Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Almost There! Keeping The Boy Occupied

We are guilty of letting our son have a go at his Nintendo DSi every time we are on long train journeys in Japan. That's the only way to keep him from the need to run around or bother other commuters. Raimie can be such a nosy boy when nobody is paying attention to him. Though once you, a stranger talked to him, he'll clam up and hide behind his Mom!

But he is still not allowed to play it while we were put sight-seeing or while walking around! Only on trains or while in long queues so that he won't get too bored or fidgety. I totally wonder why some parents let their children be occupied with whatever handheld games they have while walking around. It's better to sightsee or just be aware of the crowd than being engrossed in your own world, right?

I wish he would want to read books once in a while, but oh well. No such luck yet!

What's your secret to keeping your child/children happy while on a vacation?


  1. My children are 17 and 18 and they play their Nintendos everywhere! We were in Japan this last January and they played the DSi or Lite or whatever they had on the shinkansen, on the subway if there were a few stops. I've seen lots of grown people play their Nintendos and phone games. Seems to be the thing! If it keeps them quiet, it's ok :)

    I learned with my son this time, even at 17, he wasn't interested in the sight seeing much. I have so many photos of him sitting with his hand on his chin, bored! How can you be bored in Japan! So this Dec. when we're back again I'm just taking my daughter :) (and her Nintendo)

    Your blog is terrific!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. In our case we were very, very happy having bought an iPad right before our trip. Our 3yo Dana was very happy, playing puzzles and tangrams on the flight and the shinkansen. We also had smaller games on our iPhones, to keep her occupied at restaurants while the grownups ate their boring korean BBQ ;)

    Aside from those "waiting" moments she wasn't allowed to play video games at all. And that was nice because she's without any restraints and thus immediately tries to make friends with all manner of new people. :)

    Case in point -> http://www.kilala.nl/Gallery/japan2011/Day14/P1020336.JPG.php

  3. It is very difficult to let children to read books willingly. If you find the way,you will get a Nobel prize.

  4. The Nintendo DSi is a great idea for long trips and I like your rule that its only for long train journeys or long queues. I need to get me one of those :)

    Japan Australia

  5. I can understand what you mean.
    I have never given my children any games or my children's friends parents have never given them.
    Children want to play games if their friends do it.

    Anyway if you limit the time to let play the game, it's ok. :-)

  6. What's the secret...? That's a good question.

  7. @Jennifer,
    Hi! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. :)

    Yeah, people are sure pre-occupied in their own world, watching the smartphones/Nintendo DS and whatnot screen while on transit.

    17 yo is at the phase of not really caring much what Mom/Dad "force" us to do and go, right? I think I was that way too! OMG... I just have a few more years before my son turn into a sulky teenager! @.@

    So you're planning for a trip this Dec. How fun! Have lots of fun with daughter (so son really not tagging along this time?) ^^

  8. @Cailin,
    Thank goodness for technology, eh? They can keep hyperactive kids occupied for a while. ;)

    You are like me too, allowing the access to games only at certain "waiting" time.

    BTW, love those photos. I'll be visiting a few more times to read all about your Japan trip over and over. :)

  9. @minor,
    I just wish he's abit more like me when it comes to reading.

    At his age, I had a pretty good collection of books, mostly Enid Blyton, Asterix & Tintin that I acquired by scrimping and saving to buy, with my own pocket money. To say I love reading when I was small would be an understatement! xD

    But I guess boys are different from girls. ;)

  10. @Japan Australia,
    I think ipad can work wonders too! ;)

  11. @cocomino,
    Owning games can be a peer pressure issue. I was told by a friend in Japan that it would be "uncomfortable" for a child not to own the same thing as his/her friends do.

    Yes, a limit to play games should be enforced by parents to their child. I feel that it is unhealthy to let children have unlimited access to them.

    It's the same thing for adults. When one is too pre-occupied with games or whatever app they have on their smartphones and not caring about people around them or even their safety, that is bad.

    I've seen too many people here that are so engrossed, that they don't care to look out for cars when crossing a road. That is dangerous! :(

  12. @kyushudan,
    Happy spirited kids at your side? ;-)

  13. Juan Juan usually hv colour pencils and note pad with her where ever she goes, she'd like to scribble and draw her fave pic, this is substantial to keep her occupied.:)

  14. Is tht a PSP? Can we read ebook via PSP, just a thought.

  15. Hi Lina,

    My son is a good kid but he just doesn't like to travel I think. His father (we're divorced) offered to take him to Mexico for two weeks this year and he wasn't interested! Even my son said he really didn't want to go back to Japan. He's fine about it. I was a late starter to travelling myself, totally not interested until about 5 years ago :)

    Sydney, Australia

  16. @Alice,
    No, that is Nintendo DSi. His PSP has been in storage for a long time after getting his DS & DSi (not to mention DS XL) LOL

    He plays games, arrange music, watch movies, scribble & draw, well - do almost everything with his DS except reading! xD

  17. @Jennifer,
    Aaaahhh... yeah, some people doesn't like traveling much. And some loves them.

    Ah well, if he's not interested, he's not interested, right? Nothing wrong with that. (Although can be a bummer to us when our kid doesn't share our interest. xD )

    If you're going with just your daughter, then he'll stay with his Dad?

  18. I think you are being smart by setting limits, Lina. People (both kids and adults alike) need guidelines so as not to go overboard.

  19. @HappySurfer,
    We need to have limits to all we do. Being too obsessed about something can't be that healthy. I need to remind myself that too, plenty of times. xD

  20. I don't have children XD, but If I have a son or a daughter, I would give him/her a small camera to take pictures of everywhere which he/she thinks it is interesting. :D

  21. @ristinw,
    That is a good idea! :)

    Thanks for giving the tip. ^^

  22. New mummy here is writing down quite a good list of tips for future trips :) Good blog Lina

  23. @cuteandcurls,
    You'll do just fine when it's time to bring baby girl for a trip.

    She enjoyed the Cherating trip, I bet. :)


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