Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Itinerary So Far

OK... A few more days to go. W00T! W00T!

Lets' see... Where are we heading off to in Japan this time? What will we be doing, while traipsing the islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu?

For the benefit of you who might or might not care, here's the "hazy" itinerary so far. Like most trips we did to Japan, it's subject to change - depending on mood, budget, weather and general goodwill of the parties (mainly me and hubby) involved. ;)

So far the plan is:
  • Day 1 Arrival Haneda. Too late to do anything so it's pretty much, checking-in and zzzzzz
  • Day 2 Yokohama
  • Day 3 Taking a loooong train trip (not that I'm complaining) all the way to Yufuin. Checking-in at Yufuin Bettei Itsuki for the night. Onsen time!
  • Day 4 Sightseeing in Yufuin before heading off to Fukuoka
  • Day 5 Huis Ten Bosch!
  • Day 6 Takamatsu
  • Day 7 Takamatsu
  • Day 8 Final day on the island of Shikoku before heading off to Osaka. Night trip in Osaka. Wanna take night photos there
  • Day 9 Kawasaki. Raimie opted to not go to Ultramanland in Kumamoto in favour of One Piece at Huis Ten Bosch so we'll just go to Ultraman Club at Namco Wonderpark in Kawasaki instead.
  • Day 10 Kamakura? But I wanna go to Enoshima too!
  • Day 11 Meeting up with a blogger friend and sightsee around his home area - two parks and a traditional street. *Tanoshimi*! ^^
  • Day 12 Asakusa/Ueno/random places in Tokyo. I think I wanna go to Showa Kinen park, after seeing Rurousha's excellent photos - Tokyo's best ginkgo avenue. I'm sure you'll be tempted to visit too after seeing her awesome photos!
  • Day 13 Nikko maybe?
  • Day 14 Random places in Tokyo. Time to do some shopping!
  • Day 15 If we have enough leftover cash; maybe we'll head to Disneyland again. But we'll see.
As you can see, Day 13 -15 are still pretty much unplanned yet but we'll be staying in Tokyo. I'm looking forward to do a bit of run along Sumida River. :)


  1. Have fun! Shiba koen has nice ginkgo, if Showa Kinen is too crowded Shiba koen wasn't last year. It's along the road that parallels the Inner Circular Parkway. Smells though =)

    Wish I was going, no cheap flights this year. Oh well. Sounds like your trip will be great!

  2. Looks like a good trip and you'll visit a lot of places in Shikoku and Kyushu, which I've yet to see. Looking forward to hearing all about the trip :)

    Japan Australia

  3. Really good plan. Most of us seldom go to Takamatsu but it's a good place. Of course Kamukura and Showwa kinen park is great place. I prefer Kamakura.
    During the daytime I work at the Shinjyuku in Tokyo.
    I may eat lunch together. haha. :)

  4. Maybe you'll have a surprise at those unplanned days!!! So exciting!!! :D

  5. Looks like a cool itinerary. But I am interested, we have been told here that you need to pre book accommodation in Japan otherwise it is very expensive. It sounds as if some of your plans are a bit spur of the moment, so how do you manage this?

  6. Lina, that looks like a pretty 'tough' schedule... I salute your energy and determination...

  7. @blukats,
    There'll be cheap flights for you soon, I hope. :)

  8. @Japan Australia,
    I wish I have more time in Shikoku though. :(

  9. @cocomino,
    lunch sounds nice. ^^

  10. @ristinw,
    Definitely looking forward to "surprises". :)

  11. @Jenny,
    Everything is booked, but almost all are flexible enough to accept last minute cancellation or booking and their rate don't vary much.

    Most of our stay will be at Toyoko-Inn, and actually they do have this program (last time I checked, it was a ladies' special) for those walk0in customers checking-in at midnight and they'll get a hefty discount for their room rate.

  12. @Lrong,
    This is actually one of the more "relaxed" itinerary that we have while vacationing in Japan! xD

    But for me, I suppose the tough part is finalising where and what we'll eventually do there. ^^

  13. Hey, whtever your itinerary is, I wish you and your family a wonderful journey with bundles of joys!

  14. Sounds like a really busy trip. If you have time, maybe a bit late to look into it, but 2 days in Takamatsu is a bit much for myself unless you plan to visit Kotohira and Konpirasan. If you don't, maybe consider Naoshima. A 1 hour ferry ride from Takamatsu and a lot of great cool art. Lots of it is free, but the real gems are in the museums. They don't call it a modern art island for nothing. :)

    Oh, and Enoshima and Kamakura can be done on the same day if you are willing to do a LONG day. Starting around 9am at Kamakura or Enoshima is necessary but possible if you have the energy to do so.

    Have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  15. OK, that's it, I'm officially jealous. You're going to see more places than I've ever been to! I hope you'll have your best holiday ever in Japan. Can't wait to see the pix and read the stories!

  16. @Dru,
    I remembered you making a motorbike tour on the island before, right?

    For Takamatsu - well, we aren't just staying put in Takamatsu; just that we are staying there as our base for two days. Fighting over whether we should go to Ogijima or not too. I've had to scrap Kochi and a visit to Taga-jinja. xD

    Enoshima & Kamakura - looks like we are planning and prepared for a long day. :)

    Thanks.Will try our best to enjoy the trip and share them here. ^^

  17. @Rurousha,
    And you've been pretty great making me change my itinerary a few times over these past few days. ^^

    I'll try my best to post good photos here. :)

  18. Ooh I like I like I like your itinerary, it gives me a good idea on what to plan when we do go there too someday :) Not long to go now dear.
    At the same time, I wish you and family Salam Maal Hijrah 1433H. Such a lovely long weekend for you, goes straight to your holiday dear

  19. @cuteandcurls,
    It would be lovelier if we are already in Japan now and not waste the three days weekend but since we are getting cheap fares, can't complain much, can we? ^^

    Selamat menyambut Awal Muharram dan Salam Maal Hijrah to you and family too. :)

  20. @Bananaz,
    We will! We will! We will! :)

  21. Yeay.. Have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves!

  22. @Bella,
    Thanks dearie. Will "try" hard to enjoy ourselves!

  23. Welcome to Japan. Are you busy now to prepare many things to come to Japan? I have an information about Urutoraman art exibition at The museum of modern art in Ibaraki. It hold from November 3rd to January 15th in Next year. It displays many figures, pictures, total 400pieces. If you want to see, You need to go to Mito railroad station. It takes one or one and half hour from Ueno station by limited express train. Have a nice Sunday.

  24. @minor,
    We are doing last minute planning to iron out loose ends in our itinerary. ^^

    Thanks for the link. If we have the time, we'll go and visit the Museum! :)

  25. Hi. I have nominated you for a Sunshine award. Have a look at my blog Lisa

  26. Yokohama to Yufuin??? I'm speechless. So, will you be collecting train station stamps on this trip?

    I do hope Ritsurin park in Takamatsu has all its beautiful Autumn colours.

    Wow, the whole trip sounds amazing! Have fun.

  27. @Lisa,
    Thanks for the award. Yea, I've already checked it out. But if I don't do it any time soon, I hope you don't mind. ^^!

  28. @Dan,
    Yup! We once did KL-KIX on plane then straight KIX-Shin Osaka-Hakata-Nagasaki. How many hours was that, getting our butt flat, I forgot. ;)

    Hopefully, there'll be plenty of train stamps and this time from lots of different areas. Can't wait! :)

  29. Maybe Im super excited that you're going to the one country I want to go to and have yet to go to despite my many travel destinations hehehe so Im going to wish you a safe trip, an awesome (im going green with envy) enjoyable time but also a relaxing one !!! I just noticed this as its on the same row as Im typing my comment :) but thank you for listing me as part of your OTHER INTERESTING STUFF TO READ list, I never noticed it until today. Makes me feel a wee bit ashamed to be given that honour as I have nothing interesting posted for so long but I shall do it soon enough

  30. Wow! Sounds like fun fun fun! You all must be starting to feel the excitement now that it is drawing nearer and nearer. Best wishes for the best ever holiday in Japan, Lina.

  31. @cuteandcurls,
    Hope you'll have an update soon, dearie. Wanna see how the little princess doing now. ^^

  32. @HappySurfer,
    We are here in Japan already! Yeay!


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