Sunday, 6 November 2011

Almost There! The Shopping Before The Trip

My brain currently kinda on a shutdown mode. I just can't think of anything to write on Japan anymore, other than harping on and on about our travel preparation; which by the way isn't saying much.  LOL

My brain must've decided to go on vacation way before the physical body actually does! Hahah

Clothes shopping done. Cheap long sleeved shirts from FOS for Raimie. 3 shirts for the price on one! Cool! 

A pair of long john for him too just in case it gets too cold there. We may buy him another jacket when we get to Japan to replace the old one he'll be wearing for the first few days. 
For me, the idea is to put on layers instead of opting for heavy jackets that we won't use ever again. I survived wearing a Roxy hoodie with a long-sleeved shirt in February 2002, so I think I'll survive Japan in early December with three layers of clothing. Right? I hope I can.

Zaini - he's opting for some Nike pro combat wear that he'll be able to use again while cycling as his innerwear and layer it with a short and a jacket.

Both of us are trying to creative in our purchases this time. We probably won't use any thick clothing much after this trip so we try to buy things that we'll be able to use again here at home.

By the way, have you heard about Nagoya Women's Marathon 2012 which is held together with  the Nagoya City Marathon on March 11, 2012? They are expecting 15,000 runners for the women's full marathon segment. I wish I can be there running along other awesome women marathoners!

That said, with running occupying my mind lately, I can't wait to do a few runs in Japan. Looking at Lrong's photos of Takamatsu Port/Sunport is making me sooooooo excited to do a couple of morning runs there. 


  1. The weather depends on what part of Japan you will be staying at. I was in Tokyo the first couple weeks of December last year. Worn thin t-shirts called tissue tees under regular jersey shirts and either a hoodie jacket or a thick sweater I bought there and was just fine. Layers works really well in case you end up in a super heated place.

    I think a pair of woolen gloves is a good idea. I didn't wear mine much but it's good to have them just in case.

    I'm hoping to go back to Tokyo again this December. Depends if they have cheap flights for sell at the end of November. I really think it's a great time to go. I think you guys will be just fine!

  2. You are kind of lucky, the weather is warm for this time of year. I hope it does not change before you get here.

  3. Still pretty warm from what I hear. The secret is a lot of light layers of clothing. The biggest thing for me was the cold winds during Winter in Japan :)

    Japan Australia

  4. Also remember that chocolate offers excellent protection against cold. I'm quite sure you'll agree with me! ;)

  5. Generally speaking, it is not so cold in December. BTW,if you stay at Ginza,I recommend you to run along the emperor palace. Many people would run from early morning to around 10 PM. There are no intersections in this course.

  6. Are you going to stop by Takamatsu, Lina?
    We have to try to see each other (although I'll be very hard to reach as long as I don't have a home and an internet connection - well, I may get a smartphone before those, so who knows? ;-) )

  7. Happy running in Japan!!! : )

  8. Yeap, layers of clothes is the way to go... you are welcomed to run by Aji town when you come around... (btw, I am due to attend a conference in Penang from 10th December, and shall return to on 24th December...)

  9. @blukats,
    Yeah, I think I can probably survive the cold in Tokyo too, but maybe not when sundown (and when strong breeze blowing). ;)

    Ooohh... I hope there's good airfares promotion on sale soon so that you can go visit Japan again! :)

    December would be a lovely time to see all the Christmas illumination too, right? ^^

  10. @sixmats,
    I hope so too.

    And I think it'll be warmer down south than up north, right?

  11. @Japan Australia,
    oh I so agree with you. I can stand the weather until the strong, cold wind starts blowing. Then its brrrrrr....

  12. @Rurousha,
    I definitely will eat lots of them! :)

  13. @minor,
    No, we won't be staying in Ginza. But I've read that the vicinity of the Imperial Palace is a great place for a run.

    We'll be staying in Asakusa and I want to try a run by the Sumida River this time. ^^

  14. @Davind,
    But of course! :) And if we can, we totally should meet!

    We'll have internet connection at the hotel but I'm not connected via any mobile devices while we are there. Well, I probably can read e-mail through Son or Hubby's DS if we can find wi-fi spot. ^^!

  15. @foong,
    Looking forward to a bit of running and plenty of WALKING there! ;p

  16. @Lrong,
    You'll be staying in Penang the whole forthnight you are in Malaysia.

    We'll be in Takamatsu from Dec 4 - 5 and set out to Osaka on Dec 6. :)

  17. Is Japan colder than England?
    I think so, winter is pretty harsh out there.
    Like China lah, all he cold air from Siberia. ;)

  18. It must be exciting. You may not need to buy many things because you can buy most clothes at low price at UNIQURO and Shimamura.

  19. @Londo Caller,
    Yeah, winter in Beijing is not exactly warm and fuzzy. xD

    It's the wind that I can't stand. Combine cold and a strong wind that can fly Mary Poppins a few thousand miles = a miserable time.

    What's the temperature in London now?

  20. @cocomino,
    I think I got the basics ready now.

    Shopping in Japan will just be for clothes to wear in Malaysia. :)

    Thanks for the link.

  21. Great all set and all your items [Checked]..Happy holidays.

  22. @Bananaz,
    Everything almost set now. Just waiting to set foot on the plane and we'll be off! :)

    Thanks. Have a great long weekend too.

  23. Have a nice trip. And keep in mind the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. I recalled that inside of Tokyo trains were hot while in winter. :)

  24. @birdmini,
    Yes, it was nice and warm in the trains. I was glad to be sitting on the warm train seats after experiencing a cold, windy night outside.

    Wait! How about trains in Kyushu. They aren't warmed up?

  25. Will you join the Marathon? You can do it! You can do it! It will be a great experience! :D

  26. @ristinw,
    I wish I can. But it is in Mar 2012 and todate, we don't have any budget for any Japan 2012 trip yet. ^^

    But to enter a full marathon, I need to prepare and train properly first. :)

    Also, there are plenty of cool marathon events in Japan. I'm tempted to join the Naha Marathon someday just so I can visit a blogging friend who lives there. ;)

  27. I know how you feel. I used to pack weeks ahead of my travel in anticipation. You can never talk too much about Japan. Don't forget your hats and mittens.

  28. @AVCr8teur,
    Yeah, I should never feel I talk too much about Japan. And I should talk a lot more about Tohoku.

    Thanks for the reminder! :)

  29. I stayed near the Bay so the winds weren't too bad. March was colder actually.

    December is great for the Christmas lights. Venus Fort at Odaiba was wonderful to see. This year there might not be as much though because of the power situation. Will have to see what they decide.

    There are websites that have listings of places not just in Tokyo but other areas. Sendai lights up their trees and it's suppose to be quite lovely.

  30. @blukats,
    Hope you do get to see all those lovely illuminations! :)

    For us, we'll enjoy them if we come across them. ^^

  31. It's actually quite mild in London now.
    Only 12 C.
    Normally colder this time of the year.

  32. @London Caller,
    So is it a good thing or not?

  33. Awwwww if I have my coat here (which is hanging in storage back at home), I would've lent that to you, its super duper warm that coat of mine, black (of course what other color would i choose hehehe)

  34. @cuteandcurls,
    I got a few coats, but somehow I don't want to wear anything bulky (that will make look fat in my photos) LOL

    So vain, kan? xD

  35. Aint vain girl, aint vain :-) i dont want to wear anything bulky either hehehe dah lah i gendut nak tambah gendut-er lagi

  36. Hi Lina-san. I'm always using a car or a motorcycle, so I don't know about Kyushu train. But sure the train would be comfortable than moto especially in winter. haha

  37. @birdmini,
    Yeah, the bikes definitely would colder to travel on during winter compared to trains. ;)


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