Sunday, 21 August 2011

Carnival Games

We have yet been to any matsuri (festival) in Japan but we got a chance to try out some pretty fun carnival games at Hanayashiki Amusement Park.
What's your favourite festival games?


  1. Some great carnival games in Japan. My favourite has to be GoldFishing :)

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    I have yet try my hands on that. :)
    Looks difficult... but fun. ;p

  3. Ha! Ada crayfish?
    Malam ini dapat buat tempura crayfish pula. ;)
    "Satu untuk ayah, satu untuk ibu, satu untuk saya" kata Raimie.
    Ha ha!

  4. Throwing knives game is very interesting for me. You can get the discount coupon at information center in Asakusa culture and sightseeing center. Please try to go there in next time.

  5. @London Caller,

    Got enough to eat, just three small crayfish? I don't think so.

    Instead of taking back the ones he caught, we exchanged it to candies. Much easier to carry. xD

  6. @Minor,
    But throwing the shuriken wasn't as easy as it seems. My son only managed to get one after throwing several.

    There is discount coupon at Asakusa Asakusa culture and sightseeing center? Thanks for the info!

  7. Sorry to hear that you have missed out on the festivals. To be honest, most of them are run by the Yakuza and are really expensive. ¥500 for a beer?

    Our local town festival is really good and MUCH cheaper than the "professional" festivals.

  8. I liked goldfish scooping and yo-yo scooping although I was not good at

    What Loathing said is true but there are also good small festivals held by neighborhood association.

    We call them "Tekiya 的屋" rather than Yakuza.

  9. @Loathing,
    Prices would be madly steep here too during festivals or events.

    Well, we actually miss out on those festivals on purpose. I can't stand crowd. No matter how well behaved the crowds are.

  10. @cocomino,
    It's fun to play carnival games even though we are not good at them, right? ^^

    Maybe I can look for any local and smaller festival while I'm in Japan in future. :)

    Interesting to know about Tekiya. I learn something new today. ;)

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  12. The last picture is funny...only in Japan. Did Raimie make it as a ninja?

  13. @Андрей,
    I'm quite selective in what I visit.

    Is the site written in English? Is it about Japan? What info would I be able to find useful there?

    I'll visit if you reply this comment. ;p

  14. @AVCr8teur,
    Sadly, no. Have to train loads before can throw that shuriken and make it stick. LOL

  15. The store looks more amusing thn our funfair set up!^^

  16. @Alice,
    Yup, so much better. And more expensive too. ^^!

  17. The first one like playing congkak haha.

  18. So desu nei! Anak ninja trying his shot.

  19. Bananaz favorite game is throwing down the six milk cans with 3 tennis balls. Year after year the organizer are making it tougher with different rules to their favour. They stretch the distance farther and farther.

  20. With the distance stretched they increased the size of the milk cans platform with a condition that no milk can is supposed to remain on the platform.

  21. Wonder what carnival games they have there! Looks interesting!

  22. @Bananazஇ,
    Kakaka, congkak played in water version. xD

    Now, dont have those throw balls to ncans already right? Not at the funfair Ive been to recently, anyway.

    Hve to make it harder lah, once you all managed to win all the prizes. How to make profit if people keep on winning, right? ^^

    Anak ninja tried to make his shot, but satu pun tak kena! LOL

  23. @foong,
    They are interesting. As mentioned up there in earlier comments by others, catching goldfishes with a paper net (or something) is quite popular. :)

  24. ive never tried any games at a carnival before, only because i know 1. i wont win anything 2. im lousy at carnival games 3. im a jinx when it comes to games where it requires me to throw hehehehe

  25. @cuteandcurls,
    same as me. If I try, that means I'm just donating money to that booth! LOL

  26. Ha ha... Enough lah.
    One each, just nice.
    Better than nothing right.

  27. @London Caller,
    Where got enough? "Tak lekat di celah gigi pun"! LOL

  28. Japanese are most innovative people on earth to create so many games be it in parks or computers. What is their secret to their innovative brains?

  29. @Twilight Man,
    Pressure from boss? xD

  30. @cocomino,
    I have to try that goldfish game someday. ^^


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