Friday, 18 November 2011

Toy Shopping

Shopping in Japan! Each of us have our own list of shopping to be done. And this is the one time that Raimie is allowed a free rein to do some toy/games shopping (within an allotted budget, of course).
He knows how much he is allowed to spend and with that budget, he already has list made out. He is pretty much his father's son - him and his list. LOL


  1. My son made a great big list before we went to Japan too...but not nearly as big as my list!!

  2. Japan is a great place for shopping for both big and small. A great idea to let Raimie have a budget on how much he can spend and sounds like he is pretty organised alresdy with his hit list :)

    Japan Australia

  3. It is good that he is already shopping in an organised way! What fun he is having!

  4. your son is very happy to be able to buy toys! What kind of things you want to buy in Japan/

  5. Wah kecik kecik dah ada budget hehehe I do wonder what it is in that humongous basket that he is so happy digging into :) Girlllllllllll not long to go girllllll im so jealous ..can you pack me and my baby girl in your luggage hehe

  6. @Lisa,
    Did you managed to get everything in your list?

    I don't usually have a list, but I'll have a vague idea what I';m gonna get once we get to Japan. ;)

  7. @Japan Australia,
    Having a set budget and responsibilty to decide what he wants avoid the occurences of him whining over wanting some stuff for us to buy. He needs to be organised, because his Dad is.

    And he knows whining and temper tantrums is never entertained in this family. ;p

  8. @Jenny,
    He sure is having fun!

    It's fun to plan and think of what he is able to get and fun to finally do the shopping! :)

  9. @minor,
    He sure is. He only have the freedom to buy toys and games when we go to Japan and that's only once a year!

    Both Zaini and I would like to buy some sports attire. I want to go to a Mizuno store! ;)

  10. @cuteandcurls,
    The stuff in the huge basket tu? Those are small Ultraman figures called SD (super deformed) figures. He was digging to find those that he has yet to buy.

    Those small SD figures aren't sold in Malaysia. ^^

    Yeah, not long to go! *excited*

  11. Wow syiok nya with so much to grab. During my time think with one of it would be enough to drive me up to cloud 9 haha.

  12. @Bananazஇ,
    I would be in seventh heaven too if I was allowed to choose like that when I was small. xD

  13. When I was little I liked to play with plastic animal toys!
    I thought I would grow up becoming a zookeeper!!! Ha ha...

    Will Raimie grow up be an Ultraman huh?
    That makes you an Ultragrandma.

    Tell me about semalu story.
    I don't think I have heard of it...

  14. @London Caller,
    I played with those green toy soldiers. Up to high school, I wanted to be in the army. Applied to enter the air force but I'm not clever enough and have 20/20 vision to become a fighter pilot. xD

    Don't call me grandma just yet lah! I'm not that old!

    A condensed version of the semalu was posted up in my other blog : That Plant Is As Shy As You Are

  15. Hi Lina, how are you doing?

    My My, my anak will sure shout in glee upon seeing these!

  16. @Alice,
    Haven't heard from you for some time. :)

    So, better don't show them this post! LOL

  17. Wow! So much fun for Raimie to shop for stuffs he wants!

  18. Good to set a budget for him. Good training for him! : )

  19. Now how nice if someone give me money to shop! : D

  20. Wuahhhhh! I wanna jump and dive into this toy's ocean!!!!!! :D

  21. @foong,
    The rest of the year, the toys that he gets would be what we decide to buy for him as a treat. This is the only time that he actually have control of what he can buy and splurge. ;)

    And yes, it's good training for him to budget. Actually, instead of going all crazy buying toys, he becomes more prudent and think before making a purchase. He's becoming a good consumer. ^^

  22. @ristinw,

    Can I join too? ;)


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