Kappabashi, along with those dolls. Funny kan? ;p

    I tak pakai but pun, dah dua hari ni asyik hujan aje at my area. If I wear them, takut flash flood pulak KL! LOL

  33. Thanks Lina *HUGS* its nice to keep them for nostalgic moments kan? I have so many items i like to find just for the sake of memory keepsakes ^_^
    I didnt know those tikam and dolls ada kat Jepun but mind you those dolls looked very Japanese anime kan so im sure those were from there but commercialised in China. You dont happen to have a photo of those do you?
    Where you are its been raining? two days in a row area not much ..hujan pun doesnt feel like its cooled down the heat.

  34. @cuteandcurls,
    No photos of them. Felt uncomfortable taking them in the shop esp when we weren't buying anything.

    No promise I can find them soon though. If I'm not mistaken, I saw them at my father's because he stocks up and sells stuff to Orang Asli in my hometown. So if I can't find them here, I need to go back and look for them; which is during Raya... Hope you don'tmind. ^^

    In Balakong. A short time during the morning but still, it was rather heavy when it was pouring. I had aimed to run around the neighbourhood and do a 10K run yesterday but it rained when I was halfway done so had to run back and finish my run in the gym instead.

    Luckily today it rained after I finished my run and it rained while I was doing the week's ironing. The rain was great because it cooled down the afternoon's heat. :)Still quite overcast as I am writing this.

    No rain at your place?

  35. No worries ^_^ I dont mind. Thats great your dad sells stuff to the Orang Asli. With my family because we are related to the Orang Asli (late grandmother's side) we mostly give them away. Whoa girl I admire your stamina 10k run ..I baru 1k dah gasping and panting ..belum lagi go all red and raving like a lunatic hehe although dont get me wrong i do like a bit of a run and light walks if the weather is ever so pleasant. It rained here but not as heavy or as long as I looks overcast tho over here ..

  36. @cuteandcurls,
    My Dad buy stuff from them and he brought and sell stuff that the Orang Asli might need - it's like having a mobile sundry shop. My Dad buys fresh water live fish, wild game that the Orang Asli caught, durians and petai and resell them in town.

    Oh, your late grandmother is related to Orang Asli. Any particular tribe?

    Hahaha... That 10K pun macam nak pengsan dah. LOL

    10K on good days, normally I only managed to do about 7 or 8K runs in an hour. I can't spend too long running because if I do, whose to cook breakfast for my two boys? I wake up, run, rinse & cook breakfast each weekends. That's my morning routine. And if the weather is particularly nice, a swim too afterwards. :)

  37. Sounds like a good swap there. My late grandmother belonged to the Bisaya tribe in Sarawak :-)

    7k or 8k in an hour is still impressive to me, wish i could do that without gasping and wheezing. Now swimming i do miss, im no pro in swimming but i do like doing a few laps in the pool. Hopefully after delivery lepas my pantang tu :-)

  38. @cuteandcurls,
    Need to google up the info on Bisaya tribe. :)

    Who says I didn't gasp for air when running? Macam nak mati tau! LOL

    I don't like swimming as much, but swimming after I sufficiently coled down after my morning runs is always nice.

    Hope you'll do penty of pals after confinement. And can teach little baby to wim too, while you are at it, right? ^^

  39. Between running and swimming I'll pick swimming if im a pro swimmer LOL. I hope to do some laps after the 44 days (gulp) confinement the little one i let the bapak ajar ..mak dia cuma tau yang swimming style katak tu je LOL ...Ive wiki-ed about the Bisaya and here it is

  40. @cuteandcurls,
    Thanks for the link on Bisaya. :)

    Swimming style katak (dog paddle right?) pun swim jugak. hihihi


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