Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Autumn Is Sanma Time?

Grilled sanma is a staple of  "teishiku" or set lunch and what better time to enjoy this fish than in autumn when it is in season; having swum down from the cold northern seas.

Grilled sanma served with a little grated radish on the side, a bowl of rice and a steaming bowl of miso, cold tofu and some pickles - can't beat this set meal! It happen to be my favourite.

Can't wait for the Iwate Fair to be held at Jusco so that I can buy some "cheap" fresh sanma though by the look of it, getting any stocks from Japan over at the supermarket nowadays may be a bit of a problem. The Japanese food aisles at Jusco Mid Valley are quite empty and left unstocked. :(
Anyhoo... a fresh sanma and a prepared sanma I grilled myself at home. 

It's easy to serve these sanma fish. Just a matter of sprinkling some salt and grilling it to your liking. No need to gut the fish too! Just grill them whole.

Instead of serving it with grated daikon/radish; I served it Malay style - with  kicap (thick soy sauce), sliced shallots and lime juice. It was smashing!

One day I got into this experimenting mood and decided to cook the sanma "assam pedas" style. Can't say I limit myself to just a certain way of cooking, eh? *^-^*
If you are in Japan in Autumn, don't forget to eat sanma (and think of me). Kakaka

There are other food that makes me think of Autumn. Kuri (chesnut) comes to mind too. A post of all those kuri I ate soon?


  1. Nothing beats a freshly grilled fish, yum! I also like your sauce.

  2. how are you doing? did you receive my email previously? Anyway I though I can get back to blog hopping this long weekend but baby doesn't give me chance anymore. I am way too tired at the end of the day and I often end up sleeping with him when I put him to sleep.

  3. Sanma is a popular Autumn food in Japan and quite regularly appeared in my school lunch. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Sanma but enjoy other Autumn food like matsutake, nashi and budou (grapes).

    Japan Australia

  4. Woww...sanma in asam peas? Does it taste good? I should try it.

  5. Wow! I wanna eat sanma assam pedas!!! Yum!!

  6. Sanma assam pedas! :D I have to note it down and try this next time I visit Japan in Autumn!!

  7. @Ayie,
    Hi! Hi! Hi! Yeah got your e-mail. SOrry never got around to reply it. You know me and my slow response to e-mails. xD

    Busy, busy, busy eh? Kiss my kisses to Jariel, the big boy. :)

  8. @Japan Australia,
    Nashi and budou I've enjoyed but Matsutake is way expensive for me. ^^

  9. @Aziela,
    It was an experiment. Frankly, it taste nicer grilled than stewed. xD

  10. @foong,
    Asam pedas ikan pari for me!

    Should cook that this weekend. :)

  11. @ristinw,
    I think you are going to have a hard time finding sanma cooked assam pedas style in Japan as it's me trying to cook a pacific saury fish Malaysian style. xD

  12. I really like Sammma.It reminds us that autmun comes around.
    In addtion if there are rice and miso soup, it's the best dish all the world.:)

  13. I have already eaten the grilled sanma two times and sanma sasimi one time.
    Sanma sushi is also very good taste.
    Inold days there was a cliche that when sanma seaso comes, anma(Japanese style massage people) would go away from the towns.
    [sanma ga deruto anma ga hikkomu], this is original Japanese

  14. @cocomino,
    Oh! I agree. :)

    I wish I can have them now. ^^

  15. @minor,
    That is an interesting saying. So it means, when one eats sanma, which is full of nutrients, one's body will feel good and refreshed? :)

  16. Would go for the sanma assam pedas.. yummy..oishii..~;).

  17. "If you are in Japan in Autumn, don't forget to eat sanma (and think of me). Kakaka" [quoting you]. Yeah also think of Bananaz too got part of my last name in that fish too..muahahaha.

  18. I love grilled sanma too! yum yum yum....

  19. @Bananazஇ,
    You also want sanma assam pedas? xD

    OK! Will do so and think of Bananazஇ when I get my hands on those fish. ;)

  20. @ECL,
    It's nice, right? Yummy. *drool* over own photos. LOL

  21. It looks delicious grilled. Does it have lots of bones? I don't think I will be patient enough to sit through picking them out.

  22. @AVCR8teur,
    Yet, it does!

    But it's too nice to bother much about their tiny bones. ;)

  23. When is the Iwate Fair? Sounds interesting!

    Your asam pedas version of Sanma really appetizing, yum!!!

  24. @Alice,
    It should be these few months - Sep to Nov, if looking at previous year's fairs.

  25. You know, Chinese people prefer to have steamed fish if the fish is really fresh. That's the best way to taste its fresh flavour.
    If the fish is not fresh, you can tell it straight away from the steam. Not need to eat anymore.

  26. @London Caller,
    And I'm having steamed barramundi for lunch. ^^

    Funny yeah, I don't recall ever having steamed fish in Japan or at a Japanese restaurant. Well, I guess their way of enjoying fresh fish is having them raw! ;)

  27. Although sashimi is good, you need to be careful with mercury intake, especially tuna.

    Japanese don't usually steam fish.
    But their chawanmushi is quite famous.
    That's actually quite similar to tofu.
    You can make tofu yourself at home, you know?
    Just replace the water with soya milk (plain).

    Japanese people also don't drink soya milk regularly like us.

  28. @London Caller,
    You make your own tofu, LC? I'd be too lazy! LOL

    Why doesn't Japanese drink soy milk regularly, I wonder? Better to think of ocha? ^^


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