Friday, 16 September 2011

We Travel Light

We usually take about three shirts and an extra pair of jeans each when we go for our vacation, be it a 2D 1N trip or a fortnight trip. We do bring a big (or two) bag along when we go to Japan, but that's for the stuff we are going to take back from our trip not bring over!

So this is essential to us and we do look for it when we are on vacation. What is? These...

Coin operated detergent dispenser, washing machine and dryer. Gotta find them at least every three days when we are there! ^^


  1. This is very convenient during a long trip.
    I sometimes use it because I don't want to bring a heavy bag.

  2. Very convenient on any trip and quite easy to find located all around Japan. Always best to travel light I say, so you can stock up on goodies :)

    Japan Australia

  3. @cocomino,
    It sure is convenient. And a cheaper option than getting the hotel to arrange laundry for us. ^^

    That's why we like business hotels more than 5 star hotels. ;)

  4. @Japan Australia,
    Yup, travel light and stock on goodies while one is there! :)

  5. We do the same :) Bring a small week's worth of clothing and just wash them downstairs in our apartment building. We always pick hotels and apartment buildings with laundromats. Handy-dandy and it saves a lot of trouble and weight.

  6. @Cailin Coilleach,
    Me too!

    Yeah, having a coin-laundry/laudromat nearby where one is staying can sure lessen the luggage. :)

  7. Can be a hassle to find these in some places, but obviously not in Japan! Do you find them even in country areas?

  8. Those machines are very handy along the journey, we don't need to take too many clothes :)

  9. @Jenny,
    That's true but since this is Japan, anything automated is pretty much easy to find.

    Have yet stayed in a total rural area and those places we went, we just made sure that we have enough to return to a place where we'd know we can find the coin laundry. ^^

    I'll look them out and report back in Dec! :)

  10. @ristinw,
    Yeah, pretty handy. And I'm thankful that we were able to find them while on vacation. :)

  11. Ah ha, I have seen this umpteen times in Japanese comic!! Very convenient indeed!^^

  12. @Alice,
    You read manga? Cool!

    Yup, very convenient indeed. And sure beats washing the clothes in the hotel room sink too! :)

  13. Ha ha... You can turn your clothes inside out and re-wear them again.
    So only need to basuh baju once a week. Ha ha...

  14. Yeah, staying somewhere with this is very convenient. If only they have this everywhere, holidays / trips would be 10x easier & lighter!

  15. Yes, laundry is always a problem. I just hate having to lug home soiled laundry after a trip or be like my friend, a CEO of a well known company sheepishly admitting to us he was wearing a 8 day continuously worn pair of jeans. hahahah.

    as for me, I stay in cheaper hotels n they jus dont provide laundry services. I have never frequented a laundromat though

  16. @London Caller,
    Then need to buy those "baju" that's not obvious when it's turned inside out. Wouldn't be a problem if travelling during cold season becase everytime also wear jacket. Kakaka

  17. @Bengbeng,
    I only wash my jeans after months of wearing them! Lagi worse! Kakaka

    Yeah, total bummer when we get back from our vacation and have to deal with a ton of laundry. If we travel to Japan nowadays, we always return with a bag full of freshly laundered clothes. ;p

  18. @Bella,
    But then, if hotels provide this - they can't make money from doing your laundry for you!

    I like those hotels that provide free laundry & pressing for a few clothes item. I always take advantage of them. ;)

  19. wow this is really useful. sadly not everywhere has this kind of things.

    having this does make the travelling way lighter than anyhting else!

  20. @LV,
    Yeah, pity can't find these easily. :(

  21. I like to travel light too but washing machines are not available in many countries, so have to handwash in hotel room. :(

  22. @ECL,
    I did that too!

    I think the best option for those only staying in one city would be to book an apartment (esp if coming in a group). Right?

  23. You are like a proffesional traveller!

  24. Ha ha... Betul lah!
    Pada musim sejuk, orang Inggeris boleh seminggu pun tak mandi!
    No wonder perfumes sell like hot cakes in UK lah.


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