Thursday, 10 November 2011

Craving For Autumn Fruits

Mmmmm... being able to get our hands on these juicy fruits would be so, so lovely.

Sweet, fleshy Kaki or persimmon. It is interestingly called (to me,at least) pisang kaki in Malay. Pisang is Malay for banana, by the way.
 Budo or grapes. Sweet smelling and sweet tasting grapes. I sure miss these most.
 Crunchy, juicy Nashi or pears.
Sweet and crisp Ringo or apples.
 Wouldn't say no to a juicy Mikan or mandarin orange either.

Some of the fruits may no longer be in season when we arrive to Japan. I wonder what fruits can I indulge there? *^-^*


  1. Can't beat the Autumn fruits in Japan - Apples should still be in season, but the others might be a little too late. My favourite is the sweat Nashi pear :)

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    I love those *sweet* Nashi pear. ;p

  3. Those persimmon look so pretty, I have never tasted them and I should buy one in the supermarket here. but I bet it won't be nice, it will have had to travel too far!

  4. Did you take these photos in Japan?
    Can you eat them in your country?

  5. Mikan or TY orange is just season in December too. There are various kind of oranges in December. you can enjoy them.

  6. @cocomino,
    Yes, of course all those photos above are taken in Japan, as per the context of this blog. ;)

    And yes, those fruits are readily available in Malaysia (and everywhere else in the world) through import. Globalisation is a good thing sometimes. Carbon footprint for us to enjoy those fruit must be tremendous. xD

  7. @minor,
    looking forward to eat them in Japan. A bonus if plucked fresh from an orange farm. *^-^*

  8. @Jenny,
    Those persimmon are pretty and they taste good too. But there are bitter varieties of them too.

    And yeah, I suppose it won't taste as good once it travel halfway across the globe. :(

  9. Im sooooooo hungry for fruits now after reading your blogs. Oooooh your trip is coming sooooo soon and i cant wait to follow you on your trip through your lenses and commentaries hehehehe

  10. @cuteandcurls,
    Hi dearie! :)

    Hahaha... yeah, I'm craving for some fruits too, now. xD

    Less than three weeks to go! And off we go! Yeay! Hope you'll have time to read the posts. :)

  11. Have you tried dried persimmons before?
    You can find them at Chinese traditional medicine stores. ;)

    How come your pears look so round like oranges huh?

  12. @London Caller,
    No, don't think I have but I've seen them. xD

    That's the Asian pear lah, Korean Singo pears also big and round like that. :)

  13. @London Caller,
    Now that you mentioned it, it sure don't look the same as the Chinese oval(?) shaped variety - "buah lai" right? xD

  14. Bananaz didn't know bananas got legs haha and that pisang kaki certainly not a pisang..lolz

  15. @Bananaz,

    I have to be like you and do research on why it is name a banana with legs. xD

  16. Definitely will have the time to read your posts :-) Wow im so excited for you hehehehe and for your two boys too :) GO GO YOU!!!!

  17. All the fruits must be less expensive at home than in Japan especially if they are individually wrapped.

  18. @cuteancurls,
    Thanks dearie. Hope baby won't distract you when you are blog-visiting. ^^

  19. @AVCr8teur,
    Persimmons/pears from China or Korea is of course much cheaper than those in Japan, but as all those above fruits are imported fruit here, they are also expensive.

    I wouldn't dare to even touch those individually wrapped fruits in Japan (or those few thousand yen melons!) xD

  20. Oh, the dried version is actually sweet!
    People use sugar to preserve them.
    We normally use them to make dessert.

    What Korean singo? Tak pernah cuba lah.
    I prefer fragrant pears, very crispy and sweet.
    We don;t have them here in England lah.
    Not even in Chinatown.

    Malaysia lagi best ah!

  21. @London Caller,
    I don't like wrinkled, shriveled fruit. ;p

    Korean pears are lovely. hey are huge and drip with juice. *drool*

    Yeah, nothing beats Malaysia for abundance and availability of all kinds of food and stuff. ;)

  22. Pisang is Malay for banana? Oh! It's piesang in Afrikaans, one of the local languages in South Africa. There's such a strong Malay influence in South African food due to the spice trade of the old Dutch East India Company. Anyway, do try dried persimmon when you come to Japan this winter. It's called hoshigaki. It's yummy! :)

  23. @Rurousha,
    That is sooooo interesting.

    And talking about Malay influence in Africa, do you know that a Malay ruler (and a number of his loyal followers) was exiled by the British to Seychelles in the 1800s?

    OK, I'll look for hoshigaki once we get to Japan. :)

  24. Ha! Didn't Sultan Johor gang up with the Dutch to kick the Portuguese out of Malacca?

  25. Your welcome :), oh she never distracts me when Im catching up on my blog o' read hehehe kena groom dia to be a future bloggie like her Mummy which by the way Im way way behind with updates hehe. Have a great weekend dear. I certainly am not havin a good start to my weekend thanks to dear ol' TNB!

  26. You will get to enjoy some of those fruits soon... apples, kaki...

  27. @London Caller,
    Oh yeah, and they managed to oust the Portuguese and Malacca came under the control of Dutch East India Company,right? Johor made a deal to ensure the Dutch won't attack the state even when trade in Riau surpassed Malacca.

  28. @cuteandcurls,
    oh dear. No power at your place? :(

    Hahaha your little girl is sooooo gonna be a blogger like her Mum! Exposed from birth, kan? ;)

  29. @Lrong,
    Can't wait to taste them!

    Or maybe we just raid your lovely potager for them. Hehehe

  30. Haa kena exposed dari lahir LOL hehehe bukan takde power, they sent us a notis to cut our power supply because belum bayar outstanding kitorang :-( not that we dont want to pay but its an outstanding based from a faulty meter reading. Emailled them twice i dont even hear anything from them, called up their number never get an answer .. im so annoyed. We're asking for a rebate for the 3 months we were wrongly charged and an adjustment for the previous and current bills :-( Im so annoyed because they're coming in tomorrow.

  31. @cuteandcurls,
    That's really crappy. :(

    Hope it's all settled tomorrow.

  32. Thanks Lina, i hope so too, i dont have the time to go to their branch not with carrying my baby with me *sigh* if only they're efficient

  33. @cuteandcurls,
    They are quite efficient at penalising consumer, with all the news about consumers being charged for electricity theft instead of them doing proper investigation about it. :(

    It's sure hard for you esp with a baby in the house and no electricity. Hang in there, dear!

  34. Oh my gosh, you're so right Lina..they are efficient at penalising us consumer ..i saw the penalties on our bills already and yet they're so slow in doing others. I saw on their website about meters - replacing the new ones makes me want to make my case about that as all this started off from a faulty meter .grrrr. Sorry to rant and rave about this on your blog pulak :( I'll stop here hehe

  35. @cuteandcurls,
    Rant all you want, dearie. I'll listen (or rather, read).

  36. You can have... soft milky delicious icecream :D I like Japanese ice-creams! They are the best!

  37. @ristnw,
    Oh yeah! Those are yummy! :)


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