Monday, 10 October 2011

There Are Many Ways To Flush

I wrote this remembering with a chuckle colleagues experience using a Japanese hi-tech toilet at the now defunct Ninja Jones Restaurant at MidValley Northpoint. They were so excited using the toilet but a few of them whispered to me that they couldn't find the handle to flush.

But of course, plenty of posh toilets in Malaysia don't need you to do anything after finishing your "business" other than stand up and it'll automatically flush for you, right? But just in case you are in Japan, you can't find the handle and the foreign words on buttons scares you and you don't want to fiddle around in case you press a wrong button; here's some photos of them here.

There are flush buttons and all those awesome buttons to cleanse your *ehem* private areas. Be careful not to spray yourself wet! LOL
Some music or sound to cover embarrassing noise you might emit? No problem. Some toilets can cover those noises for you!

Now, no matter what you do. Once you finished your business, don't forget to flush and flush properly! I'm quite baffled on why some people seems to  conveniently forgot to do it at public toilets, even at the office.  That's no good, people. :(

And you know, every time I sit on the cold toilet seat, I'll be missing the warm toilets seats in Japan. ;p


  1. Love the heated toilet seats in Japan and the high-tech toilets are amazing. They can be a little scary at first but you soon get the hang of them. We even have a really cool one at home :)

    Japan Australia

  2. I love Japanese basins with auto water, soap and hand drier all built in. You never know what sort of toilet you are going to get over there. I can't deal with squat toilets-I'm Australian!

  3. @Japan Australia,
    We wanted so badly to install one in our home too but the way the toilet is configured here, toilet and shower head so close to each other and the bowl will get wet everytime I shower, I don't think it's a good idea. Maybe when we buy a new house, eh? ^^

  4. @Lisa,
    I get excited entering different toilets at different places for that reason. Going for a toilet break is like a mini adventure. LOL

    I don't do squat toilets unless I absolutely have to. And I'm Asian. o.O

  5. Thought you gonna explain to us which and what button to push haha. Saw one joke one lady got stuck on the toilet bowl after she pandai pandai press a 'suction' button. The button was supposed to be press when standing. Here butt got sucked-in and she was held up in the toilet until arrival. Luckily this is a hoax no such thing haha.

  6. @Bananazஇ,
    I just know which one to wash behind after doing the "big business" and which one to use after the "small" one. Haha

  7. The picture which shows the cleaning business is so fun XD

  8. @ristinw,
    Isn't it just? And there's a button for warm air to dry the area too. I wish we have one of those here. xD

  9. Hehe... luckily M'sia is a summer all year long, ealse it's pretty frustrated to see on the chilling toilet!

    Hey, tot u email me abt the walkathon detail(;D

  10. @Alice,
    But in the office, it's always winter with the chilly aircon. Brrr....

    Hahaha sorry sorry forgot. I'm very lazy when it comes to emailing people. ;p

    You want to walk or run? I'll give you two blog links that always have updates on races and walkathons. ^^

  11. I prefer walking, better for my achilles tendon!;D

  12. That's funny! I just saw an advert for one of those toilets in England, first time I have see them advertised here. Maybe, just maybe.... because we are getting a new shower room installed!

  13. yes! heated toilet seats are a great invention! how i wish they had it here too!

  14. Wow, never saw or sat on a heated toilet seat, but I guess it is better than the surprising and unpleasant chill of an ice cold one...

  15. @Alice,
    Walking or running. Both good for us. It's good to be active. :)

  16. @Jenny,
    A home improvement project. Happy showering in the new shower room. ;p

    So, what do you think? Tempted to get the nifty hi-tech toilet after seeing the ad? :)

  17. @Slyvia,
    You totally should have one of those in London.

    A problem may arise though. A warm seat might mean a longer toilet break time? ;)

  18. @VampireWikiBlog,
    It sure is much more pleasant than having to park my butt on a cold seat. ;p

    Thanks for commenting. Do come often. :)

  19. I remember some of those buttons, but other than pressing the flush button, I don't mess with the other ones not knowing exactly what they do and fear of getting wet! :) Worse than not flushing is not washing their hands afterwards.

  20. @AVcr8teur,
    Not washing and then food and people around them. Eeeewwww! @.@

  21. A comment from Minor which came through the e-mail. (He had some computer issues and not able to comment here):

    "Using normal type of toilet, there was a alert button in the room. I would always be careful wether it is the alert button or not."

    Thanks Minor for the comment! :)


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