Thursday, 11 August 2011

Bessho Onsen Night Walk

Let's see. I had posts on Tokyo Walks, Osaka Walks, Kawasaki Walks on this blog before.

Time for Bessho Onsen walk segment, I say. ^^

After having our bath and dinner at the hotel we were staying in at Bessho Onsen; we had this bright idea of going out and checking out the neighbourhood again. We strolled around the town earlier in the day but didn't managed to cover all the places that we wanted to see.
Visiting a deserted Kitamuki Kannon Temple in early evening and was greeted by this upon reaching to top of the stairs.
Passed by a "soto-yu" (public bath). Entry to the public baths here (there are four?, I think) is 150yen.
We later decided that it might be fun to visit the Anrakuji Temple, with its octagonal pagoda so off we went, walking into darkness. Not a soul in sight and we were just accompanied by the sound of barking dogs. The temple actually closes at 5.00pm but we figured that we might get a glimpse of the pagoda even at night.

Along the dimly lit path towards Anrakuji Temple. We didn't made it all the way to the Temple though. It started to rain halfway there so we had to run back and look for shelter. And I was wearing a "getha" to complement my "yukata". Not a great outfit for running. xD
and found shelter from the rain at a foot bath area. Sitting there dipping our feet and enjoying the nice, hot water watching the area. Man, this is one quiet town at night. Not that I'm complaining though.


  1. the foot bath area looks so nice! The pictures you take really looks like those scenes in an anime haha :p.

    lovely i likey!

  2. Soaking your feet in a foot bath after a long walk is one of the greatest pleasures in life :)

    Japan Australia

  3. Whoa! In full costume with geta and yukata kimono, fully nihonjin look. Wonder how you ran must be like a penguin? haha.

  4. Soaking feet in hot water is good. Heard good to soak in a pail of hot water with rock salt just before going to bed and would sleep like a baby the whole night through.

  5. Btw why going to such lonely places and at night some more? muahaha.

  6. Ha, soto-yu reminded me of soto ayam lah!
    Man, haven't had that for more than a decade!!!
    Must have this when I balik kampung next time lah.

  7. @LV,
    Yup, the foot bath was really nice. And it's free for everyone! :)

    Thanks for liking it. ^^

  8. @Japan Australia,
    Indeed. I so agree with that. :)

  9. @Bananazஇ,
    No, just ran full speed, because I did wear a pants under my yukata. Kakaka

    Why go to such place at night? Dunno. Crazy must be, or looking for an "oni" or a "yokai" or "obake". xD

  10. @London Caller,
    Friends say I cooked a mean soto ayam. Wanna come over and try? ^^

  11. The last photo is interesting.I could imagine many people talked together while they felt refresh.:)

  12. @cocomino,
    Yup, it sure must be nice to sit there, soaking our tired feet and chat for a while. :)

  13. I have heard so much about the foot bath, it looks so cosy! The walk... hrm, not bad after a romantic onsen bath with hubby, he probably will try to scare me with those creepy Jap ghost stories...XD

  14. As European, I really likedcthe onsen.


  15. @Alice,
    Hahaha... naughty lah your hubby. ;p

  16. You will be able to become a volunteer guide in Bessho onsen. Did you enjoy the foot bath?

  17. @minor,
    Hahaha I wish. ;p

    Yup, the foot bath was really nice. But of course, I like soaking my whole body better. ^^

  18. The foot bath area is so therapeutic! It would be lovely to dip my foot in there. sighhhhhh

  19. The prices of air ticket to Japan and hotel room fares went up. :(
    Should have gone a month earlier.

  20. I heard that the Japanese govt withhold the news of radiation level in certain areas. scary ah. suay suay kena radiation while on holiday. :(

  21. I like the first photo but the one before the foot bath looks rather eerie, i tend to have an overactive imagination walking at dark areas as these ... and it doesn't help with my husband's constant teasing :D The footbath looks so inviting

  22. Ooh! I want to sit and dip my feet in there too! Haha!!

  23. Wah! So dark and lonely at night also you all dare to walk? No ghost ah? LOL!!

  24. After a long day, I wanna jump into that pool!!!! :D

  25. @ECL,
    Yen also go sky high nowadays. @.@ Gonna be more expensive vacationing in Japan now. :(

  26. @cuteandcurls,
    Kakaka Your hubby naughty lah, likes to tease you. ^^

    What wuld you think of if walking down an empty, dark alley like that. oooooooo...

  27. @foong,
    Lucky no ghost. And no ghost wanna be in my photos too! Hihi

    That one is one small pool lah. Don't think can fit a panda in there. Go jump into a hot bath nicer. ^^

    I did that after we came back to our room. And had another session at 4.00am. Very "suka" go jalan2 when its dark and eerie. LOL

  28. You know how to cook soto ayam?
    Ha, of course. If you invite, I must try one.

    You like mee rebus?
    Most mee rebus is savoury, but I like the slightly sweet version.
    Have you tried that sweet one before?

    Oh yes, I am off to France tomorrow.
    London's not safe - must run away! Ha~ I actually bought the tickets before the riots started.
    So I see you next week lah.
    Come back teach you so French words huh! Ha~

  29. @ristinw,
    A long soak after a tiring day is great! :)

  30. @London Caller,
    Of course I know how to cook them! Lazy only to do it often. ;p But I don't really like sweet food, so anything sweet I may pass. That's why don't really like Terengganu & Kelantan food. xD

    Have fun in France. And do take care.

  31. would you believe ghosts jumping out of the bushes? my husband's worse he'd say stupid things like whats that? or can you smell something? GRRRRR

  32. @cuteandcurls,
    Your hubby memang naughty. But... you know, if there is a ghost or if there is something weird smelling near you, you shouldn't voice it out aloud. Nanti menjelma. Huhuhu


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