Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Nyuto Onsen Walking Part I

A night at Taenoyu Onsen, one of eight onsen ryokan located in the mountains of Eastern Akita prefecture is bliss. Surrounded by greenery, we enjoyed crisp, clean air that refreshed and rejuvenate us. After hectic days of sightseeing and rushing everywhere, it's really nice to sit back and chill and let the slow pace of life be the tonic for more hectic days to come. ^^
The front view of Taenoyu Onsen. There's a bus stop located right in front of this ryokan, so if you are taking a bus here, it's just a matter of crossing the road when you arrived. A staff  immediately came out and greeted us even before we stepped in the ryokan. Taking a bus for our return journey was easy too. We just sat at the bench in front of the ryokan until the bus came and stopped for us.
Taenoyu Onsen is located beside the Sendatsu river. This is the view from our room and it was sure nice to sleep with the sound of flowing dream accompanying our slumber. Sleep well, we did!
On a rather cold morning on the second day we were there, after a really refreshing dip in the hot water; I decided to take a walk and enjoy the fresh air. I didn't venture out too far, though. Wouldn't want to get lost, would we? *^-^*
Another view of Sendatsu river, through the trees
Found a small shrine by the foot of the hill/mountain right next to Taenoyu Onsen
What/which God/Goddess is this?

It was already chilly when we were there although it was still the summer months. It was nice to spend the days in colder areas of Akita instead of returning to a hotter Tokyo afterwards!
Then, we decided it might be nice to walk out further and check out the area. Stay tuned for the upcoming photos. :)


  1. The shrine looks modern not like the traditional Chinese red. Cant wait to see pics of yr raya

  2. I could hear the sound of the running water in the water fall. So nice! ^ - ^

  3. Great stuff, it looks really relaxing there. Though I've had my fill of quiet & relaxing places so far...

    Looking forward to the next pictures.

  4. @bengbeng,
    Don't see much red over there. ;)

    So far has taken lots of Raya photo, but it'll be over the other blog one of these days. Do visit.

    How are doing nowadays, BTW?

  5. @ristinw,
    Yup, it was nice and sooooo calming listening the stream. :) Who needs TV at these places! ^^

  6. @Loathing,
    It'll be up maybe... next week?

  7. Oh that looks like an idyllic hideaway.

  8. Great stuff! I really enjoy onsens as they are so relaxing and you can refresh and recharge your batteries :)

    Japan Australia

  9. Is "A staff immediately came out and greeted us even before we stepped in the ryokan. " rare in your country?

    This is common in old large ryokan but I can't see at modern hotels in Japan.

  10. @cocomino,
    It's not just about comparing it to my country. I mentioned about it since there are also others readers from other parts who might not have experienced that kind of service.

    As you said, it is not something you would see in modern, western hotel unless you count bellboys opening doors to you or if your arrival is expected, right?

  11. @Japan Australia,
    Yeah. Me too. :)

  12. I see.I understand what you mean.
    It depends on what you think about the hotel service.
    As for me, greeting many times bother me. lol.

  13. @cocomino,
    I kinda like being treated that way. That is why, in Malaysia, I keep on returning to the same hotel every time I want a break because the staff are reaalllllly frindly and on first name basis with me. ^^ I guess I love being made to feel special. LOL

  14. Oh nice man made waterfall and the river with all the greens nearby perfect serene place for a reflection of life and to be with nature.

  15. @Bananazஇ,
    Yeah, pity I chose to spend more time just soaking in hot water in the ryokan instead of being one with nature. ;p

  16. So nice to sleep with the sound of the river in the background! : )

  17. @foong,
    It was. It was. Need to do it again someday. :)

  18. You wears of Yukata and Tanzen just fit for you. You look like very beautiful Japanese lady.
    BTW, I think your photo is not a shrine. It is kind of a folk belief's statue.

  19. @minor,
    Thank you for your compliment. :)

    Oh, it's a folk belief/religion (minkan shinko?) statue? Would you know what is it for? I'd love to learn about it.

  20. The statue is "kanzeon," a Buddhist statue of Bosatsu (Bodhisattva) of compassion. That's a beautiful statue, we certainly didn't know of it. Thanks for sharing :D

  21. @TTA,
    Thanks so much for the info! :)

    Does the little shrine belongs to Taenoyu Onsen? What's the significance of it placed there?

  22. Where's my raya greeting?
    I thought I left you a raya greeting here?

  23. @London Caller,
    It went "Raya"ing in the comments netherworld? o.O

    Wish me again! ;p

  24. Have you been to Naruko Onsen in Miyagi? That might be my next onsen stop.

  25. @sixmats,
    No, not yet. This year's trip will see us going to Yufuin instead.

    Naruko Onsen sure looks interesting. I've love to see the gorge :)

    Enjoy the stay when you go there! ^^

  26. Looks like a really relaxing place. Do all onsens have hotel rooms where you can stay overnight? The one we stayed in close to Hakone was very expensive.

  27. @AVCr8teur,
    I'm not too sure but I think ryokans (traditional Japanese Inn) would have a hot bath (or ten!) at or near their premise with natural spring water piped in to their hotel for guests to enjoy.

    How much did you pay for your stay in Hakone? For 3 of us plus breakfast & dinner, it was about 35,000yen. Expensive for our standard though as e usually only spent less than 10,000yen for our hotel rooms. ^^

  28. hi lina! have you visited other onsens in the area like ganiba and maguroko? how far are they from taeroyu? thanks!!

    1. Forgotten most about it? Have to go and look again...


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