Sunday, 25 September 2011

Japanese Curry, Anyone?

Curry. Who likes curry? I do even though I know eating curries a few hours before I start my running workout will make me feel all heavy and acidic.
The curry we would normally see here in KL. Both Zaini and I love curry especially fish head curry.
A dish of fish head curry I cooked many, many moons ago.

Japanese curry is way different from the curries we are used to. It had different texture and taste from Indian curries or curries we are familiar with in Malaysia.

Curry (kare if you pronounce it the Japanese way) is a popular dish in Japan. Japanese curries can contain ingredients such as carrots, apple and honey. oooph! The "weirdness" of their curries I think was due to the influence coming not from Indian curries but it came through the British Navy.

Curry rice can be a cheap option to eat when one is in Japan. For us though, it is something we avoided just like ramen due to the content of lard or any meat products in the sauce.

But that didn't stop us from enjoying them where we can! We can eat Japanese version of curry in Malaysia instead. *^-^*
Ebi furai curry Zaini had at Mizu Restaurant in Bangsar.
Forgot what it's called but it's fried chicken curry rice. No, no tonkatsu curry rice for us, thanks. For obvious reason.

You may have biased view about curries and eating authentic version of curries... Fair enough. But why form a view on that and not be adventurous with your tastebud. After all, Malaysian cooked curries altered to suit our taste too be it Chinese style or Malay style, compared to the real Indian deal, you know.


  1. oooohhh, that fish head curry looks absolutely delish!! how i miss it!!

  2. I like both Japanese and Indian curry.
    I'm improving my cooking skill of curry.:))

  3. @sylvia,
    How about cooking them? Wait? Is it easy to find fish heads in the market there? Some American friends were baffled we actually eat fish heads. xD

  4. @cocomino,
    You will be good at it, I'm sure. ^^

  5. Have you ever had a curry udon(thick white noodles in a curry soup) or a curry bread(curry is put into a fried bread)?
    I think those are like the evolution of Galapagos. ^^
    I would like to have an Indian original, but I need to go to an urban area, ex. Fukuoka.

  6. @birdmini,
    My husband had curry udon. Curry bread - nope never. ^^

    If you do have the chance someday, you should try the Indian version too. :)

  7. I like curries but no fish heads please.


  8. @Filip,
    Not for you too? Pity. It's a delicacy. ;)
    And salt grilled fish head Japanese style is also absolutely divine. ;p

  9. what does japanese curry taste like? i heard it was sweet and creamy.. i probably wouldn't get use to that haha!

  10. @LV,
    A bit sweet. A bit grainy. A bit powdery. To me, it's like curry, without the heat and strong spice flavour.

  11. Hi lina!

    You have to taste my curry then! I love cooking curried dishes too!

  12. @Ayie,
    Can't wait! So when are we having the curry feast? ;p

  13. Love Japanese curry. It is pretty easy to make at home and is very sweet due to the addition of such things as apples, banana, honey and even chocolate.

    One of my favourite fast food restaurants in Japan is CoCo Ichiban Curry House. They do a great curry at a reasonable price and my favourite is the Katsu Curry with Cheese.

    Japan Australia

  14. @Japan Australia,
    The sweet additions to the curry sure is something I had to get used to!

    Curry and cheese? Pity no outlet offer that type of curry here or one of us would've tried it. :)

  15. Belum try belum tahu, sudah try mesti mahu, presume they are just as good.

  16. Japanese Curry's origin is from the Navy. So if you go to Yokosuka, You can eat Kaigun(Navy) curry.

    I ate the Kaigun(海軍) Curry a few years ago in Yokosuka.

  17. I think you are considered lucky if you find a fish head in your curry.

  18. @Bananazஇ,
    That's the spirit! ^^

  19. @minor,
    How does a kaigun curry differ from the curries offered in the restaurants in Japan?

    Maybe buying vacuum pack of the kaigun curry can be a form of souvenir to take back home? ;)

  20. @sixmats,
    Can't find them in Japan? The fish head in curries? ;p

    Fish head curries is a delicacy here. And they are delicious!

  21. Hehe, I actually enjoy eating Jap curry. Tad sweet compared to M'sia version!^^

  22. @Alice,
    Yup, defintiely sweeter and less spicy than our Malaysian version.

  23. @Jobless Girl,
    They look and taste good. :)

  24. I think I prefer Malaysian curry compared to Japanese curry. Haha!

  25. Or maybe I did not taste the authentic Japanese curry!

  26. @foong,
    Then, you should go fly to Japan and try them there. AirAsia got cheap fares. Can fly next yer. ;)

  27. You know what, Indian curry in UK is actually rather mild. Mat Salleh tak boleh makan pedas, for obvious reason. Ha!

    I have tried Afghan curry in London before.
    Alamak, also very mild.
    Some more very creamy.

  28. @London Caller,
    Where's the kick if not spicy at all? Creamy curry. Might as well makan masak lemak. ;p

  29. I only eat curry when I don't have appetite. ^ 0 ^ Indian curry is tasty!!!

  30. @ristinw,
    Me too! And yeah, Indian curry is absolutely yummy, :)

  31. We don't curry very often, but if we do, it's usually associated with Indian food. I remember Japan has curry food over rice everywhere. Eating that curry fish head seems messy when you have to pick out the bones.

  32. @AVCr8teur,
    Yeah, true. When we think of curry, we often think of Indian food. But there's Thai red/green curry too. ^^

    The bones in fish head aren't all that tiny so it's usually means sucking the meat off the bones actually. And only a few type of fish are nice to make curry. :)

    You should try it someday. Maybe when you visit Malaysia? :)


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