Friday, 9 September 2011

I Like Yellow Too

There's a post about the colour green earlier. Green gives me a calm feeling. It also gives out a certain cooling feel. Walking along a path with green moss made me feel like I was transported to feudal era. Heh.

Anyways, to make the colour green, one needs yellow and blue, right?

Yellow is cheerful. Yellow is bright. Yellow is hope. Yellow is optimistic. 
Yellow flowers are always nice
as are these yummy, juicy yellow pears
Yellow uni (sea urchin) which is up there amongst the stuff I love to eat
but the best view and it sure is nothing better than seeing a sea of yellow rice fields as far as the eyes can see.
You know, I do think we Asians can't stray far or too long from our rice. Rice is sustenance. Rice is life. Rice is sacred.

and for Bananazஇ,
how did I forget about this yellow Banana man in Moji? xD

And I guess after his a "Blue" themed post should be in order. What say you? Who cares. I'm putting it up regardless!


  1. Really good yellow.I like the color of sunflower. :)

  2. Yellow is one of my favourite colours. It cheers me up.

  3. I used to laugh at hubby for being a rice pot because he cannot live without rice. When we were in Australia, he must go to Chinatown every night for his bowl of rice. sigh....

    Nowadays I cannot live too long without rice. Am I getting old? sigh....

  4. Yellow? OK ok sunflower is sunny yellow but the rest erhhhh...aaaahahaha...

  5. Yellow is a great colour that reminds me of Spring flowers and Autumn leaves in Japan :)

    Japan Australia

  6. Really nice.

    What an interesting theme.

    Try purple next!

  7. @cocomino,
    Sunflowers always cheer me up. I want to visit a sunflower field someday. :)

  8. @ECL,
    I must be getting old too. Don't like burgers as much now. It's either noodles or rice. ;)

  9. @Bananazஇ,
    Aiyah! I know why... How remiss of me to forget one yellow thing to put up there.

    OK OK updating now.You sure like this yellow one. ^^

  10. @Japan Australia,
    I can't wait to see the golden yellow of autumn. :)

  11. @Loathing,
    Don't believe I have any purple themed photos... YET! ;)

  12. Whoa cutie BananazMan or John Throwater having Saturday Nite Fever? hahaha tQ.

  13. Actually what is he pointing at showing some direction or wanna do a dance? hahaha. Doma arigato.

  14. Ooops slipped of the fingers its Domo Arigato..

  15. Yellow makes me feel happy. :D Almost all of my pijamas are yellow color XD

  16. the banana is dedicated to Bananaz huh? haha!

    Yellow catches attention. Bright warm color!

    I love the one in between of the yellowish and the greenish :p.

  17. @Bananazஇ,
    No idea. Remind me to ask him when I visit Kyushu again this Dec. LOL

  18. @Ristinw,
    You have cheerful pyjamas! :)

  19. @LV,
    Well, yellow makes us think of ripe bananas, right? :)

  20. Not fair lah.
    You made a special dedication for Bananaz.
    I also want one.
    But I like all colours. Ha ha...

  21. Bananaz can only see yellow in sunflower the rest like greenish..forgot I got CVD. London Caller you not Bananaz but Mango campur-ed haha.

  22. lol. need some brain bleach after seeing that image of banana man! :-)

  23. @London Caller,
    I put up a dedication because I happen to like Bananas (not Mr Bananaz ye) A LOT. Any kind of bananas too. Big or small. Muahaha

  24. @Bananazஇ,
    Almost forgot about that. But then, the other photos are rather yellow with green tinge in them. :)

    London Caller is "mangoed"? So is that why Mrs Bananaz is "Mango"? :)

  25. @reesan,

    My thoughts exactly when I first saw it with my eyes. ;)

  26. Your rice fields photos are very beautiful. "Japanese is like a banana". It is said for Japanese business elites in USA. It means that their skins are yellow but their ways of thinking are like white people.
    I do not know it is sarcasm or praise.

  27. @minor,
    Thanks. :)

    That's an interesting saying.

    A "banana" person - yellow on the outside & white on the outside here is usually derogatory.

  28. Ha ha... The big ones are actually very, very big!
    People call them, plantains, in Britain.
    I haven't seen them in Malaysia yet.
    Those bananas can grow up to a foot long!

    One pisang goreng from plantain can feed the whole kampung lah!

    Ya lah, still cuti-cuti.
    Haven't been home for more 4 years.
    Took a long holiday from my work.
    I kinda miss UK cool weather now! Ha ha...
    How come these days are so hazy huh?
    Gift from our next door neighbour?

  29. @London Caller,
    How about Pisang Tanduk? That one is sure a big banana! :)

    Yeah, we always get this hazy gift from our neighbour every time at around this time of the year. Never fail. Should we be thankful for it? Of course, our neighbour put the blame on us, who they say are owners of the plantation there. So we are all to blame lah!

    First time back in 4 years. No wonder enjoying such a long holiday. Enjoy it, haze or not. :)

  30. Imagine going around dressed like a banana! :)

  31. My office is painted yellow. It is a cheerful color! I agree that I can't go long without eating rice. It seems to have a calming and satisfying feeling, but it is fattening.

  32. @Jenny,
    That would be a sight to see! :)

    But somehow I think dressing up as a banana would not draw much attention to us if we do it in Japan. ;p

  33. @AVCr8teur,
    How cheerful. :)

    You too? Yeah, if I can stay away from rice I'd lose weight fast. ^^
    But I still can't stay away from it.

  34. Wow look at the rice field.. So big and as far as the eye can see (or the camera can capture).. LOL! Banana man looks tortured! Maybe he wanted to get in to the Saturday Night Fever cast instead of a banana costume? :D

  35. @Bella,
    Kakaka You are funny. I guess the Banana Man did indeed wished to go out dancing. xD

  36. I feel the same way with the green moss as you ^^
    You are so right about rice, you just can't substitute that yummy carbo with anything whether its bread or pasta now if only rice would not make me gain weight *sigh*

    When I see yellow, I feel warmth :-)Looking at your yellow blog reminds me of the huge sunflower i took many years ago in the UK during the summer.

  37. @cuteandcurls,
    Asian stomach can't stay away from rice for too long, kan? Kakaka

  38. So you are going to run through all the colours of the rainbow? Haha!

  39. I don't like yellow at the moment cos I dislike Digi for giving me crappy internet connection!

  40. Blue is my favourite colour so yes!!! I want a blue post! : D

  41. @foong,
    If I can, I'd put up a post of the whole spectrum of colours here! LOL

    Kakakaka... so why not change the yellow man to others then? Contract?

    Blue post coming up.... when I find some blue photos. ;p


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