Sunday, 13 November 2011

One Piece Fanboys

Because of One Piece, we'll be heading off to Huis Ten Bosch again to enjoy whatever One Piece attractions there.

The last time we visited the theme park was in 2008. I wouldn't have thought of us making a return visit to the park, but there are two One Piece fanboys in the family. 

Raimie wants so badly to see the Thousand Sunny and Going Merry ships. His Daddy is a fan too thus the reason that the request to travel 1 hour and 40 minutes from Hakata Station to Huis Ten Bosch received no objection.

If you are a One Piece fan, what would you love to see the most there?
And looking at all those One Piece character inspired menu at the restaurant -  wouldn't you want to have a try, even if they might not taste all that nice? Just because it look soooooo cute? Somehow the dish above reminded me of Lisa of Ichigoichielove. *^-^*

Now, if only we can afford to stay at the posh ANA JR Huis Ten Bosch hotel. That would be soooooo awesome (for mommy, of course) ;) 


  1. Sounds like its going to be a fun trip to Japan for the family :)

    Japan Australia

  2. @Japan Australia,
    You bet it will! ;)

  3. At first I coudn't understand "Huis Ten Bosch" but I understood that the word is Latin.
    I remembered the history of Nagasaki which were open during the Edo era. :)

  4. @cocomino,
    Huis Ten Bosch is a Latin word for "House of Forest"? Interesting. Because all this time, I thought it's a Dutch name. ^^

  5. It looks like a luxurious tour to Huis Ten Bosch. I hope you and your family enjoy there very much. BTW,I go to 3 day trip to Nara or old capital from tomorrow. Good bye for a while.

  6. My teenager nephews are big fans of One Piece. They're practically making their Uda here to watch it LOL cos they know I love watching Anime. Ehhhh Fullmetal Alchemist theme park takde ke or Bleach? Wah im so envious of your trip ni. I need an outstation trip soon. But we need to plan it out properly in terms of things to bring. Our trip to Cherating proved to us that we need to be parental-proof first LOL sampai the baby bath tub, steriliser we all angkut ...sib baik pinggan mangkuk tak diangkut

  7. Enjoy the visit to the HTB...

  8. @minor,
    We are just going to the park but not staying overnight there. ^^

    Have a good trip to Nara. We are thinking of putting Nara in our itinerary but it's not confirmed yet. Don't know whether we'll have the time.

  9. @cuteandcurls,
    Gosh! A trip with a baby would mean almost taking a lorry full of stuff for us! Sure bring back memory. LOL

    Kakaka entah2 there is Fullmetal & Bleach attraction somewhere. Who knows, right? I'll look for them! xD

  10. No longer would we be choosing the 15kg baggage via Air Asia LOL it'll be more than that wah i do wonder eh if they have them.If they do, its time for me and my family to migrate there next LOL providing i can convince my hubby its a worthy opportunity

  11. @cuteandcurls,
    Hahah true! The diapers aje may fill a bag full! That's discounting the numerous clothes, baby powder, etc, kan? ;)

    If you migrate there, I wanna come and visit you! ;p

  12. Yep you're right! the diapers itself already weighs alot LOL. If I migrate there, you'll be first to know :-) and hey if we have a big place you get to stay with us too hehehehehe *day dreams*

  13. Man, I have had red curry, green curry, yellow curry...
    But white curry?!
    This really takes the biscuit, L. ;)

  14. @cuteandcurls,

    First you dream, then you make it come true. Isn't that how life works? :)

  15. @London Caller,
    Whte curry? Doesn't "kurma" dishes white too? You like ayam masak kurma or not? I don't. ;)

  16. "Huis ten Bosch" latin? Haha, heck no! Lina, you're right: it's dutch.

    Also, when we visited a few weeks ago I didn't see much One Piece stuff around, except for all the signage. Maybe it's only on particular days?

    As a dutchman it certainly was a bit odd to see my native land reconstructed at smaller scale and often prettier than the original buildings.


  17. Oh, I have never heard about One Piece, I must find out about it. looks like fun ! :)

  18. @cailin,
    If I read right, it's up a few days after your visit there?

    Is it prettier (albeit smaller) than the original? Weird to feel you are somewhere in your own country when you go vacation to other parts of the world, eh?

    And as an Asian, it's also disconcerting finding a western looking "township" in the middle of nowhere.

    Thanks for the link. I have been rather slow reading your blog posts on your previous visit to Japan. ^^

  19. @Jenny,
    It's about pirate's life, anime style. ^^ It is a really popular manga series. You should either watch/read it! :)

  20. Korma in England is actually orange. ><
    Curry here tends to be milder to suit Mat Salleh's taste buds.
    I actually prefer it a bit more spicy.
    Malaysia betul2 lagi best lah. :)

  21. @London Caller,
    Orange kurma? Interesting.

    Mild curry is bleh for me. I need spicy ones! xD

    Come back to Malaysialah... but then, maybe then you wouldn't say Malaysia lagi best. Right or not? ;p

  22. Eh thought Bananaz drop his peels? tak ada one? Peace to One Piece Fanboys. lolz

  23. My dearest dear used to be an One Piece fan too! XD

  24. @Bananazஇ,
    Your peels got slipped elsewhere? @.@

    You no fan of One Piece? xD

  25. @ristinw,
    Used to? No more fan now?

  26. Of course, wrong lah!
    Me Malaysian soul straddled at the wrong place. ;p

  27. @London Caller,
    Well, come back soon and have your soul at peace here. ^^

  28. wooww..i'm one piece lovers... i really want to go there :D

    1. Wow! You sure are a fan. :)

      If you happen to be in Kyushu, you should go to this theme park. ^^


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