Wednesday, 30 November 2011


There are many firsts in this trip, so far on Day 1 & Day 2. Gonna keep the post short and sweet (in narrative) but with lots of photos. *^-^*
We arrived Tokyo International Airport, Haneda in one piece on our first ever plane trip with Air Asia X. I do have to say the budget carrier exceeded our expectation and for th price we paid our fares, I certainly will consider taking it again!
First ever arrival to Japan via Haneda. We arrived 20 minutes earlier than scheduled, but even with the earlier arrival, most shops are already closed for the night.
First meal in Japan was bento bought at 7-11. 300+yen bento for each of us and a melon pan for Raimie, washed down with a grape drink thant cost 105yen for 1ltr.
The next day, our first lunch in Japan was at Tenya, at Shin-Yokohama station. We were famished! Raimie keep wanting to go eat curry at Coco Ichiba and we keep reminding him that we cannot eat the Japanese curry in Japan. Oh dear.
First time setting our eyes on the Nippon Maru but didn't go and visit the Maritime Museum.
Raimie having a breather at the nearby park. It was noon, the weather was nice, cool & sunny. Saw a few runners doing their lunchtime run and got jealous & wish I'm running too. LOL
First "aki" experience in Yokohama
then, we walked to this Red Brick Warehouse
then, Raimie got tired and decided to plonk his butt anywhere
but we managed to prod him to get moving with a promise to let him buy the thing that he's been hankering for and we walked from the Red Brick House to the Cup Noodle Museum then all the way to Yokohama Station and went to Yodobashi Camera which is near the station. We even stopped at a sports store and spent ages there and went to buy some Uniqlo stuff for Raimie.
And let Raimie buy what he's been waiting eagerly to get - a Nintendo 3DS and two games.

In total, we spent almost 10 hours on our feet today, with only a few short breaks - to eat lunch & stuff. Zaini is now happily snoring away and Raimie is still badgering me to let him play his new Nintendo but it needs to be charged first! I gotta get some sleep soon. Planning to hit a nearby park early tomorrow morning for a bit of run. Night!


  1. Oh boy our Ultraman Raimie plonking anywhere oh oh 'Color Timer' turning red then? Must be dead tired!

  2. Nice start. I was surprised that you were able to post your blog in Japan.

  3. I am puzzled, Why can't you eat Japanese curry in Japan?

    Im glad you are finally there and having fun! :)

  4. Ha! You all Haneda virgins lah.
    I wanna go to Nippon too. ;)
    I'm an amateur contortionist, maybe you can fit me in your luggage?! Ha!

    I was in Belgium last week, sampling the finest chocolates for Christmas.

  5. Why am I not surprised you'd still be thinking of running ... LOL! Have a blast :D

  6. Sounds like a great start to your Japan holidays! I'm feeling jealous here! :p

  7. So the Air Asia X exceeded your expectation? Glad to know that! Yes I think at that kind of price, it's definitely worth it right? : )

  8. LOL at "Saw a few runners doing their lunchtime run and got jealous & wish I'm running too" !! : D

  9. Wow! They have a Cup Noodles Museum?! Btw, nice photos!! : )

  10. Enjoy your morning run! Can't wait for your next post! : )

  11. So did you go for a run this morning? It's cold! (>_<)

  12. A good start to the holiday in Japan and looks like you've had some good weather. Not too cold, I hope?

    Japan Australia

  13. @Bananaz,
    Timer went red because we are out sightseeing and not somewhere where there are games and toys to see. ;)

    Timer went green again after we entered Yodobashi Camera and he got his game. ;p

    Congrats on being first! heh heh

  14. @cocomino,
    We brought our son's notebook with us hence the ability to update blogs. ^^

  15. @Jenny,
    Japanese curry might or might not have meat (or certain meat) extracts that we, as Muslims can't eat. So, better be safe than sorry!

    Having fun so far! Except when checking-in a hotel in Hakata. First time ever I got annoyed by a hotel staff, in Japan.

  16. @London Caller,
    Cannot! You know we have to pay for the check-in luggage with Air Asia! xD

    Wow. I'm so jealous with you. Can send me some of those chocolates? Please? Pretty please? ^^

  17. @Nick,
    OMG! OMG! OMG! I even found a sports store in Yokohama that literally made all my saliva come out. Compression shirt & pants of all the brands, shoes at much cheaper prices than in Malaysia, the works. Zaini took pity on me and told me I can borrow some of his cash if I really want to buy them. *^-^*

    BTW, either it's good to still be thinking about running (and waking up at 5.00am) on a vacation or my head is not screwed right. LOL

    Did two runs so far. One in Yokohama and this morning in Yufuin. :) I'll be happier if I get to do at least 1 LSD while in Japan. ;p

  18. @foong,
    Funny thing about Japan. When you see people running, they may not be a runner out for a workout. They may be just some random guys (or gals) hurrying off somewhere. ;p

    Can't fault Air Asia X much for this flight. Take-off was on time. Friendly crew. Comfy seats, etc. Now, if we talk about the passengers taking the flight - then I may have issues. ;p

    Thanks for your compliment on the photos. ^^

  19. @Rurousha,
    It sure is cold! I ran yesterday in the drizzle and this morning before it started to rain. The cold weather makes my pace faster despite stopping a few times for photo taking/crossing roads/etc. :)

  20. @Japan Australia,
    Darn cold! LOL

    But having fun so far! :)

  21. Your son looks like a super model. :D

  22. @ristinw,
    Hahaha... thanks. ^^

  23. Ha ha... Choco finished already.
    You too late.
    But I still have some Milo choco in London, which I brought back from M'sia.
    You wanna swap them with tempura? ^^

  24. @London Caller,
    Nah, I'll pass on the Milo lah. Can get free Milo from Milo van after every races I entered anyway. kakaka

  25. Wow! The Japanese are in such a hurry?

    What issues you have about passengers taking the AirAsia flight??

  26. Really? A Cup Noodles Museum? I wonder what is in there. Are there samples? :D

  27. @foong,
    A family putting on their own entertainment system (i.e. watched movie on their notebook) and putting the sound on full blast so that the whole family not to mention the rest of us in the cabin can listen to a HK movie. So nice of them to share, right? ;)

  28. So Air Asia X exceeded your expectations eh :) Good lah for me it was my trip to the UK mak oi if only I knew it was going to be like that I would have pressed the button many a times because i was hungry and they was no meals sold after our the first one but comfy level I admit it exceeded my expectations hehehe we choose a two seater. Our trip to Melbourne via AAX was perfect tho :)Wah a Cup Noodles Museum?? Amazing eh this is what I like about Japan, every invention made there is a history behind it and they like to preserve that, beautiful!!! Hoping to see a visit to an Anime museum next hehehe

  29. @cuteandcurls,
    Seats wise, OK lah... sama je mcm premium airline kan? Anyways, we really put a low expectation for Air Asia. X tau pun they allow food to bring in the plane but saw many of "our people" eating/drinking stuff they brought themselves.

    Kesian you... Japan OK lagi 7 hours je nak tahan lapar. If UK, hungry man!!! @.@

    Yes, good kan? They have a sense of pride and also a sense to share knowledge, even if it's just a simple cup of instant noodle. But that's how you learn... things are not created in an instant but were created through necessity, hard work and plenty of research. Like how the kaitenzushi was created. ^^


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