Thursday, 27 October 2011

Yes, The Rooms Can Be Small

Someone asked me whether it is true that hotel rooms in Japan are small. Yes, they are. OK, we've stayed in spacious rooms in international brand hotels but we paid a premium for them. And well, small rooms are more prevalent in big cities than in rural towns.

I don't mind staying in minuscule rooms because we don't exactly plan to spend the bulk of our vacation in our hotel rooms!
Small room with equally tiny bathroom at Toyoko Inn. The plus point of staying at this hotel chain for us is, the corresponding cheap rates they offer.
Tiny rooms at Nikko Hotel, Ginza and a compact room at Nikko Hotel, Kawasaki. The only reason we stayed here was because we had JAL vouchers we received redeeming our JAL mileage. The wardrobe in Ginza was just a tad taller than 8 year old Raimie!@.@

You think we want to waste 20,000yen a night staying in Ginza when we can just spend 7,000yen for a night in Toyoko Inn somewhere in Asakusa? I might as well save some $$$ and use it to buy a pair of shoes! Hohoho

And at least the rooms we stayed in are not as claustrophobic as sleeping in a capsule hotel! Though I wish I tried to sleep there at least once.

I may not be fussy about the rooms, but I draw the line at staying in a dorm. I've lived in a dormitory since I was 13 up to college so no more dorm nights for me, thanks! I need my privacy now.


  1. Wow, it looks like all- in- one studio apartment, interesting... most important, it looks really cosy!

  2. Your room in Toyoko Inn actually looks more roomy than the ones I've seen :) Lucky people :)

    Here's our room we had in Fukuoka ->

  3. @Alice,
    The one in the 4th photo sure looks like a compact studio apartment.

    We found a nice hotel room (Toyoko Inn, no less) in Kawasaki that even has a pantry and enable us to cook simple meals. Alas, we didn't do/plan to do any cooking. :)

  4. @Cailin,
    Oooo so you stayed in Toyoko Inn too! Did you get the Toyoko Inn membership for the discounts?

    Which part of town did you stay in while you were in Fukuoka?

    I find that the rooms in Hakata are much more spacious that the ones in Tokyo. And like you mentioned, they even have a cupboard, although it's pretty useless for us too. ;p

  5. i stayed in smaller rooms where to turn is also quite a chore :)

  6. We stay at Tokyu Excel in Shibuya. We get a room with 4 single beds and toilet,bathroom and shower are in 3 separate rooms. It's spacious and we love the location at the Shibuya scramble and it connects to the train station. I find the rates are cheaper than in Australia.

  7. Yes yes yes Bananaz would echo you for saving the $$$ on rooms and spent them on other things as long as the rooms are comfortable and place is convenient.

  8. My daughter stayed in those capsule hotel in Osaka before for a night just after her training in Kobe on her extended stay. She says its OK quite comfortable at least she does not have to worry sleeping alone in hotels.

  9. The rooms at business or budget hotels in Japan are very good value. Yes, they might be a little smaller than premium hotel rooms, but they are very practical and perfect for a nights sleep. We also really like the Toyoko Inn chain located all over Japan and for 7000 yen who can argue.

    Japan Australia

  10. @Bengbeng,
    Staying in too small a space is so claustrophobic! But then, if it's just for sleeping, as long as got space to lie down, I guess it's OK, right? ;)

  11. @Lisa,
    Sounds nice.

    How much was the rooms?

  12. @Bananaz,
    Wah, your daughter had the experience of staying in a capsule hotel. Cool!

    So, during the extended stay, she was just by herself? No colleagues or friends together with you. Cool!

    And yeah, why waste money on hotel rooms when the money saved can be spent on other important stuff like eating lots of good Japanese food. ^^

  13. @Japan Australia,
    7,000yen with freee breakfast and privacy is good value for me! :)

    Indeed - Toyoko Inns are good in value and their sheer numbers and close vicinity to train stations makes them a good choice for travelers And of course those weary salarymen who can't make it back home for the night. ;)

  14. Although the rooms are really small, but many of them are very clean and comfortable, so I don't mind staying in a tiny room too! :D HeeHee

  15. @ristinw,
    W eplace the utmost importance over cheap & clean rooms. And even for the budget price, the rooms are all nice & comfy.

    Tiny rooms there made me appreciate the bigger space we have here, back home. LOL

  16. Guess she has her training when young, went to kindergarten at age 2 plus, home alone at an early age. Used the same bas sekolah since kindy until Form 6 in Convent Green Lane, Penang. She travelled to Melbourne alone for her further studies after TAR college as she was unable to get on the same flight from Penang with her 3 classmates from KL. Very independent girl indeed.

  17. I also stayed in a hotel in Ginza, the rooms of your hotel look also good.


  18. @Bananaz,
    You and Mango raised a very independet girl. Power to her and you two! :)

  19. @Filip,
    Whooo... how's the rate at the hotel of yours? Ginza is nice but the rates there scares me. o.O

  20. Wow that bathroom is tiny. Is it me or is the toilet slightly tilted? I don't mind it being small as long as it is clean. I agree that I would not spend all that money on a hotel room.

  21. @AVCR8teur,
    Yes, it is tilted. It has to be otherwise, the right leg can't fit when we sit on it. The bathroom is that small.

  22. I don't mind the small bedrooms, but yikes, those small bathrooms make me feel like a claustrophobic contortionist. I don't like it when everything from the ceiling to the floor, including the toilet paper, gets wet when you have a shower! Will humankind never be able to design a decent shower curtain?! >:(

  23. @Rurousha,
    ahahaha... I'd love having a dry bathroom floor after my showers. Please mankind - hear Rurousha and someone design a decent shower curtain. Quick! xD

    Yeah, small bathrooms are sooooo claustrophobic. At least I'm a "petite" Asian so I don't have much issues on space there. hihi

  24. Despite it being small, it is tastefully decorated though :) the bathroom now thats sooooooo sempit, if my husband goes in there he'd be cramped hehe

  25. @cuteandcurls,
    A "mat salleh" would have a problem with that teeny weeny bathroom. Don't show him this post lest he'll totally say no to a visit to Japan! ;p


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