Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Scared Silly And Loving It

Raimie loves haunted houses and visit them we must if we go to any theme parks or carnivals. Being scared silly can be a lot of fun sometimes.

I should've posted this up in time for the Halloween, but I only got the idea after reading Cocomino's post about Temple during Festival and him mentioning about haunted houses.
 The Mystery Zone at Tedori Fish Land, way out in Ishikawa Prefecture.
The Thriller Car attraction at Hanayashiki Amusement Park. The "ghosts" are so obviously mechanical and stuff but it's good scary fun for the kids. ^^
The Haunted Mansion at Hanayashiki Amusement Park too. It is an "audio" type of scare, with flickering lights and whatnot to complete the effect while we sat around a dinner table of a mansion setting; but it sure can be scary. A Japanese girl in our group actually cried out of fear.
Fun, fun scary ride on Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea despite enduring a two-hour queue. We would've skipped this if not for the fact that Raimie really, really wanted to go and have a ride there. It's a popular ride, so if you plan to ride this, be there early to either queue or get your fastpass ticket. FAST The fastpass will run out fast at this attraction.
Then, of course we had to go to the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare at Tokyo Disneyland. The characters of Tim Burton's Night Before Christmas with the existing original 999 ghosts, ghouls and other scary "beings" made this one pretty fun. Raimie totally loves it!
The Snow White Adventure ride at Tokyo Disneyland can be a scary one too. I heard a lot of bawlings when we were inside the attraction. This ride is classified as  attractions for small children, but don't expect a whole sunny, cheery ride here. It started off cute and sunny, and turn to dark and menacing soon. Just look at the dwarfs' expressions. xD
Visiting haunted and scary rides in an evening is sure more fun than visiting it during the day. I suppose it's the added "spooky" atmosphere. Can't go wrong if there are Halloween decorations around too. *^-^*


  1. Sounds like the Tokyo rides are a bit different from Disney rides elsewhere. I'd like to see them! Haunted house rides are fun, I agree!

  2. Halloween again? ;)
    When I was little I liked Chinese jumping zombies.
    Ha ha, I watched so much rubbish films that time.

  3. @Jenny,
    And I'd like to try those rides in other Disney parks. ;)

  4. @London Caller,
    Hahaha... I grew up watching the Chinese hopping vampire in movies too. Dunno why now I don't. ;p

  5. @Bengbeng,
    Nicer if bring girlfriend along. ;)

  6. Not a fan of horror or haunted house. Very sensitive to imagination can think about it 3 days 3 nights.

  7. @Bananaz,
    I cannot watch much horror movies too,nowadays since I'll start thinking about the real ones in my home. ^^!

  8. Oh, dear! :D You make me want to go to Tokyo Disneyland again!!! I miss the mirrors and the spooky atmosphere inside the haunted house. It's not scary thou. I'd love to visit it!

  9. @ristinw,
    Yeah, it's not quite scary and totally fun. ^^

    I make me want to go to Disneyland again. LOL

  10. Kids traumatized.. haha

    Planning to go Japan next year.. Yeay!

  11. @Bella,
    Next year? What season?

    Oooh bestnyer. Have fun planning and making the trip. :)

  12. Ha ha! Now Chinese zombies are not of fashion.
    People like Western vampires.
    Like Twilight lah!

    Ya lah, JUSCO stands for that.
    Not Just Go (shopping). ;)

  13. Some great scary rides in Japan. We visit a cool haunted house at Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture.

    Japan Australia

  14. @London Caller,
    Chinese vampires/zombies easier to handle. Just paste that spell note on their forehead, then they just stand still. Maybe if they put some hot looking HK actors, they become in again? LOL

  15. @Japan Australia,
    I'd like to visit that haunted house you visited someday! ;)

  16. Thank you for the link.
    The ghosts of Disneyland are scary but they are a little cute.
    The ghosts of other places are really scary. :)

  17. @cocomino,
    And I think your daughters will not be so scared entering the Disney's haunted houses compared to those at festivals and other parks. :)

  18. Ooooh i would love to go on those rides and visit those themed haunted places ..although i dont think people nor my husband would appreciate my very loud ear deafening scream LOL

  19. @cuteandcurls,
    But I think the screaming (in haunted houses or roller coasters) is a part that makes the ride more interesting. Where got syiok, just sitting on the ride quietly, right? ^^

  20. Tu lah kan?!!! Imagine you go in there and you have to muffle your screams, no fun leh!

  21. @cuteandcurls,
    imagine kalau kita 2 org naik ride tu. sure havoc, kan? hihi

  22. Havoc betulllllll hehe but we'll have absolute fun!!!!

  23. @cuteandcurls,
    ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! :)


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