Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Asakusa Walking

Both Zaini and I are very fond of Asakusa. Its' nice and laid back, once you get away from the crazy tourist crowd that congregate at the Kaminarimon Gate, shopping for ehem, tacky souvenir stuff at Nakamise Dori or visiting Senso-ji.

Asakusa, that we've come to love...


  1. Yeah, Asakusa is a fun part of Tokyo, famous for the Senso-ji temple, Nakamise shopping street and the Kappabashi kitchen street for those plastic replicas of food seen in restaurant windows.

    Japan Australia

  2. haha that first picture is crazy!

  3. Did you try yakitori, Japanese satay ? Ha!
    Hmm... Too bad they don't provide peanut sauce huh?!
    Man, I miss sate kambing so much...

  4. Did you eat sushi in Asakusa? I would like to eat traditional sushi in downtown. :)

  5. The first pix, is it 'gimme 5?' haha. For a moment thought I saw "Aku-suka" ooops lolz

  6. @Japan Australia,
    Asakusa is all those you mentioned and more. :)

  7. @London Caller,
    No. Not in Japan, strangely. xD

    You like sate kambing ah? I like rabbit. ;)

  8. @cocomino,
    Yes, we did. Do you have any favourite sushi place there?

    We kinda like Sushi Zanmai because the price is affordable. ^^

  9. @Bananaz,
    LOLz at your comment. But true also, in our case. "Aku suka"/I like Asakusa. ;)

    Also, not to be confused with Akasaka - which is another part of place in Tokyo. ^^

  10. Haha! You look so happy and in consequence, your smile makes me happy as well! :D Are those apples? They are so huge in size!!!!

  11. @ristinw,
    Good to know I made you happy too. ;)

    Yup, those are apples. And beside the apples, were huge pears! :)

  12. Asakusa is interesting! Sure looks like a nice place to go for a holiday! : )

  13. Ha... my kampung got not rabbit satay lah.
    Kota Tinggi is a small kampung, no market for it!
    Raub ada sate arnab ke?!

  14. That's a gorgeous grin in that first photo! When I first came to Tokyo, I got monumentally confused between Akasaka and Asakusa. Now I know which one is best! :)

  15. I know sushi zanmai but I have never tried it.
    I'll try it. :)

  16. @foong,
    It's not a hip place compared to other parts of Tokyo. It's quiet but that's how we like it.

  17. @London Caller,
    Not in Raub. But at Haji Samuri sate in Kajang.

    Do you know that there's a sate museum too? ;)

  18. @Rurousha,
    I was confused to at first. And like you, I like one best! ^^

  19. @cocomino,
    Where do you usually go for sushi in Asakusa. Maybe we can try your favourite place too. :)

  20. Ha ha! Satay also got a museum for itself huh?
    Definitely not in Raub lah.
    You can consider open a peanut museum in your kampung.
    I sign you guestbook first.

  21. @London Caller,
    Gotta have peanut farm and peanut processing plant first, then I'll open the peanut museum. You be my first customer, right? ;)


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