Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Tiny Shrine Amidst The Craziness Of An Amusement Park

Well, what do you expect from an amusement park located in Asakusa, right? ^^

Shounkaku Shrine "Burabo", Hanayashiki's God of fortune.

After spending hours of crazy fun at the oldest amusement park in Japan, why not pay a visit to the shrine located on the rooftop of the multi-storey Shounkaku building. Have a breather there too, and get away from the crowd downstairs, if you wish.

You also get this view from the rooftop.


  1. A cute little shrine and a great view form the top. One of the many things I love about Japan :)

    Japan Australia

  2. Ah ha, very classic looking amusement park!

  3. @Japan Australia,
    And what I love about Japan too. :)

  4. @Alice,
    It is a classic. An antique amusement park. Lots of the rides are quite old too. But they are properly maintained. :)

  5. @Bananazஇ,
    Yeah can see an elevated view of Asakusa there. Next time, can view all of Asakusa (and its surrounding) from the Sky Tree (that unfinished tower in the background of my photo). ^^

  6. @Lisa,
    OOdles of fun. d^_^b

  7. Oh I can see the Sky Tree!
    But I still prefer the old Tokyo Tower lah.
    So red, macam nak sambut Tahun Baru Cina! :o)

    Tomorrow, I am going back to Malaysia for my summer holiday.
    Hari Raya, jangan lupa jemput saya lah. ;)
    Nak makan tempura crayfish! Ha ha ah...
    You have a great summer too.
    But it's always summer in Malaysia!

  8. @London Caller,
    And Tokyo Tower entrance fee is much cheaper than what Sky Tree going to charge, ;p

    Wah! Going back to Malaysia tomorrow! Like balik kampung for the Raya! Are you coming to KL or just balik Johor?

    Safe travel and have fun for the Malaysian perpertual summer holiday. :)

  9. It is my ultimate dream to visit Japan someday. Is Asakusa the same place as Akasaka? The view is great from the top.

  10. @Twilight Man,
    Japan is nearer than you think. Go on and visit the country lah. Bring SK along. LOL

    Nope. Asakusa is not Akasaka. Asakusa is where you head to for a bit of history and a feel of old Tokyo. Akasaka is like the place where all HQ of companies decide to put up shop. HQ centre! xD

  11. A Shrine in the middle of the city. I wish there was more trees and plants around the Shrine! @ 0 @

  12. @ristinw,
    That's a shrine on a roof of a building, right smack in Asakusa.

    The temples around there, Sensoji for instance has more greenery around it. :)

  13. Nice view of the amusement park from the rooftop! : )

  14. @foong,
    Sure is. :)
    And away from the crowd below. ^^

  15. What a funny shrine it is! BTW, I can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from the rooftop of our house.

  16. @minor,
    WoW! You have a nice view. :)

  17. @Loathing,
    How much for what?

  18. Wow what a lovely view to see, worth the day out at the amusement park eh. I wouldnt mind going on those old rides and knowing in Japan, it is always well maintained!


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