Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Kind Of Breakfast

A hearty breakfast for a day filled with sightseeing is extremely important. And these breakfasts we had are the best!
Though I have to say, after a week or so eating rice balls in Japan for breakfast; some bread in the morning starts to look nicer to me!
Raimie is just happy to get his hands on some tsukemono while on vacation. That boy of mine and his Daddy too, sure love their pickles!


  1. > after a week or so eating rice balls in Japan
    > for breakfast; some bread in the morning starts
    > to look nicer

    For sure! One of the things I really started to miss about Europe was bread! Japan has white bread and nothing but white bread unless you shop specialty bakeries. I need my fibre and I love me some dark, wholegrain bread, so I was a bit lost in Japan. Upon my return my wife had bought me the darkest loaf of bread she could find :D

  2. Wow!! Drooling at your breakfast : )

  3. The good thing about Japan is there is so much variety and Western Style breakfasts have been becoming more popular. There are now so many cafes and bakeries where you can get some great food for breakfast. I still prefer the traditional Japanese style breakfast and eat it whenever I can.

    Japan Australia

  4. @Cailin,
    Japanese bakeries seemed to be really great at making lighter than air pastries but not for the heavier stuff. xD

    Did you recover sufficiently with that loaf your wife got for you? ^^

  5. @foong,
    But you can eat rice for breakfast ah? XD

  6. @Japan Australia,
    I personally prefer Japanese breakfast option than western when we vacation in Japan. But of course, it is nice to have a western one for a change after eating rice daily. ;p

  7. I love tsukemono.
    Tsukemono are usually vey salty, or very sweet.
    Of course, salt and sugar are the common ingredients used to preserve tsukemono.

    Chinese people usually have it with rice congee.
    Can you eat fermented tofu?
    People have that with their bubur for breakfast or lunch.

  8. @ Lina:
    Yeah, the dark bread hit the spot alright :)

  9. @London Caller,
    I think I can eat pretty much anything that is allowed for me to eat. ;p

    The things that I dont eat are pretty common food though - I hate chicken wings. :p

  10. @Cailin,
    Glad to hear that. ^^

  11. I don't think i can last too long eating rice for breakfast as i find that a little too heavy so now you know, I'm not a nasi lemak breakfast person. haha

  12. @peachie,
    How about noodles or roti canai? ;)

  13. I like both rice and bread but I don't eat them at one time.:)
    I also like tsukemono and eat it every day.

  14. Oishi..yummy!!!!Just nice for brunch.

  15. Wow, these are indeed wholesomely healthy breakfast, no wonder Nippon Jin so smart!

  16. @cocomino,
    I do! I need to eat a lot during vacation! All those walking afterwards. ;p

  17. @Bananazஇ,
    Yup. Just nice for brunch.

    But during vacation, after eating all that, I'd get hungry by 11am! @.@

  18. @Alice,
    Eeeh! We are smart too, what! ^^
    We can be such smart alecks! Kakaka

  19. Been here over 5 years and I have never had rice for breakfast... urgh.

    Give me cereal, toast or muffins. Crossaunts, danishes or chicken nuggets (McDonalds has a breakfast special now)

    But never rice.

  20. @Loathing,
    Aaahhh... not properly assimilated yet, are we? ^^

  21. It is very interesting for me to eat Miso soup and bread at breakfast. It is very good you can enjoy various kindof food at a time.
    I eat vegetable salad,fruits, jam, butter,bread and healty drinks at breakfast.

  22. @minor,
    Yes. well. I'd eat rice and miso soup first with all the side dishes and finish my breakfast with some bread. ^^

    You eat a healthy breakfast.

  23. Ha ha... How come you don't like chicken wings?
    You fly so often to Japan, must eat more wings! Ha~
    If you go to Nagoya, must try Yamachan chicken wings.

  24. @London Caller,
    Because chicken wings has muscles? I am not a big fan of chicken drumstick either. xD

    Yamachan chicken wings, you say? I'll pass.;p

  25. No I am only drooling at the banana and the bread hahaha!!!

  26. @foong,
    because you don't eat rice for breakfast mah. ;p

    Eat banana daily, go to toilet frequently. Hahaha

  27. That is a lot of food. I might have to skip lunch. ;)

  28. @AVCr8teur,
    Yup, it was a LOT!

    But I get hungry pretty fast when I'm on vacation. Must be all the walking. ^^!

  29. like this post. makes me hungry now!


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