Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Almost There! Buying JR Pass

or rather, buying the Exchange Order in Malaysia and exchanging it (hence the name) to JR Pass once we get to Japan.

The past few years, we bought our JR Pass over at JAL office in Jalan Ampang as we usually bought our flight ticket from JAL. This year though, we had to buy it elsewhere as we are flying to Japan using AirAsia instead. That, and the fact that JAL office in KL has moved from Jalan Ampang to KLIA. Such a hassle to go there to buy our JR Pass, right?

Total damage for a 7-day JR Pass (28,300yen per adult and 14,150yen for child) = RM2,900++ and we can have unlimited travel through the length and breadth of Japan on JR trains.

Japan - here we come!


  1. Wow! So happy for you! :D Japan! Japan! Hoorayyy!

  2. @ristinw,
    Yeah. Hoooraaaayyyyyy!!!!! ;)

  3. Huh RM2,900++ for train fares alone phew!!!

  4. Well Done! Sounds like most of your prep is done and all that's left is to pack and enjoy the flight to Japan :)

    The JR Pass is worth the money if you plan on doing a lot of travelling in Japan.

    Japan Australia

  5. @soul of Japan,
    Kyushu, Shikoku, then Osaka an move up to Tokyo (with a side trip to Nikko?, Kamakura? or Ensoshima?) Except for Kyushu & Shikoku, the rest of places are unconfirmed.

  6. @Bananaz,
    Train fares for three pax lah... Some more, can ride shinkansens all over Japan for that 7 days. Good deal one, considering a promo domestic airfare can cost 10,000yen a trip.

  7. @Japan Australia,
    JR Pass is definitely a good deal for those planning for extensive use traveling in Japan.

    Yup, just need to pack up and go, now! :)

  8. nice info "JAL office in KL has moved from Jalan Ampang to KLIA".
    i want go to Japan but no have .........

  9. Whoopee! have fun! I know you will :D

  10. Wow! You must be looking forward to your Japan trip right? : )

  11. What?! JAL office moved to KLIA? So far and inconvenient!

  12. For RM2,900++ you better travel as much as you can haha!

  13. @Mr Nyariadi,
    Anyway,I do think most people just deal with travel agents instead of going to JAL office direct anyway.

    You can go to Japan if you really want to, I bet. ;)

  14. @Jenny,
    Yup, I know we will! :)

  15. @foong,
    The kiasuness in me will make sure we'll squeeze all our money worth from the JR Pass. xD

    Yes, it is inconvenient but it's kinda a cost cutting measure for their part. And I don't think most casual traveler deal direct with JAL anyway. You have the travel agents and you can now buy tickets online at JAL's website. Why need to go to their office?

  16. Great! I remembered that there is such a pass.It'll save you money.
    Hope your happy trip.

  17. @cocomino,
    JR Pass is a great way to save money and travel extensively around Japan.

    But I do wish JR East will have a JR East pass promotion again soon. Last year we bought a 3-day flexible JR East pass and it was great value because we don't need to use it on consecutive days. We cannot buy the same JR East pass for our visit this year. A 4-day consecutive JR East pass would be too expensive for us this time, even if we want to travel in the north-east area again. :(

  18. Lucky you!
    I didn't get the chance to use their trains so much while I was in Japan.
    My host family was my chauffeur lah. ;)

  19. @London Caller,
    Got host family - lagi lucky tau! ;p

  20. I see. When I was child, JR was government enterprise.Now there are JR east, JR tokai, JR west and others. It's not convenient.

  21. @cocomino,
    It is rather inconvenient. But at least there is a centralise system for all the regions.


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