Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sleeping On The Floor?

One of the highlight staying at a Japanese Inn/ryokan for us apart from enjoying the hot spring/onsen is sleeping on futons. Futon consisted of shikibuton (under/bottom mattress) and kakebuton (comforters/quilted bedcover). Different type of futon are used depending on season (and personal preference).

If we are to use a futon here in Malaysia, instead of a thick bedcover (of course, it wouldn't be a problem if one is sleeping in an air-conditioned room), we would use just a mofu (blanket). I always wanted to have buckwheat pillows to use at home, but I can't seem to find them here. There are pillows with pockets of buckwheat but it didn't feel the same. I noticed that I sleep really well using these buckwheat pillows.
Futons laid out for us to sleep on, after dinner.
Raimie, feeling so comfy and happy on his futon. Kids love this, I bet.
He's certainly slept well on futons. Zzzzzzzzzzzz...


  1. That reminds me, I wanted to get a buckwheat pillow. Luckily Marukai here has them.

    Raimie definitely looks like he is enjoying his stay!

  2. @blukats,
    Have fun pillow shopping.

    I wish I know where to find them here in Kuala Lumpur.:(

    Yeah, Raimie really did enjoy the experience. :)

  3. Eh why so familar one? Thought it was my bed haha. Bananaz has been sleeping on the floor for more than a decade with a piece of cloth as blanket *real blanket in cupboard juz in case*. He is certainly sleeping well, can feel his Delta waves haha.

  4. I can't sleep with buckwheat pillows. :-(
    They're so comfortable, but as I always sleep with one ear on the pillow, all the grains rubbing on each other when I move make so much noise (in my ear, not in the room).

  5. Futons are great and so practical. You fold them up and store them away during the day and create more room at home.

    Japan Australia

  6. @Bananazஇ,
    Waaa... you can sleep well like that? My body would ache all over the next morning if I sleep on just a thin layer of mattress/blanket on the floor.

  7. @David,
    Didn't think of that. Yeah, those sleeping on one side would hear the grains rubbing with each other.

    I can't sleep on one side - bad shoulder. So I never realised that (noise) could be a problem. ;p

    But then, you must like to move your head around while you sleep? ;-)

  8. @Japan Australia,
    Yeah. It's great for small apartments. But one has to have a place to air them out, right?

  9. Why didn't you buy one buckwheat pillow from Japan?

    I used to sleep on the floor next to my parents' bed when I was a kid, now my son sleeps on the floor next to my bed. :)

  10. @ECL,
    Because it'll be too bulky! xD

    Aaawww.. your son sleeps on the floor next to you? So sweet. ^^

  11. Your son has so much fun! :D So happy and sweet dream!

  12. @ristinw,
    He sure did.

    We did too! :)

  13. I didn't think writing about futon on my blog because it's really usual thing.Of course I sleep on a futon every night and I have never slept on the bed except during the trip.
    I'm interested in that many other country's people are interested in futon and pillow. :)

  14. @cocomino,
    A usual thing at one place can be a totally interesting experience at others. ^^

    Maybe you can write about it for the benefit of your overseas readers, of which are many. :)

  15. I'm just putting up a comment by Minor as he can't comment here yet and I wanted to share what he wrote:

    "Hi! It looks the tatamis are renewing just before. I like renewing tatamis very much.

    Unfortunately there are no tatami rooms in our house. My son do not like to sleep on bed.

    So he use Futons just on wooden flooring room. he is working a motor company in Gunma prefecture now.

    When he came back, he would sleep futons on wooden flooring.

    When we were a junior high school boys. Staying a Ryokan by group tour, pillows throwing was the most pleasant memory in our tour."

    Minor - thanks for your comment. The smell of tatami mats are nice to me. I think if we live in Japan, I would definitely opt for a futon instead of a bed. ^^

  16. Haha! Thx for teaching me about the shikibuton and kakebuton. I always call them both "futon", which can get very confusing.

  17. @Dan,
    You're most welcome. Haha

  18. that looks extremely comfy!

    i wonder if it will work in an air-cond room too :p. it is said to be healthy to be sleeping on the floor. of course not marble or tiled floor. wooden floors. and keeps our back strain free too.

  19. I slept on a futon on the floor for a year long time ago. Is a buckwheat pillow suppose to stay cooler? I wonder if it is hard?

  20. I slept on futons in Kyoto recently. It was really uncomfortable! I always thought futons were like foam mattresses, but the ones we had were just like continental quilts. I'm too old to sleep on the hard floor!

  21. @LV,
    It was comfy! I slept like a log. ^^

    Hmmm... I wonder too, abt the air-cond room. Any info from those living in Japan?

  22. @AVCr8teur,
    Were you living in US, sleeping on the futon at that time or elsewhere?

    I think the buckwheat pillow does makes you cool as the natural air circulation of the individual husks creates an ideal temperature or something.

    It's not as hard as one would think. Of course, can't compare it to down pillows. xD

    Anyway, I like my pillow a bit hard. Can't sleep well with fluffy pillows. ^^

  23. @Lisa,
    That sounds uncomfortable. I think the place you stayed in provided too thin of a mattress, that's why.

    Thank goodness we slept on rather thick ones or else I think I would've gotten back problems too. @.@

  24. Hi Lina,

    Yes that is true. You are meant to air them out everyday if the weather is good :)

    Japan Australia

  25. Being afraid the kids rolling down frm the bed, we were basically sleeping on the futons... frm the day my girl was born till now, hehe.:)

  26. @Japan Australia,
    If one has no balcony or have another building right smack next to one's house/apartment, airing them doesn't do much though, right?

    I'd be having problems airing them since I'll be out from our house most days. xD

  27. @Alice,
    We used to slee on the floor too, when Raimie was smaller after he accidentally fell from the bed when he was a toddler.

  28. Hi Lina,

    People in Japan are very resourceful and do manage a way to get it done :)

    Japan Australia

  29. @Japan Australia,
    I bet they do. ;)


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