Friday, 14 October 2011

Running In Japan?

I don't know whether I can really do this while on vacation but I hope to be able to do a bit of morning runs while in Japan. At least twice a week? My optimistic plan is to do 8 runs during the 15 days we are there.

It won't be a daily thing, and I probably only able to do it at places we stay for more than 1 night because I don't want to lug my smelly, sweaty clothes to another town.

I spent a bit of time looking for running routes at places we will be staying. While googling about it, I chanced upon Dru's blog called Dru's Misadventures — Andrewのブログです and his post about the Sumida River. I think I want to try running alongside the Sumida River when we get to Asakusa! He had so kindly created a map of a running course for me. Thanks Dru. :)

I'm definitely looking forward to do it and maybe get to see sights that I won't see during our normal sightseeing. Planning to run with a compact camera in hand too!

Now, if only I can find a route to run in Hakata, Takamatsu and Kawasaki next. I'm looking at MapMyRun for a bit of info.

Of course, this plan of mine will only happen if I can actually wake up at 5am! That and getting over the fear of getting lost. I can get lost easily as I am quite "directionally" challenged. Zaini just told me to go to the nearest "koban" and ask for help  instead  of asking him go out and accompany me; if I do get myself lost running around. xD

If I really follow through this plan of mine, there would be a segment of Japan Running posts here after our trip. ^^

I finished my run at Putrajaya Night Marathon last night (Oct 15) in one piece despite the hiccups I had earlier before this race - injury, slipped into a drain, all that nonsense. 

The timing might not be something to shout about, but I'm still proud of myself. *^-^* 

I need to start training again for the next race in Nov. Wish me luck! 


  1. Japan is a great place for running. I used to enjoy running by the rivers and mountains in Gifu prefecture :)

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    Yes, I know. I love walking on the wide pavements around Tokyo and had thought that I should run while on vacation there and not be out-of-shape. :)

    Running with views of rivers and mountains is really nice. I envy you. ^^

  3. Good luck, I hope you get to find some maps. Maybe you can bring along a personal satnav! :)

  4. You will be going to Takamatsu?. Oh my Udon Heaven.....Yummy:)Please post lots and lots of pictures of udons/udons shop

  5. @Jenny,
    I'm not that hi-tech. Don't even own an iPhone.

    Worse come to worse, I just run in a straight line and back. ^^

  6. @nana,
    I don't really like udon. I'm a soba person, myself. But of course there'll be plenty of udon adventures since Hubby and Son love them. :)

    Nak I tapau balik sikit? hihi

  7. Do you know Tokyo marathon?
    It's popular recently.Runners can run center of the street.It must be fun.

  8. @cocomino,
    I know a few runners from Malaysia who will be running in he 2012 Tokyo Marathon. ^^

  9. Half a month in Japan? That's just so cool! Good luck with your running!

  10. Waking up at 5am is quite a challenge. Good luck with your runningplans.

  11. Wow, you are ambitious! If you find yourself not wanting to get up so early, do some jumping jacks in your hotel room. :D Sightseeing and walking always tire me out so I usually skip the traditional exercise part until I get home.

  12. @WebbieLady/Filipina Ini,
    I do wake up at 5am normally but seeing that it'll be cold in December... maybe it'll be harder to go up from the bed and go out. xD

  13. @AVCr8teur,
    Maybe overly ambitious too? ;)

    Oh, I don't know about jumping jacks. I hate jumps. I don't even like to jump rope. Must be coz the heavy weight of my body. kekeke

  14. Good luck with your plan to run in Japan... In Takamatsu, think it should be fun to run along the road that runs parallel to the coast...

  15. @Lrong,
    I was thinking the same too when we get to Takamatsu. Should be lovely running along the coastline. :)

  16. @Jumping jacks are great... not good to the neigbors downstairs if you do it indoor! :=)

  17. @WebbieLady,
    That is so true! ;p

  18. Wow!!! So excited to hear that!!! Gan Ba De!! :D

  19. Congratz you did it at the Night Marathon hope you are ok how did you slip into the drain watching macho men? hahaha.

  20. @ristinw,
    Hait! Ganbarimasu! :)

  21. Yeah it a good way to 'see' the place while you jog Bananaz would always do that while overseas. Seeing places that we normally didn't see or too fast to be seen. Gambate!

  22. @Bananazஇ,
    I'd be so mortified if slip into drain in front of macho men. hahaha

    Bananaz always go jogging when travelling overseas? Cool! Yeah, I was thinking of the same way. Running would enable me to see a different side of the city I'm visiting. ;)

  23. Hello, Lina! How are you?
    What have you been up to lately?
    Went to Kuala Lumpur last week.
    Had a great time there.
    Tomorrow, will be going to Singapore.
    Next, will be flying back to London.

    Ha, if you wash your smelly feet in Putrajaya lake, I think the fish will also mati lah.

  24. @London Caller,
    Long time no hear! Quietly came to KL, never mention. Otherwise I can ask you to belanja me! LOL

    Hey! My feet not smelly, OK! Now can't say the same about my armpit! Kakaka

  25. When I was in Asakusa I would run through Senzoku north of Sensoji - away from the crowds. I wish I had run along the river.

  26. @sixmats,
    I had thought of running from our hotel right to the pier and back but then, I would have to contend with traffic and pedestrian too.

    Maybe I should do both. One run from Senzoku which our hotel is located to wherever my legs take me and another by the river. ^^

    So much plans, but so little time to spend there. T_T

  27. I also have the desire to be able to reside in Japan, reading this paper, I grew to have a strong desire.
    Greetings from Java

  28. @Mr Nyariadi,
    Have you visited Japan yet? :)

  29. It will b adventurous of u to run in a strange place. Take care of stray dogs etc.

  30. @Bengbeng,
    I will be careful during my runs.

    However, running here at home and numerous other places; I find that strays stay away from me but dogs that have owners but left unleashed do terrorise me when I was passing by their owner's house.

  31. Wow, a big applause for your Running spirit, despite in other country till carry on! Thumbs up!

    p/s: The pulau Ketam ice cream taste like blended ice with fruit juice and sugar, lol!Taste ok to me and of course the kids like it.

  32. @Alice,
    Need to stay in shape lah.... I got another race coming up after our vacation and I don't want to lose my stamina. ^^

    The ice cream sounds nice and healthy. :)

  33. Wow! Going vacation still thinking about running? Really addicted!! LOL!

  34. Look forward to your Japan running post here...errr.. in Dec or next year? : D

  35. Good luck to your next marathon in Nov!! : )

  36. @foong,
    If not, it'll be hard for me to maintain my stamina. I rested for two weeks because of my leg got injured and I barely able to run 3K! I am so unfit. huhuhu

    Running posts? I'm gonna follow your lead. It's gonna be next year - maybe end next year? LOL

    Not running marathon just yet lah. Nov's race is just 7.7K, fun fun run in Puchong. Cannot do anything hardcore too near to our vacation lest I am unable to walk or anything. xD

  37. Thanks for the mention. Hope you are having a good time. I would've been happy to look at the maps for Takamatsu, Hakata, as well as Kawasaki. I don't know the routes there but I can usually spot them and give advice. :D Oh well, better to just walk it off all day.

    @bengbeng: No stray dogs in Tokyo, or rather very few. Mostly stray cats who love to attack dogs.

  38. @Dru,
    Would you? That be so helpful!

    Yeah, I can walk all day but I just want to make sure I at least at least once a wekk while I'm there. It's hard for me to get my running mojo back if I rest too long. ;)

    Cats in Tokyo are sure fierce. o.O

  39. If you have the address of the hotels, send them to me. I may not be able to check here so send it directly, or at my blog. I'm still learning how to use Blogger properly. :D

  40. @Dru,
    OK. Cool!

    And thanks so much. Really appreciate it. :)


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