Friday, 23 September 2011

The Things I Did To Celebrate My Birthday

A break from my posts about Japan.
The Wednesday, Sep 21st this year started swell for me; what with being inundated with wishes on this blog, FB and from friends and colleagues.

Thanks you all! You peeps really made my day. And I had a nice celebration this year too.

Celebration started a few days early on Sunday with an early morning road race.Yup, I entered a 10K race for my birthday. ^^
Never forget to smile for the camera even when you are exhausted from the run! xD
I can now officially enter some races under the Women Senior Category, instead of Women Open. Nothing made you feel young and sprightly than being called a "Veteran" you know. ( ´,_ゝ`)

I'm supposed to run another race (it's a charity run) this Sunday to celebrate me getting older but I don't think I can make it. :(
That Sunday afternoon was also spent over at my Sis' house. My niece shares the same birthday as me and my brother-in-law's (the Daddy) birthday is on Sep 22. Plenty of celebration. 

On Wednesday, at the office, I had already informed colleagues that I have no intention to celebrate, eat out  since I don't eat heavy lunch or even cut cake. But the ladies surprised me by buying this:
And this:
My Boss even gave me a present though it was nice, the mention of "Age Defying" on the label of the expensive creams is kinda.... making me feel old. q(;^;)p

Zaini took us out and we had dinner at Tony Roma's. I was craving for some protein and eating those succulent ribs there sure hit the spot. Yum!
Today, on Zaini's birthday; we are spending the morning over at Japan Embassy, applying our visa. Then, it's off for a 3D2N "staycation" at a nearby hotel. 

See you when I see you! *^-^*


  1. Looks like you had a great day with lots of great food and fun :)

    Japan Australia

  2. Them ribs look so succulent, I could do with those for replenishing :) Wow you had a great birthday celebration, AWESOME!! i do miss celebrating my birthday with friends and family especially colleagues at work cos i get pampered with nice goodies and cakes and yummies. Enjoy your staycation :)

  3. That's great because your colleague and boss celebrate your birthday.I have never seen such a situation at our office.You must be happy. congrats.:))

  4. You look very relaxed and happy during the race.


  5. Wow sweat it out first then makan kuat kuatttttttt!!!! haha. Yummy succulent ribs. Lots of Virgos virgo-ing their birthdays.

  6. Congratulations again. You and your family are the happiest in the world. I could get the pieces of happiness from your blog.

  7. Wah!! Staying 3D/2N at which hotel ah? No wonder cant go for the charity run!! : D

  8. So nice of your colleagues and your boss to give you birthday presents!

  9. Age defying products can also be used by the young what as prevention haha!

  10. Enjoy your weekend stay at the hotel! Is it at Putrajaya again? : )

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Wow those ribs make me hungry (at 1AM), I haven't had decent ones in ages.

  12. It is yr birthday season so i will say ala bengbeng flattering stuff wink wink.. u look more like a schoolgirl than one who can enter the senior event..blink blink :) Happy birthday Lina.

  13. @Japan Australia,
    It sure was and still is a great week, both for me & hubby (whose bday falls on Sep 23rd). ^^

  14. @cuteandcurls,
    actually this year is the first year after many, that I'm here and around people I know. I usually spend my (and Zaini's) birthday away and usually we are on a long vacation right about now. ;)

    Those ribs were awesome! Nothing beats some red meat when you crave to be a carnivore. LOL

  15. @cocomino,
    You don't have a tradition to celebrate it at the office? How about starting it now? I'm always the one who buys the cakes each month and rounding up people for the birthday celebration but I'd usually keep mum when its my turn. xD

  16. @Filip,
    You should have seen my face before I noticed there were photographers with huge lens aiming at me! LOL

  17. @Bannaz,
    Betu betul betul. Burn calories so that can add more afterwards. xD

    Plenty of Virgoans... you also Virgo right Bananaz?

  18. @minor,
    Thank you for saying that. ^^

    We may not be rich materially, but I think we are fulfilled with our love for each other. :)

  19. @foong,
    Yeah, lazing around in a hotel room wins over running 7K on Sunday! LOL

    And yup, that hotel in Putrajaya again. Loyal, aren't we? ;)

    Nice colleagues I got eh? And to think I am the most "garang" one in there, I would've thought everyone would just let my day slide unnotices. xD

  20. @David,
    Thanks! :)

    Time to go look for some ribs then? ;)

  21. @Bengbeng,
    Even with the wink & blink, you saying I look like a schoolgirl sure make me giggle like one. *big smile*
    Sometimes, we women like to hear stuff like that even though we know its not true. ^^ You sure know how to sweet talk. d(>w<)b

  22. >Women Senior Category

    Ha ha! Don't say like that lah!
    But I see you got 5 candles on your b-day cake.
    50th B-day ke? ><

    How come you niece blow your birthday candles?
    Ah... sepupu tu yang 5 tahun (5 candles lah)!

  23. Congratulations!! I salute you for running as I have never entered any running competition before... the food looks good, especially the maki-sushi...

  24. Wow, you were so busy on your birthday! Congratulations on your race. How did you do? I can tell it's going to be a good year for you already! :)

  25. Lina, hope it's not too late. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu!!:))Moga murah rezeki and happy happy selalu:-))

  26. @London Caller,
    The candles didn't represent age. 5 people celebrated birthday in September in our family. My nephew, niece, myself, brother in law & hubby (in that order). ^^

  27. @Lrong,
    Great food.

    Me running in a race - that's nothing compared to you cycling 25km(?) to work daily. I salute you for that. *^-^*

  28. @AVCr8teur,
    The race? I probably could do better but I paced myself so as not to exert myself too much and just enjoy the run. Made it within the top 50 finisher so I was happy. ^^

    Looking forward to a great year! (what's left of it) ;p

  29. @xiaocangshu,
    It look nice but unfortunately the mango inside the cake was too sour. :(

    But we finished the cake regardless! ^^

  30. @Hanny,
    Not too late as I'm still in celebration mood. :)

    Thanks for the wish! ^^

  31. There is a problem that our office has many many people and most people change their job per two or three years.
    So the bond of colleague isn't strong.
    However, that's a good idea to celebrate each other.

  32. @cocomino,
    Yes, that would be a problem and hassle to celebrate every single person's birthday. The way we do it - we only organize it in our 40-strong department and we celebrate the people who are born in the same month on one day.

    It's just happen no one share their birthday month with me for the 14 years I work here and I always conveniently be away when it's my turn so as not to blow any birthday candles! LOL

    Having a time like this actually makes everyone come together and meet each other and talk in informally during office hours. And we only need a few minutes for it.

  33. A run on your birthday? I salute you Lina!

    Did you receive my text? Happy birthday again!

    You can never go wrong with tony roma's famous ribs! yummy!

  34. @Ayie,
    It was just a 10K run. Now, if its a full marathon I'm running - even I would salute myself. LOL

  35. Congratulations that you received so many birthday cakes and a surprise by your coworkers!!! :D It must be fun and unforgettable! The race seemed fun too! :D

  36. @@ristinw,
    Everything was fun for me on my birthday week! :)


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