Thursday, 3 November 2011

Too Much Japan Already?

We've really been indulging in Japanese food more often these past few months compared to months before. Heck, we somewhat stopped eating Japanese food after our trip last year.

Recently, it was lunch or dinner at Kampachi, Miyagi, repeat visits to Sushi Zen, Sukiya, Hokkaido Ichiba...

And on Saturday,
had a visit to HIS Travel Agency for our JR Pass
Stopped by Pavillion and of course we had to spend some time at Tokyo Street on Level 6 of the mall. I can totally fool myself and think that I'm on the floor where all the restaurants are in a Japanese mall. xD
Spent some $$$ buying stuff we had no idea we need at Daiso. Daiso is eviiiillllll.... LOL
Had a really nice lunch at Sukiya enjoying an all-you-can-eat meat for just RM29.80++. Shabu-shabu or sukiyaki anyone? We just concentrated on eating meat (lots of them) and almost ignored the vege bar. Hahaha
I bought some stuff at Uniqlo to wear during our vacation. Some good find there as the item I bought are almost similarly priced as those sold in Yen in Japan, like my RM79.90 fleece jacket that's on sale in Japan for 1,990 yen. (Current rate : 100yen = RM4.10)

Raimie had a new interest now. Origami! All thanks to a Taiwanese comic book based, Korean SBS TV Production animation called The Origami Warriors.

I think we should stop purchasing anything from Japan or eating Japanese food for now and wait till we get to Japan. heh heh


  1. I didn't know there was a Tokyo Street in Pavillion. I went to Pavillion a few times last year but I never even noticed it.

  2. I never thought I would see the heading "too much japan" on your blog, but I am glad you didn't mean it :)

  3. @sixmats,
    It sure is. There are two outlets here in Kuala Lumpur.

  4. @Lisa,
    You were here last year?

    I don't think Tokyo Street was ready last year. It's only promoted this year. ^^

  5. @Jenny,
    It would be totally weird if I'm feeling I'm having too much Japan already, right? xD

  6. Oh yessssssssssss Daiso is pure evilllllllllllllll i tell ya hehehe luckily for me because my daughter's pram is humongous it was not easy for me to move about at Pavillion's Daiso hehe, if not i'd be loading loads of Daiso goods and prolly get my husband's tease. Ive never tried the restaurants there, which would you recommend for me to try? OOooOoooh your holiday is sooooo near now ..yippeeee

  7. You'll be all Japaned out by the time you get to Japan! Me, I can never get enough of Japan and can't wait for the new Uniqlo and Mos Burger to open in Australia :)

    Japan Australia

  8. @cuteandcurls,
    Kan? Avoid Daiso at all cost or else, you'll be suck in and BAM! terspend money on stuff you have no intention buying before. kakaka

    Thta's my first visit to Pavilion so sgt2lah x biasa nak recommend any place.

  9. @Japan Australia,
    There used to be a MOS burger outlet at KLCC here, years ago but it didn't last long. :(

    So sad because I definitely can't enjoy a Mos burger in Japan. T_T

  10. I like the picture with the lights.


  11. Daiso's products are very expensive comparing with same items sell in other shops. :P

  12. Good posts on this blog is making me read this post over and over again, I liked this post much. This post has been given all the useful things that I wanted to know about.

  13. @Filip,
    Which one? The Tokyo Street signs?

  14. @ristinw,
    But they have so many cool items! And I am such a sucker that I need to buy them! xD

  15. @food solution,
    Really? If that's the case, I'm glad. ;p

  16. I went to the Pavilion while I was in KL.
    But I didn't get a chance to shop properly.
    Mainly went to to buy my flight tickets from Emirates.

    Have you flewn with them before?
    Foodwise, not as good as Singapore Airlines lah.

  17. @London Caller,
    Emirates? Not yet. I don't travel outside of Asia. x reti. kakaka

  18. Emirates in UEA. It's in the Middle East lah.
    Still part of Asia mah?
    What you talking man? ;)

    Next time you go Hajj, can try Emirates lah. :)
    Food wise, very boring one lah.

    Also, their airport for flight transfer is very far apart.
    I was riding on their bus for half an hour!!
    Still belum sampai lagi, so desperate to pee lah.
    Too big lah - their airport!

  19. I wonder are the items in Daiso less expensive in Malaysia than in Japan. We have a Daiso here and I should pay a visit to get re-immersed into cool Japanese products.

  20. @AVCR8teur,
    the 100-yen stuff are sold at RM5 here in Malaysia. With the current exchange rate of 100yen = RM4.00, it's not a bad deal. But I guess Daiso isn't so happy about the high exchange rate. I mean, it's kinda cutting into their profit margin, right?


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