Monday, 21 November 2011

Asakusa Walking, At Night

As you know, we have a soft spot for Asakusa. The nightlife in Asakusa may not be that happening but that's the way we like it. It's a place where I can comfortably walk around with my son when Zaini went out to do his "own" thing at night.

But it doesn't mean Asakusa is dead at night. Plenty of interesting stuff to see, once the night comes.

You have to know too that Asakusa does have its seedy part. Walk further and out of the tourist trail, you can find a certain "theater" that you might not want your child to see its posters. Charming, eh?


  1. Like most of Japan it comes alive at night and we love all the small restaurants and street vedors offering amazing food :)

    Japan Australia

  2. Amazing Japan at night!!! :D Your son didn't see those "posters", did he?

  3. Aku-suka the 3rd pixz is it a temple? So nice.

  4. Good shots, lina...
    Bananaz, agree... the temple shot is pretty...

  5. @Japan Australia,
    We had a nice adventure eating oden at night in Asakusa. ^^

    And yes, it's totally different atmosphere at night and one should try and experience it too! :)

  6. @ristinw,
    We accidentally passed by the area on our first time there but luckily Son didn't notice the posters. Phew!

  7. @Bananazஇ,
    Thanks for liking that photo.

    It's the inner gate called the Hozomon Gate (Treasure House) leading towards Sensoji; a temple very famous in Asakusa. All tour groups going to Tokyo will inevitable come to this temple complex.

    It's nicer at night because the tourists are so much lesser at night.

  8. @Lrong,
    Thanks Lrong. Coming from you, it means a lot. :)

  9. Wow. I like "yatai" It's not expensive and I can eat delicious food such as "oden". :)

  10. @cocomino,
    Yatai is very similar to us enjoying hawker food here in Malaysia. We eat lots at night this way too! :)

  11. Lovely photos but I like the temple tu ..if takde orang lagi lawa hehe ..arent you leaving for Nippon tomorrow? :)

  12. @cuteandcurls,
    Not tomorrow. Tuesday next week.

    A friend is flying off to Tokyo tomorrow though. :)

  13. Ha! Those posters are milder than the live advertisements in Amsterdam.
    I think Bananaz would probably say, Awak Suka Amsterdam?

    Funny, those seedy areas in Amsterdam are located next to Chinatown there.
    Just like the one we have in London.
    Aiyo, you see we Chinese people are so "kuning".
    You know the other meaning of "kuning" in Chinese.
    Consult Bananaz - Ha!

  14. *GRINS EMBARASSINGLY* I keep thinking its 22nd you're going so its next Tuesday eh ooohhhhh still its just around the corner now ..nearly there nearly there and your baby boy birthday is 2nd December kan? Will be updating my blog, Insya Allah, if takde distraction, obstruction, construction, I update it today with my girl's new photos, she'll be 4 months on the day you leave for Japan, basically if Wordpress doesnt act up again and again on me so frustrated with that blogsite.

  15. I'd find it hard to see what was shady about it if I was walking through it, (apart from the weird posters). Don't you find you get a sixth sense for it after a while?

  16. @London Caller,
    True! Definitely much milder than thise in Amsterdam. I think Bananz will like that one. LOL

    The other meaning of kuning? What do you think - do I know them? ^^

  17. @cuteandcurls,
    OK... can't wait to red your new post. :)

  18. @Jenny,
    The explicit posters are put up to entice customers to visit the adult theater in the area.

    Maybe I am fine-tuned for those kinda of thing. LOL

  19. Nice shot of Hozomon gate. This time, it is a little bit cold for you to walk at night in Asakusa.

  20. @minor,
    I hope it won't be too cold!

  21. Ha ha... Maybe you know lah!
    How could I underestimate you?
    Maybe you're as kuning as Bananaz...
    Aiya, you read his blog too much.
    Come to mine more often, I'll purify your mind.

    Oh yes, I have been to the Floating Mosque in Terengganu.
    Also went to see their museum.
    But didn't try their famous telur penyu lah...
    Off season! Ha ha...
    Hard to understand their Malay, sounds like Orang Siam cuba cakap Melayu lah. >< Ha ha...

  22. @London Caller,
    Hahaha... I like my mind having a shade of "blue" in them. Being pure is boring. LOL

    Hard for you to understand the Terengganu dialect? Then, you would have a hard time understanding me. My hubby tells me that I talk Malay like Orang Siam. Kakaka

  23. Though is not happening but still it's cluttered with hawker food... wow, the 'A hem' theater really sounds very Japanese, lol!

  24. @Alice,
    And I bet we Malaysians would love to sit down and try out those Japanese "hawker" style eating too. Don't you think so too?


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