Sunday, 30 October 2011

It's Halloween Time!

Any plans trick-or-treating tonight with the kids? Or painting the town red in your costumes? Then again, Japanese doesn't need Halloween to go out in costumes if you take into account those cosplayers. ;)

From what I observed, stores in Japan sure embraced the Halloween wholeheartedly with all the Halloween merchandise being sold.

Even Ultraman isn't spared, as can be seen at the M78 shop (official Ultraman shop).


  1. Now that is what I call a beautifully carved pumpkin

  2. I have never celebrated Halloween not because I don't like it. There isn't any tradition.
    However young people seem to enjoy it.
    My children may enjoy it when they grow up. :D

  3. @Jenny,
    It is really beautifully carved, isn't it? :)

  4. @cocomino,
    Halloween isn't a tradition here either but of course commercial establishment embraced it, and people are aware of it, thanks to the media. ;)

  5. Disneyland Jap?!! My girl will sure shout in glee if she saw your post!^^

  6. @Alice,
    Yup, that's Tokyo Disneyland. :)

    I do have lots of photos from both Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea posted up previously. ^^

  7. Heard, seen & read about Halloween but never had the chance to celebrate or witness it personally...`;(.

  8. Halloween in Japan has started gaining in popularity with more and more cities, towns, shopping centers and theme parks displaying colourful Halloween decorations and having fun events.

    One of the fun things I enjoy around this time of year in Japan is the Halloween special edition of Japanese treats and snacks. This includes such things as Halloween Pumpkin Kit Kat to Koala no March Halloween.

    Japan Australia

  9. You've just inspired me to carve something tonight for Halloween! :D Haha

  10. @Japan Australia,
    I wouldn't say no to those cute snacks trick or treating! ;)

  11. @Bananaz,
    Me neither. Well, if you count dining at American restaurants on 31st Oct, with it decked all out in Halloween theme; then I supposed I have. ;p

  12. @ristinw,
    Oh do show us your artwork if you do a Halloween carving tonight! :)

  13. Now that pumpkin I do like :) I cant wait to dress up my baby next year hehehee i got all sorts of ideas on what to dress her up...sorry for the long absence hehehe we just got back from a week getaway at Cherating, lovely although it did rain a day or so but overall its a good much needed break from the hustle and bustle here and at least my kecik has a lovely tan ;-)

  14. @cuteandcurls,
    Oooooo how nice. Went to Cherating ye?:) Lil' girl sporting a nice tan now? Lovely. ^^

    I bet she'll look adorable in Halloween costumes. When we were at Disneyland when the Halloween theme was up, we saw many, many girls wearing princess costumes coming to the park. Sooooo cute! :)

  15. There were lots of Halloween decorations around when we were in Japan recently. I think the Japanese just like to decorate no matter what the occasion!

  16. @Lisa,
    I do agree.

    And instead of a scary, spooky Halloween, its' cutesy Halloween there. ;)

  17. What do they eat on Halloween in Japan?
    I know they eat KFC on Xmas day over there!
    Ha ha... Very interesting right!
    Too bad, KFC Japan do not provide chilli sauce like we do in Malaysia lah.

  18. @London Caller,
    I have absolutely no idea! xD

    LOL about chilli sauce. When my friends tagged along with me and we went to a fast food place, she asked for chilli sauce and was surprised that there's none served.

    KFC wise, of course you need all sorts of sauce when eating in Malaysia. Have you eaten any when you are back? They are tasteless, dry and hard! :(

    Suffice to say, I'm not a fan of KFC. ;)

  19. Nicely carved pumpkin there! Haha!

  20. @foong,
    Yeah, it sure is one nicely carved pumpkin.

    You carved any pumpkin for Halloween? :)

  21. Only departmentstores want Halloween to be a custom in Japan. It is difficult for us to have such a custom. When I went to a supermarket near our house. All of female store clerks wore witch hats. It looked very queer.

  22. @minor,
    I think that in Japan, much like here in Malaysia - it is purely for commercial reason. It's a gimmick to attract customers, apart from catering for the expat community?

  23. I didn't realize Japan loves Halloween too! What was your costume this year? My parents did not allow me to celebrate Halloween as a kid so I don't really celebrate it as an adult.

  24. @AVCr8teur,
    Seems Japan loves anything from US!

    We don't celebrate Halloween but Raimie badgered us to dine at Tony Roma's because the restaurant had such a nice Halloween decor. ;)


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